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August 12, 2017 18:07

The screen of tiles or how to make an attractive bathroom ?

screen under the bath tiles - neatly hide unnecessary

plumbing manufacturers to market more products that are able to best meet customer needs.Thus, sanitary products may be of any shape, functionality, color, etc.An example would be a luxury bath, covered with enamel on the outside is the color which has a finishing in the bathroom.Who would refuse the opportunity to buy such a product?Of course, those who have enough money to buy this bath.They will be forced to buy the product with not too attractive, "belly" in the usual legs (not vintage).However, do not despair.Make room interior more aesthetic and conceal the space under the bath allow special screens.

Particular attention is drawn to the screen under the bath tiles.This is due to the fact that for the bathroom design is most often used ceramic tiles.It is suitable for wall and floor tiles.The use of tiles to create the screen allows you to get a harmonious, aesthetic and quite practical interior.In our country, among other things, a bathroom made to store a variety of jars, bottles, buckets, cups and household cleaners.Obviously, it looks not very aesthetically pleasing.The solution again becomes the screen for a bath, made of ceramic tiles.

Due to the excellent performance and aesthetic qualities, it becomes an excellent material for its devices. You do not have to worry about the fact that over time the following screen will turn yellow from moisture as plastic, destroyed or covered with mold.Behind it easy to care for - timely enough to wipe with a dry cloth, and use household cleaning products if necessary.Depending on your preferences, the size and placement of the bath in the room, you can opt for one or another version of the device screen.

screen of tiles - its basic types

Depending on the variety of factors and personal preferences screen of tiles by the bath can be very different.Features of its design it is determined whether it is a hollow (capital) or partially open (functional hole, door and other options).

worth remembering: deaf screens reduce the security level in the room!

Specialists It is not recommended to install blind screens for upgrading a bathroom and a space directly under the bathtub.The fact that there may be communication pipe.If the confined space will leak or other damage, it will affect negatively not only on your interior, but also for housing bottom neighbors.As is known, the flooding of the neighbors - to monetary costs.Such is the peculiar and very sad "sign."

To troubleshoot a bathroom break will have a dull screen!

With a strong desire can be done even by a sliding screen of tiles, but this solution is not the best: the process is too time-consuming, and the material does not imply the door device.In this case, when tiling is better to leave a hole in a functional screen, sufficient access to the pipes.

In the bath, we not only wash ourselves, are we there yet, and erase something, I shall carry out a lot more action.In the absence of the screen is easy to fit our feet under the bath, taking a bit of space.Setting the major variant thereof creates some inconvenience in this respect: the legs will abut the vertical surface of the solid.Designers have found a way out of this situation and offer to perform a screen with a slight slope or with a special niche for feet.It may be small - strictly for feet or more spacious location, so that it could hide the little things everyday.

screen under the tile - do yourself

Make the screen under the tile to decorate the bathroom, not so difficult.This will require metal profiles, plasterboard sheets, fasteners, tools, and of course, the very tiles.So, you first need to make the frame of the future of the screen, which is carried out pre-markings on the walls.Thereafter, from the profiles collected and set the U-shaped frame.Then it is necessary to increase the rigidity and strength of the structure - install the uprights.

At this stage provides for footwell and functional openings for access to the utilities!

The next step is to work with plasterboard.It is necessary to cut one sheet to the required size or use several sheets.In this case, the joints must be securely fastened together and fall on the rails. special moisture-resistant material is used for work in the bathroom. After leveling the surface of the drywall, you are ready to finish the frame tile screen.For this purpose, it can be used tile adhesive.At the final stage, the tile grout joints.

Thus, intelligently arranged under the bath screen will make the room more aesthetic and practical, and harmonious interior will not leave anyone indifferent.