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August 12, 2017 18:07

The device of the winter garden - troublesome , but effectively

What has been the device of the winter garden?

basis of any design - foundation, is no exception and the device of the winter garden, except when it is being built on the roof or in the attic and on the second floor.The most common option is considered to be an extension, and we therefore consider it a type of green area in the house.Foundations make a flush, as well as for load-bearing walls of the cottage, and the need to immediately carry out a network of sewage pipes, which are connected with the ground capacity.If foundations do small dive, it is necessary to provide insulation for freeze protection .

Planting in your home garden can be both fixed and dynamic.In the first case the above-mentioned capacity, immersed in the foundation or raised above it, the bottom of which should have a slope and a hole for connecting the filter to the sewers.The capacity of the drainage layer is poured from a small fraction of gravel or expanded clay steamed, can be used for substrates and hydroponics.Top laid fiberglass, which is filled half-meter layer of soil.Dynamic Garden is obtained by the use of boxes with the ground, mounted on wheels and decorated under the truck.

Lighting winter garden, to help the sun

to the sun's rays easily penetrate into every corner of your home greenhouse, it is desirable to make the maximum possible glazed, given of course, as far as is necessary to the winter garden lighting.After all, plants can be not only light-loving, shade-tolerant and, that is, those that can grow in the shade, and shade-loving, that is exclusively preferring a darkened room. If you plan to put in the gallery, adjoined to the house, all of these species, orient it by two walls of the building, the east (or west) and northern .Along the first light-loving herbs can be planted on the corner will be a buffer zone, and to the north plant plants that prefer shade.

addition to glasses that have to be double-layered and preferably armored (of course, will be more affordable triplex), and you need artificial lighting.various lamps for the winter garden used today: fluorescent, and more compact electroluminescent (5 times more profitable than incandescent lamps), as well as simulating sunlight discharge.With their help, you can create a general lighting plants planted area and point.Given the fact that the conservatory will delineate you need a green area and a place to rest, the zoning can be done is lighting equipment.

Heating winter garden, comfortable for the plants and for you

It is very important to maintain the temperature at which the plant will be, especially if the sun's rays penetrates freely into the room.To do this, connect not only well made heating conservatory, but also equal in importance ventilation.If it is not done, even in the winter the heat emitted by the inner surfaces of the room, as well as the evaporation plant will create a kind of greenhouse effect.In the summer the situation will worsen in direct sunlight, however, you can protect yourself from them, using an external shading.In any case, high-quality ventilation is absolutely necessary, for the supply of winter garden fresh air, saturated with oxygen.

Ventilation in any degree is no substitute for air conditioning, which can only heat or cool the air, maintaining the optimum temperature, but does not supply oxygen premises.

Heating in the glazed area can be steam, air or water, and each type has advantages and disadvantages.So, since the country houses is local heating is the most common, it is easier to bring to your home greenhouse.The lack of it - of the need to constantly monitor the boiler, which can create a significant excess of the maximum allowable temperature in the garden.Air heating - is the supply of air from the house by a fan in the pane, or a special hole, the lack of it that will always colder in the garden than in a residential area.It is best to use water heating, driving a pump through tubes heated by means of the water gas.