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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to clean the air conditioner with your own hands - detailed instructions for all stages of the work

Blotskaya Any thing in one way or another in need of care - only then it will be the duty of man.With regard to the technical devices that are provided for various activities - maintenance work and various types of maintenance (maintenance).Manufacturers of household appliances, including air conditioners, it is strongly recommended for this purpose involve only certified experts, otherwise warranty will be void.But what if, for example, this period has already ended, and the service organization is not only far away, but in another village?

one answer - to understand all the intricacies of detail and clean the air conditioner by hand.This decision pushes the fact that quite often under the guise of a beautiful "loud" SERVICE CENTER sometimes called hidden organization, which, in addition to the director and accountant of 1 technician - "Jack of all trades."And if we add to this that serious professionals do not go to such salaries, the quality of service is well-founded doubts.

to hold the air conditioner cleaning quality, it is necessary to know which sites are most wear and contamination.The fact is that conditioner rarely breaks "sudden" as a number of other appliances.All that contributes to the damage it gradually builds up and then turns into a malfunction.Therefore, rely solely on the manufacturer's recommended time frame is not quite right.

What affects the frequency of service

  • assembly Specificity room (destination).Particles of dust are always present, even in the clean room.For example, they get it from the things that we use, especially in the bedroom, nursery, which regularly crushes / dressed bed.
  • Location tool.The principle is simple - the higher (further from the ground, the floor), the less it absorbs dust.Influences and location of the building - its concentration in the air is higher the closer a house, for example, to the way any company.
  • humidity level at the installation site.
  • constantly open windows.Through them penetrates not only the dust but also microscopic poplar fluff fraction soot from boiler tubes and the like.Invisible to the eye, they are deposited on all nodes of the device.

signs indicating the need for unscheduled TO

  • Increased noise of the air conditioner (by the way, it is very rare for the inverter models).
  • fluid leakage.
  • emergence of specific (putrid) smell after switching.

What undergoes maintenance

order of dismantling the device to indicate there is no sense - there are some nuances for each engineering solutions.But what and how to clean, you need to know.Service is at the same time for 2 units - internal and external, although each has its own design features.Therefore it is necessary to list all the activities in order to be carried out, and the procedure for cleaning details.


grid most polluting part of the product.In principle, it is desirable to deal with their cleaning about once a month.They fall into the warm water (with the addition of any detergent composition) and maintained until all the dirt is not razmoknet.Thereafter washed and dried.

Microbes do not like UV.If possible, it is best to put the filters in the sun.In addition to their dry, it will be ensured and good disinfection.

fan blades

they pollute less.If possible, washed with water (+ soap or special means), and then for a few seconds, the device turns on.

necessary to cover part of the surface on which the air conditioner is.Otherwise, then have to change the wallpaper or to thoroughly wash the wall with pieces of dirt.


His body is also quite intensively accumulated layer of dirt.Independently can be made only surface cleaning (outside) with a soft brush.If treatment is required inside the cavity, this being done in a specialized workshop (if necessary).For recommendations "experts" on the independent use of the vacuum cleaner, a jet of water under pressure is better not to listen.

on the body is very thin "ribs" (plates).It is necessary to exercise extreme accuracy.

«internal" device

necessary to ensure free access to them to collect the accumulated dust with a vacuum cleaner.Particular attention - blower impeller and tank for collecting condensate.

work on dismantling the device should be done with caution.Many fastening elements are made of plastic (latches, clamps, etc.).Excessive force will lead to their failure.

All other types of work, if they are to be carried out in time or necessary (eg drainage maintenance system) is better left to professionals.It will require not only expertise, but also special equipment.


second phase of service.The choice of compositions - at the discretion of the User.For example, chlorhexidine solution (1 bottle of 100 ml costs about 15 rubles).The main condition - good antiseptic products.Such means are applied in liquid form (as solutions, sprays);by spraying them handled the entire inner surface of the enclosure and its components.


To improve the efficiency of the means of action, after the device assembly and its integration solution is sprayed in place of "suction" of air.But before that filters must be removed!

Practical recommendations

  • purchasing air conditioning, not immediately clarify the issue for its further maintenance and repair.And it is not just in getting the contact information of the nearest service center.It is advisable to specify what materials are needed for various types of MOT.What for?
  • usually company involved in the sale and installation of air conditioning "at home" in the Client themselves and carry out maintenance of the device.Cost of the work within the 1 100 - 1 400 rubles.But this event will be cheaper if the materials (solutions, lubricants) will have their pre-purchased;
  • so when buying air conditioners need to ask whether there are on sale, not whether deficits, which are imported from case to case, and what they have a shelf life?Perhaps it makes sense to buy such materials "for later";
  • recommended if any special preparations (though not the fact that they can not be replaced by a cheaper analogue).But the point is that it is unknown when the device is, for example, "zagudit", so everything you need should be close at hand.

kleaner Conduct conditioner cleaning should not only before operating season, but also after it.That is, for the year - 2 times, at least, and perhaps more often (which take into account, above).After the accumulation of dirt in the instrument not only reduce the efficiency of its functioning.They are breeding grounds for various "contagion", which will begin to spread throughout the dwelling (eg, fungus, mites).

purchasing for air conditioner cleaner in store household chemicals, please note that the compositions must be neutral with respect to plastic and metal.On the Internet, there are recommendations for independent preparation of the solution, but what's the point doing it if all you need for MOT in the public domain and is not expensive?

Finally.What one sees is remembered best.The warranty service period should invite professional service organization.


  • Firstly, it should be previously acquainted with the instructions on the product.This will not only understand the meaning of all the masters of action, but it unobtrusively monitor;
  • secondly, seeing as he dismantles (unscrews, snaps), then all of this will be easy to do and most.

Therefore, while it is advisable to stay close to a guest worker.Do not stand "the soul", but to help and interested in all the nuances.If you're an advanced handyman, and the installation of a split system does not seem like a complex.