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August 12, 2017 18:07

Repair of bathroom with their hands

Types repair

degree necessary repairs are not always requires serious work.Most often sufficient to restrict cosmetic with replacement of plumbing.However, the situation may be different.

Repair of bathroom with their hands - 1

1. Overhaul.This is a complex process that requires knowledge of the matter.There is a replacement of all of the pipes up to the smallest detail.

2. Elite.In many ways, similar to the capital, as is required to hold an event for the most part replaced the room and its renewal.However, there is a significant difference - it is the replacement of the old plumbing and furniture brand new, with a change of style and design.The most expensive option.

3. Cosmetic.It does not require the replacement of communication, there is only a partial change of tiles, sanitary ware and furniture.Repairs in the bathroom with their hands photo, which forces everyone, without involving the help of specialists and repair crews.

Repairs in the bathroom should start with training.Under preparation is to be understood that the necessary tools and materials.Based on the selection of the type of repair, we need different tools, but in general the list is as follows:

  • knife for cutting pipes.
  • scraper for leveling, with smooth and serrated surface.
  • level.
  • Tile.
  • key basin.
  • Other materials, depending on the type of repair.

carry out repairs in the bathroom is necessary to remove the bath itself.Dismantling is carried out it is not difficult if the legs have special mounts.If they are attached to - the need to remove them first, and only then to dismantle the drain pipe.


If you need to change the shell - it is easier to remove.Simply unscrew the bolts that hold it.Toilet removed otherwise.The first step is to drain all water from the barrel, and then dismantle the very flank, and after that removed the toilet.Now that the area is exempted from all the excess, you can begin to work on removing the old pavement on the floor and walls.It is necessary to prepare the surface for the new material.To do this, carefully remove all evening if you want to do (you can accomplish this with the help of plasterboard frame).After this work, you can take up the tile.First of all, it is mounted on the wall.The choice of color and type of packing depends on the future design of the room.

Upon completion of the wall, you need to install plumbing.First of all - this is the toilet.Then she bath and then sink.The rest of the furniture in any order, depending on the need and function.

thus repair the bathroom with their hands picture will be almost fully implemented.There were only minor details that relate to the interior arrangement, the problem of style and placement of furniture.Here you can show imagination and take advantage of professional advice.In any case, it is recommended to carry out reconstruction work, already having an idea of ​​what kind of interior design should be.

Thus, we can see that the repair - it is not difficult.If we talk about capital - everything is much more complicated and is best left to professionals such work.

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