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August 12, 2017 18:07

Which sealant bath to choose?

material properties

to work in the bathroom often use silicone sealant.Best sealant for bath - one that consists only of silicone without the addition of other impurities.Such material has the smallest shrinkage (up 2%) and more likely used for grouting.If too much in the composition various additives, it is better not to purchase, since he will not have properties inherent good sealant and means for bathroom it is not suitable.In small amounts can have the following impurities:

  • organic extenders;
  • organic solvents;
  • mechanical fillers (chalk, quartz flour).

Note!On the market there are a large number of sealants, so you must make sure that a particular product can be used in a bathroom.

quality materials is the one impurity which does not exceed 10%.These products are in their qualities are very similar to pure silicon.allowed to use only a waterproof sealant to the bathroom.If included in the fungicide composition of the material, it can also be used in a bathroom, because fungicide prevents mold and fungus to grow in a damp room.The sealant is able to stretch a hundred times compared to its original condition, the seams can be sealed without rupture.

On what material is to stop choice?

What better sealing for the bathroom, and how to choose it?To select the most appropriate option, you must take into account various factors.So, for rooms with high humidity is the best silicone material, not acrylic, which the market is widely represented.

making a choice between the acidic and neutral silicone, preferred would be the second option.It has no sharp odor like acidic material, and is more versatile.Particular attention should be paid to the producer, as a guarantee of quality can only give a serious company.

Silicone though is a wonderful tool, but rely on it in matters of protection against mold and mildew do not.Of great importance is the observance of certain rules, which will strengthen the action of the material.The quality of the sealant in conjunction with these rules will make the most effective protection:

  • room should be ventilated regularly;
  • Do not leave puddles on the floor of the water;
  • Always sanitary practices in places where moisture.

Important!Acid Using sealant indoor extremely desirable.

Working with

materials to seal the joint between the bathtub and the wall, using a waterproof sealant will need the following tools and items:

  • small spatula;
  • special gun;
  • acetone or alcohol;
  • rag;
  • masking tape;
  • sealant.

work begins with scrubbing the surface to which the material will be applied.It should be dry, flat and clean.It is also recommended to treat it with acetone for better adhesion to the surface of the material.Thereafter, the treated area must dry for 30 minutes.Further, water-resistant silicone sealant ready for use.

first step is trimmed end of the tube at an angle of 45 degrees.After this tube is closed and the tip is inserted into a special gun, and with its help begins squeezing the material.Excess mixture can be removed with a spatula.It is also needed if the seam has turned out uneven, because with it, you can trim the seam. Important!Harvesting to "trigger" should be smoothly and evenly, it will make the seam smooth and neat.

Using silicone sealant for acrylic baths, you need to follow some steps, saves the body from the effects of the sealant.Always worth remembering that it is a chemical agent.In this regard, while the premises must be well ventilated and get protective gloves.This is due to the fact that the dried material is very difficult to remove from the hands.When eye contact with them immediately rinse with water.