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August 12, 2017 18:07

Equips the Interior hallway in a classic style

hall interior in a classical style, where little space

Familiar to many the situation hallway - wardrobe, mirror, stool, if space permits, on the wall hanger further strengthened, and under the mirror is a narrow cupboard for shoes.Only in the interior practicality, nothing more - that's usually looks like a place where we come into the house, freed from shoes and clothing.However, opinions about the entire apartment guests already beginning to emerge at the sight of the hall, and, therefore, it should have some style.Although that seems standard - not that other, as the interior of the hall in a classic style, one can only make the situation more than in aesthetics, not forgetting the functionality.

Since most of the builders of a spacious hallway we do not indulge, try not to lose any extra centimeters, which, incidentally, are not excessive.If near the entrance there is a niche, it is better to use a fully built-in wardrobe, made in the middle of the compartment for clothes, at the bottom - a shelf for shoes, and on top - a loft for different things

.If there is a niche, but there is a blank wall, you can make a series of shallow compartments with sliding doors.Alternatively, you can combine the mirror with a shelf or rack by setting slightly moved away from the walls of the frame, on the back of which there are shelves and coat hooks.

How to make a classic interior hallway more functional?What

hosts and guests left the hall, entering the house?In addition to shoes and clothes, you need to find a place umbrellas, hats, and sometimes heavy bags that are not desirable to put on the floor.The main element of the room at the entrance can be called shelf-hanger with coat hooks, which are placed on top of the hat.Classic interior hallway provides her even with built-in wardrobes, where to hang wet clothes is not desirable.For the hanger is not recommended to use single hooks, since the influx of visitors in the rain is no place to hang clothes, it is better to fix accessories to double or triple horns.Shelf glass hats will be the most convenient - hats on it perfectly visible from below.

in shallow wardrobe can accommodate mechanical Hung, which is located perpendicular to the rear wall and, if necessary, to extend it with jackets and coats.

In close quarters wardrobe door is preferable to make the mirror, it is visually expand the space .Similar effects have and frosted glass, which is convenient because it can be seen from the outside close silhouettes hanging garments.If unnecessary seasonal shoes nowhere to clean up, do not leave it in the cells of special tables, fold the best in plastic containers and store on the mezzanine.They, in turn, can be wallpapered or painted in the color of the walls, against which the mezzanine while visually dissolved.Moreover, if a high ceiling, it should be painted in dark colors, while visually it will be lower, and disappear the effect of "well".Instead, put a couple of stools poufs, with drawers inside, where you can keep slippers.

Looking for a place in the hallway for umbrellas, gloves and relevant details

When not enough shelves and drawers, very difficult to find a place for all sorts of accessories used along with street clothes - umbrellas, gloves, bags.For the latter, again, is allowed to use the reverse side of the mirror.If the wall mounted wooden frame in the shape of the frame, 10 centimeters deep, and to his loops to hang the mirror, get a great hidden locker for bags and keys.You can also hold a variety of means to care for footwear, leash for dogs and other necessary stuff.Glove on the back side of the mirror mounted on a wooden base, it is not difficult to attach the organizer of several pockets.

la umbrellas best to put somewhere in the corner of a special basket that immediately make the room more stylish.However, if there is no place for it, with a special order obuvnitsu narrow compartment side, which, being open at the top, can take up to a half-dozen umbrellas.For this same purpose, you can use special hanging wall stands, which are suitable for at least a basket.If there is a wardrobe, enough for one of the inner surfaces of the walls or directly on the door, and inside, fix a few hangers on which to hang not only umbrellas, but the blade shoe and clothes brushes.