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August 12, 2017 18:07

Plan kitchen 9 m - reveal the pros premises

Square and corner kitchen of 9 meters

First, consider the standard version of square-shaped kitchen.For its care are considered the most suitable corner panel in this case is set at a certain distance from the car wash, which allows to protect it from splashing water.In order to save space the microwave oven is placed on the wall.

Corner kitchen of 9 meters require the owners great ingenuity as to place on it all the necessary furniture and utensils is quite difficult. For example, a refrigerator often put in the window, as other suitable place for him in a small room just did not find.

also worth thinking about how to best use a vast window space.Installation of wooden shelves are impractical.The best option - it's shelves of chrome tubes.They can be quite large, as openwork design will only maintain its effect of weightlessness.

kitchen-living room 9 m - modern trends

The kitchens rectangular all the furniture is arranged along one wall line.Most often in such planning corner cupboards are not used.It happens that the location of the headset does not allow to install the refrigerator next to the furniture, if it endure in the dining room of the apartment.

developments in modern design is often used to combine the living room with kitchen.Such planning of the kitchen space is used only for cooking.The kitchen-living room 9 m in this case is equipped with a three-level lighting system, where each level has its own value.

The first is for a common space, the second level involves the location of the lamps directly above the working area.Third, the lower level is used for lighting the dining room table.Recently in vogue small lights that are set around the perimeter of the room.

plan kitchen 9 m - decide the issue

furniture What kind of furniture is recommended to use in the penalty kitchen?Most designers agree that the most appropriate would be polished furniture, ability to reflect light effectively for it.As a result, increase the illusion of space.It is important to save the footage and visually increase the amount of food will allow the installation of wall shelves for utensils.This will allow to get rid of bulky cabinets.

often in the kitchen under the wide sills make a niche for various useful things.The most natural look kitchen, the interior of which is decorated in soft pastel colors.This applies not only to the furniture, but also to the materials that were used in the decoration of the kitchen space.

most advanced at the moment is considered to be a combination of white and wood with a light texture.

cool colors create the effect of expanding space.A room saturation nickel-plated and chrome accents contribute to strengthen this impression, and mirrors add depth across the internal volume of the kitchen.To emphasize the sophistication of the interior, designers are advised to furnish the kitchen utensils Red saturated colors.Also on the walls can cause a rare and vivid picture or their oblitsevat ceramic tiles.