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August 12, 2017 18:07

Choose the most practical and beautiful wallpaper for kitchen

main criteria for selecting a finishing material

Choosing kitchen wallpaper should be the basis of the conditions in which they will operate.As you know, the kitchen is used for cooking, as this process is called "clean" is difficult.In turn, this leads to a regular cleaning in place.That is why the kitchen wallpaper should be water-resistant to withstand all the procedures to remove household pollutants.In addition, it is impossible to ignore the fact that in the kitchen room is often a high humidity.This is due to the presence of fumes in the process of cooking.

Wallpaper for kitchen should be of high density.Firstly, this property specifies the degree of durability of the material, its strength.Secondly, the lack of large pores in them prevents the absorption of light of different odors and dirt accumulation.

Wallpapers for finishing dishes must be resistant to the burn process.This is important for the reason that the kitchen - it's quite a bright room, which darken the windows with heavy curtains or blinds dense simply inappropriate.Penetrating through windowpane sunlight should not cause loss of attractive appearance of the wall decoration.In addition, the wallpaper should differ good water vapor permeability, ie the need to "breathe".Otherwise, they will dry out badly, and will increase the risk of mold on the walls.Unfortunately, not all types of modern wallpaper fit these requirements, so be careful in their choice.

wallpaper What is best for the kitchen - study range

For simplicity, choice seems appropriate to first decide on those materials which you are unlikely to fit.First of all, this paper wallpaper.Despite various impregnation, they will not be able to become a worthy ornament of your kitchen, so it is easy to burn, can not tolerate exposure to moisture and emphasize all the irregularities and other defects on the surface of the walls.Such a finish will have to be replaced every 2-4 years.Not the most ideal option is also made of foamed vinyl wallpaper, which is associated with low rates of wear resistance.Experts say that the most suitable for kitchen design is the wallpaper:

  • non-woven;
  • numerous varieties of vinyl (vinyl CD, vinyl for painting, screen printing and others);
  • fiberglass.

finishing material for the walls of the kitchen on the basis of non-woven fabrics - a nonwoven fabric, the basis of which are textile and cellulose fibers. Between themselves, they are connected by a binder polymer component.Such non-woven wallpaper can hide the irregularities of the walls, do not deform during bonding, wetting and subsequent drying, high durability.Certain convenience in the process of bonding is that the adhesive composition is applied on a wall.Among the drawbacks, perhaps, can be attributed relatively high cost.Regarding

fiberglass, they are characterized by excellent performance properties and are deposited on a substrate (usually paper) with glass.This material is characterized by durability, ecological compatibility, resistance to mechanical damage, moisture and cleaning using special household tools.In addition, the wallpaper is not in such environment for propagation of various fungi and micro-organisms.

However, it is worth considering that the finishing material is attached to the walls of the kitchen with the help of special heavy-duty glue. From this fact and another disadvantage of fiberglass - they are extremely difficult to remove later with the wall surface. In addition, they are not very flexible and may well break down by careless gluing.Screenprinting - is also a dual-layer wallpapers, the top layer of which is decorated with silk or artificial threads.

This tapestry has attracted many customers an interesting look, because its surface is characterized by smoothness and shine.This finishing material makes it possible to "dilute" even the most ordinary kitchen interior. wallpaper based on vinyl - it's quite a large group of materials with similar performance characteristics. They are two-layer: the bottom layer - is a non-woven or paper, and the top - polyvinyl chloride.This material is resistant to moisture, fading, and the formation of fungi, is not afraid of a regular household cleaning and gives a lot of possibilities for decorating the room.

example, CD-vinyl perfectly mimics the textiles, leather, stone and even the decorative plaster.It can even be cleaned with a brush, and while it does not lose its appeal.The ride is not cheap.Vinyl wallpaper for painting - it's limitless design possibilities.The highest quality of them can be repainted up to 7 times!

What wallpaper to choose for the kitchen - the main interior solutions

So, you have decided on the quality required for finishing the kitchen wallpaper, we can proceed to their design.It is important to take into account the features of the room layout, its size and style of the interior orientation.So, for a small kitchen perfect monochromatic light wallpaper, visually expand it and make lighter.They will be the perfect backdrop for furniture and bright accessories.

to larger premises on one of the walls will look great wallpapers for the kitchen, but in this case all the rest should be self-colored walls. Too bright kitchen can survive in a "cool" shades of green or blue. Often, this room is decorated in a cozy and warm style of "country", which fit perfectly with small floral wallpaper or floral pattern.For an English-style cuisine can be used in the traditional vertical trim stripes of brown or dark green.

original solution is a combination of a variety of wallpaper that allows you to select functional areas in the room and place favorable accents.Thus, the working area can be framed not the most attractive, but the most durable and resistant to external influences wallpaper, but to the dining area, you can choose not to use the most common, but beautiful wallpaper.