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August 12, 2017 18:07

Design a child's room for a girl - when you need to take into account all !

Design a child's room for a girl starts with choosing color

environment for the nursery, which will live a little princess, you should pay close attention to the color scheme and interior decoration premises.It does not take the time to stop at the pink color, it does not necessarily have to like girls, despite the stereotype that it is a favorite of their color.In fact, with the same success among the pleasant to the eyes may be green or blue, for whom confirmed the view that this color is perfect for boys. Be careful on public tones will be sustained design children's room for a girl can depend on the nature of the child .

If the room is dominated by orange, or even a soft red, a girl can grow impulsive, because all shades of red stimulate the nervous system, not only children but also adults.Green develops self-confidence, encourages the study of nature, a girl who grew up surrounded by that color, as a rule, loves animals.Yellow soft shades of pushing the child to obey, and at the same time arouse in him feelings of joy.Blue - a great makeup for the imagination, and at the same time a great sedative.Such effects have color because each has its own wave, acting on the subconscious.

How to make a beautiful children's rooms for girls?

Young ladies in no way want to give to their mothers, and as soon as grow immediately and require a mirror and cabinets with shelves and drawers, in general, everything to be as an adult.Therefore, prepare the sleigh in summer, the interior is from the beginning to be created specifically for girls, and it is desirable for growth.At the same time, try to take into account in setting the child's hobbies.For example, if the baby like Disney cartoons, Organize bedroom in "Snow White" - carved bed, squat little pot-bellied wardrobe, chairs with the name of the girl (and cousins, if they exist).For those who love nature, the furniture can be ordered in almost natural style when on the legs of chairs there are not sawn knots, and the bedpost like the trunks of birch trees.

There are many directories on the design, which means that there, where to look nice children's rooms for girls, but it is better if you choose a design themselves.And it will be great if this will help future children's hostess.If your child tends to be something magical, turn the bed into the tent by a canopy, or make a bed in the form of carriages.In a small space-saving bed space in general can be placed on the second level, leaving the underneath space for the desktop and cabinet. girl for her clothes and toys, as well as books, clay, and other little things you need a lot of drawers and shelves, try to take this into account.

Efficient use of space in the room for the girls

Well, a child refuses to own closet?A girl who will have their own dressing room, will be happy beyond measure.How to do all this?It's simple, you just isolate the two angles, for example, for the wall where the window.Set the two narrow columnar cabinet on either side of the window opening, and in another two adjacent walls at the same distances from the corners.For example, the angle to each cabinet - one and a half meters, when you combine them together, you get quite a roomy closet, and outside this building will look like a wall unit of the three branches, two narrow and wide in the middle.Dressing could take a similar view in the next corner.

use the entire space of the walls is impractical for the simple reason that a small child hardly would get so high.

entire perimeter can be used in the children's room.Wardrobe is connected to a computer table, which in turn flows into the soft sofa, placed directly under the window or on a par with the wide sill.Under this berth perfectly fit several drawers.Next Sofa connects with bedside tables, which can be several compartments for storing small things that should always be at hand.Finally, installed in a corner cabinet connected to bookshelves.In the center will be even a lot of space for games.