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August 12, 2017 18:07

Drainage in the bathroom with their hands

A preliminary preparation

A preliminary training

A preliminary training

Any installation work required at a preliminary stage of drawing up the plan and scheme planned installation.These elements may include:

  • calculations of materials (tubes, adapters, fasteners, etc.).
  • Schematic distribution pipeline elements used within the premises.
  • Advance placement of the required number of points of discharge in the case of the planned installation of a new bathroom plumbing or appliances that require drainage (eg washing machine).
  • Calculation of the most profitable and least costly method of dismantling the old sewer system.
  • Purchase of materials.

Compliance with all of the above points will help make the most qualitatively the entire course of the repair without undue cost resources, energy and materials.

A preliminary training

there are many computer programs At the present stage of development of the industry of computer systems, which will help in the development of the design schemes of various maintenance projects.Using special computer products, the wizard can create a sewer system structure on the visual model and visually assess all its advantages and disadvantages.

Selection of pipes for the installation of a sewer system in the bathroom

Modern industry has to offer quite a number of types of pipe fittings to create a sewer system in the bathroom.Many types of pipe products are so easy to use that expression "sewage in the bathroom with their hands" takes on a literal meaning.So, we list the main types of tubular products:

  • Cast iron pipes.The oldest and fairly reliable form of pipe fittings.It features high strength and durability.The downside is the difficulty of installation, high susceptibility to corrosion and internal blockages, excessive bulkiness.
  • PVC pipes.Characterized by high ease of installation, light weight, high environmental resistance, resistance to the emergence of various types of blockages.The downside is the low resistance to water heat.
  • Polypropylene pipes.Very well suited for use in the installation of sewer communications in the bathroom.Has a relatively low cost.The downside is the high coefficient of expansion.
  • Ceramic pipes.Suitable for large wastewater coming out.They are used in private homes and large sewer systems.

Selection of pipes for installation in the bathroom sewer system

When selecting the right type of pipe is to consult with an appropriate specialist.Only with the correct choice of assembly materials drainage in the bathroom with their own hands will be carried out quickly, with minimal losses and fun to master.


old sewer system The process of eliminating the old pipe communication is not complicated and requires little energy and material costs.In this process should take into account several aspects:

  • pay attention to the site of attachment to the pipe wall.Excessive exposure may damage the outer skin of the walls that will suffer for a further cost of their restoration.
  • In apartment buildings sewer communications are interconnected.Therefore, in the process of dismantling should follow the possibility of damage to the pipe systems neighboring apartment.

Dismantling of the old sewer system

After all these activities you can begin the installation.Drainage in the bathroom with their hands mounted the same methods as other communication pipe.Tubes are cut into pieces and pre-arranged interconnected.Connection method varies depending on the type of tubulars.Canalization mounted and secured to bathroom surfaces, depending on the scheme previously planned.