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August 12, 2017 18:07

What grout for a tile in the bathroom is better?

grout What is best for the bathroom?

There are two types of grout - epoxy and cement .The first is considered more expensive and durable.It is made based on epoxy resins, as it includes some of the additive and the hardener, which create silver, gold, pearl, bronze, iron seam.However, it has one drawback - strong viscosity, because it is difficult to apply and remove from the surface.

is important to consider the time that this grout referred to a number of professional and master of working with her, must have the skills, have special tools and electronic scales.Failure to comply with the necessary rules the result can be disastrous.Because, if you need faster and easier to carry out the work, it is necessary to use a typical cement grout.It is inexpensive and has good quality.

in its composition, in addition to cement, also includes some ingredients that provide additional performance properties, such as moisture.Dilute it with a special latex plasticizer (no water), which prevents the formation of a part of mold and mildew.

also increases its adhesion to the substrate.Apply it to work with any sutures from size 1 to 20 mm.It is then coated with water-resistant impregnation, which may be glossy and matte.While the first can significantly stress the color, making it more saturated and bright.

If you think any grout better, then it depends on who will apply it.In carrying out the work with his own hands is better to use a cement compound with latex plasticizer and a special impregnation.

Featured manufacturers

The shops are a wide variety of jointing materials, but how to choose the best brand?For this tell you about the most popular manufacturers.Let's start with the leader, which is Plitonit W .It is this mixture trowel meets the basic requirements and is inexpensive.Plus, it has a wide color palette.In second place is ATLAS , which is characterized by excellent elasticity, and high cost.

Next comes Ceresit, having a good performance and well-established among consumers.But the brand Kesto and Vetonit high quality can not boast.And the first was much better than in 2010.Later, in 2011, its quality has decreased, and the price has risen.A Vetonit different and more poor ductility and color inconsistency on the packaging and in reality.

How to update the grout in the bathroom?

When grouting in the bathroom was carried out using cement mortar, then upgrade it simply because it does not glue, which is firmly linked to the base.Grout is only connected to the side portions of the tiles.Disconnect it is possible with the help of a stiff brush (not metal), soaked in a special acid, which is sold in many stores.It reacts with the grout starts to foam and fizzle.

Through this process, grouting composition is softened and removed rasshivatelem.Besides, it is worth remembering that soften the grout as long as it will not be removed easily (to avoid damaging the surface of the tile).Thus the procedure is repeated several times.At the final stage, just wash the surface with water and soap or any other detergent composition.After one day, when the base is completely dry, applied a new grout.