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August 12, 2017 18:07

Curbing Tile - small detail for big order

types curb tiles

Basically, each collection is equipped with several types of curb, which differ in shape and size.One type is called traditional, and another - "pencil".The traditional border tile - a small rectangle of length, which has a thickness of not more than 80 mm.Used it for horizontal stacking as a separator of two types of wall tiles.

If laid it vertically, then created the impression of a divided space.This method looks spectacular in a modern design, if necessary, select a specific element of the general background.

Border for "pencil" tile is placed on the joints between wall and floor tiles and wall or ceiling.It gives the general appearance of completeness and unity.In addition, it is used if necessary to pass from a smooth surface to the bulk.

How can you use fillets tile?

The most common tile-curb bath is used as an additional element of decor.With its help differentiate the tiles by color and shade.In the standard version - it is dark bottom and light top, but you can play with colors and make two or three rows, this will give a general picture of a certain liveliness.

In the modern interior increasingly curbs are functional purpose, for example, use them to make a frame for the mirror.Yet they can be used to focus attention on any flat areas.This may be a zone near a bathtub or sink, which will attract attention in the first place.

curb tiles for the bathroom, not only plays a decorative role , but functional .Its function is to complete the laying of a tile or a compound in complex compositions.If you apply vertical and horizontal stacking simultaneously, you can achieve excellent decorative effect, highlighting the specific section of the wall.

unusual option is the installation of the border in a chaotic or a checkerboard pattern.This kind of styling hides the flaws of the laid tiles in problem areas.There are many options for using the curb, in addition, it is possible to combine different types in order to achieve its original effect.

Competent laying curb

To make folding correctly, you need to lay out a full range of tiles.It is not necessary to put a border tile and ordinary at the same time, because in the case of uneven masonry offset strip will be very noticeable, and the change has nothing.And if you put a border then it will be possible to adjust the line using daggers.

he simply be glued.At first smeared with glue and a border wall.Then the element is pressed against the wall.If it does not become a same level with the tile and fails, then it is necessary to tear off and add adhesive.If it protrudes, on the contrary, it is necessary to remove the excess glue.

Do not make a great effort and put pressure on the element, because it is thin and may break from the pressure.Then remove excess glue and put crosses.Then you can put the next part.

Stack curbs start from the far wall, moving toward the door.Also, better put, first whole tile, and then trim the corners.Moreover, if a large amount of a curb or a molding, it protrudes from the general plane, and a conventional method is inconvenient to put crosses, then they can be turned sideways, so that the joint width remains unchanged since they are equal in cross section.