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August 12, 2017 18:07

Kitchen Design 7 sq m - The Outer Limits

small kitchen Disadvantages:

  • room is small and fit a large family simply is not able to, so - big feast canceled.
  • difficult to choose the kitchen wall in the store.
  • is not possible to install a large number of equipment, only the most necessary.

design - kitchen - 7 - sq - m of the Gran possible 2

design - kitchen - 7 - sq - m of the Gran possible 1

small kitchen Benefits:

  • This format allows you to place all the furniture and appliances at arm's length, but it is more convenient and easier for the kitchen
  • hosts Pantry, though difficult to buyin a shop, but can be made to order.You can use the services of professionals and enjoy a kitchen set purely according to your desires and requirements.
  • Kitchen 7 sq m is easily combined with the living room (in panel houses) and arrange an apartment-studio, which is broken into "cooking" area and visitors location.

following photos provide conventional and unusual designs with little footage.

design - kitchen - 7 - sq - m of the Gran possible 4

design - kitchen - 7 - sq - m of the Gran possible 5

design - kitchen - 7 - sq - m of the Gran possible 6

Recommendations professionals

  1. Note the built-in appliances because it is much smaller than normal in size.In the market there are plenty of options for a compact modern household appliances, which is not how it is inferior to its full-scale counterpart.
  2. Replace primitive dining table for folding or retractable.With skillful design of the dining table can be drawn from the window sill.
  3. In order to avoid flooding the kitchen shelves with all sorts of unnecessary objects should be used on small areas of the kitchen roof rails.
  4. In order to free up some space need to arrange the furniture in the corners and make smooth transitions between parts of the kitchen wall.
  5. The interior of the kitchen 7m good idea to use all sorts of designs on wheels.

example of how a multi-functional kitchen unit can be equipped with a kitchen of 7 sq m in the photo.
Kitchen Design 7 sq m - The Outer Limits
small kitchen design requires compliance with certain recommendations.

  • When the door is placed in the corner wall, the most favorable for this plan will be the angular placement of furniture, taking into account shell, which can also be placed in the corner.
  • When the front door in the middle, then this arrangement is suitable linear and U-shaped arrangement of furniture and appliances.The dining area can be located near a window, and as a supplement, you can use the window sill.
  • design - kitchen - 7 - sq - m of the Gran possible 3

  • Kitchen small size is better to paint in bright colors, because light colors make the room visually larger.
  • Use contrasts, "having painted" your furniture, decoration materials in spectacular contrasting colors.This will give your room a particular style will emphasize your taste and personality.

seemingly incongruous color, pink and yellow, and how to successfully rallied the next photo.Delightfully solution!Bright, brightly, bodryasche!
design - kitchen - 7 - sq - m of the Gran possible - 8
most suitably drawn kitchen of 7 sq m in Art Nouveau style with a glossy finish countertops and a minimum amount of decor.In the design, use light colors.Practical wall and floor coverings should be provided legkomoyuschimisya.For walls suitable washable wallpaper with understated pattern and the floor - linoleum or tile.
design - kitchen - 7 - sq - m of the Gran possible - 9
to the ceiling or the best solution is to paint in the color that matches the rest of the trim or ceilings, which are known, are durable and easy to clean.
Allow your project to a compact dining table and comfortable chairs yet.
With regard to textiles.Of course you should not abuse curtains and other curtains, small enough to be translucent curtains and blinds.
neat, but stylish kitchen renovation is 7 square meters combined with a good door-screen rather than with the swing door, so feel fashion designers.So think, maybe it makes sense to listen?
design - kitchen - 7 - sq - m of the Gran possible 10

Sensational question "Have couch necessary" in such a small kitchen?

answer is quite simple.Yes, we all understand that this couch is needed to ensure that the entire family after a long day going together at the same table.If you have the opportunity to combine dining and working area, then yes, the area would be appropriate.But consider whether it should be placed where there is not a priori provides a place to relax - kitchen 7 sq m is only for cooking.The best option, as we said, is to use a sliding or folding tables and availability of comfortable chairs in the apartment.Therefore, we recommend the whole family needed to move the seating area in the living room or hall.
to get the desired, you need to make a great effort.Be patient, activate the imagination, consider the real picture, and better draw and start to create the interior of your dreams!