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August 12, 2017 18:07

Fast pattern and sewing lambrequin curtain .

Pelmets for the hall - why in the interior of an element?

real "clothes" for windows are drapes.They give comfort housing, completely changing the appearance of not only the window but the entire room.To fix the curtains there are many designs of curtain rods: from the simplest to the taut wire to complex structures made with the use of decorative stucco with gilding, etc.

The attractive curtains for the hall with lambrequins? elegantly decorated, and it is translated from the French name of the element, it can be of different types.There are soft, hard and composite elements.By the way, it is possible to perform the eaves imitating them.It is widely distributed in a reception wooden construction.But back to the topic of conversation, it is necessary to recognize that in the modern design of the windows again seen a resurgence swags, as an important element of decoration.

tissue segments that cover the space above the door or window, can give the true completeness of such openings.Another reason for the increased popularity again is that quite simply do pelmets for the hall with his hands.They represent a small curtain height, smooth or gathered into folds, with tassels or fringe (here the widest expanse of fantasy owners) located in the upper part of the corresponding opening and retractable in the direction (unlike themselves blinds and curtains).

Pelmets for living - especially decorating

not always appropriate to use the described decorations.So, if you own a cornice in the hall or living room distinguished by its beauty and richness of decoration, made of expensive materials, it is advisable to use the curtains for the hall without pelmet.But if a decision on the application of the decoration of the cornice, then choose the fabric it needs more light than for curtains.Of course, it should be observed color combination.You can combine with air (gas) fabrics.The gathered on a dark (the color of the curtains) and solid basis, they provide a surprising effect of light clouds.

most abundant element, by which is convenient to attach pelmets for the living room, is a special ledge. His record before the main structure of the cornice, the carrier themselves curtains.It must be remembered that such spetskarniza length must be greater than the base.This is understandable, because the main is to close it over the entire length.Convenient is the design of the auxiliary cornice having one side special hooks appropriate size for hanging on the main cornice.On the front side may be provided with an adhesive surface for decoration fabrics.

However, pelmets can not only hide the ledges for the hall.Choosing the right length can change the perception of the same windows or doors, make them visually wider or higher.manufacturing standards require five or six-fold excess of the height of the curtains decor (pelmet).But depending on the particular room, this ratio may be higher or lower than the recommended standard.The main thing all the same - to achieve the required proportions.Additional pomp and repetition of shapes opening may simply hide possible irregularities, etc.

How to decorate a living room for cornices lambrequins?

industry produces a variety of types of cornices, quite beautiful and stylish.It happens that at first were hung curtains for the living room without a pelmet, and then there was a desire to use an additional decoration.In this case, there is no need to change the cornice, or buy a new one for the decor.It will look dignified drape, sewn directly to a single curtain.This method will not limit the ability to move it along the length of the cornice.If the curtains have two (on both sides of the opening), then some restriction of their movement will take place.

Using this technique, a strip of fabric and sew the folds collect in such a way that its upper part covered himself cornice.It looks pretty impressive.

little bit about what happen pelmets, mentioned above.Cornices for decorating the living room can be soft types.These can be called because they are easy to gather the folds of any form, in other words, excellent drape.The simplest would be the production of jewelry made of fabric strips, up to thirty centimeters, gathered in folds.You can make horizontal, vertical, diagonal folds and combinations thereof.Such soft pelmets have adhesives in their construction elements.

If the cornices in the living room is decorated with strips of cloth, from which it is impossible to form a fold, gather in a knot, and so, obviously, it is a rigid form.It is characterized by the presence of the adhesive ability with one or both sides.The material may be a film or nonwoven fabric.And the combined option is a combination of hard and soft swags (rosettes, bows, overhangs or other processing techniques).As it became clear, their application opens a truly vast open spaces for imagination and creativity of the flight, and these techniques are fairly simple to implement.