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August 12, 2017 18:07

Recommendations for creating a kitchen design projects 8 square meters

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historical truth

Area 8 sq m - is typical of the cuisine of panel buildings 1980-1690's, and in comparison with Khrushchev in it, you can invent a lot more design projects.In Germany in the early 20th century conducted a study to identify a successful kitchen planning.During the experiment, the cook in the kitchens of different layouts prepared the same dish, and scientists have calculated the distance traveled as a result of cooking and the time spent on the preparation of meals.The result of these experiments turned out to be the most unexpected.It turns out when rational distribution of all kinds of kitchen equipment and furniture, you can cut the distance traveled by 60%, taking the time to 30%.

Kitchen Design 8 sq m defines three main operating division of the kitchen:

  • Zone preparatory work.
  • water area and washing
  • cooking zone.

prefab houses and kitchens

In these houses lend themselves to any designers will almost all the rooms in the apartment except the kitchen, the size of which 8 sq m - the area is not endowed with much room.It always gets a little test of the true talent of the designer, who works with her.To the general misfortune sized kitchen is not limited to a panel high-rise buildings.The work on the design of the room, everything would be much easier if created for two people, but often have to create a project to meet the needs of large families.A skilled designer will do even from 8m practical, functional and roomy space.

Optimization of space is achieved by centrally located kitchen set.There are 4 types of kitchen furniture layouts: linear (along one wall), two-row (along two walls), P- and L-shaped (corner) .Lyubye of the proposed planning to create a working triangle with equal distance between work zones.
Proper positioning is determined by ease of movement within the triangle, the minimum area which shall be a minimum of 4 square meters.m. Only in this case the design of the kitchen 8 m² will allow a person at the time of preparation not to feel discomfort and unhindered access to those subjects that he needed.

Short Course plan kitchen

  1. Corner layout is optimal for kitchen furniture.Also it is necessary to place in the corner of the sink, which is due to it will not take up extra meters.Under the sink, you can equip a corner cabinet.
  2. refrigerator should close a number of kitchen units, while at the end of the working surface, without tearing it.It is also important aspect, which opens the refrigerator door, because the door must not interfere with access to countertops, cabinets, etc.A pleasant fact is the one that refrigerators can now be opened in either direction, without causing much discomfort.
  3. рекомендации-для-создания-проектов-дизайна-кухонь-на-8-кв-м-ч

  4. Dining in all ages is marked by the presence of the dining table.In limited circumstances the tiny area is to equip the kitchen trim table with folding top.As well as a pleasant piece of furniture can be a round glass dining table minimum sizes.This table may not seem practical, but in fact it is able to fit up to 6 people.A glass surface will only create the effect of light and the interior will not load the environment of the room.
  5. Also important is the placement of windows and doors, the ratio of length and width of the walls.Registration in this case involves a minimum number of decorative elements and all kinds of accessories.
  6. colors, which are worth to decorate the room, it's bright colors, but the furniture is to choose contrasting colors.A popular choice of modern small layouts are glossy surfaces, because they visually enhance the kitchen area.
  7. should carefully consider the lighting, a chandelier, it is difficult to do for a small kitchen format.Take care of the spot lights for the ceiling and furniture.These lamps will significantly change the perception of the room.In general, it is considered that, first of all, the room comfort is created by the favorable perception of light and space.

In conclusion, in the photo, we offer solutions to admire the wonderful owners, how to decorate the design of the kitchen 8 m², and clearly see the benefits of all of the above arrangements of furniture.

Recommendations for creating a kitchen design projects 8 square meters

Recommendations for creating a kitchen design projects 8 square meters

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