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August 12, 2017 18:07

Concealed cistern

few ways how to install a toilet with concealed cistern

Today, there are two ways to install a tank for toilet hidden from view:

  • first - Adjacent outdoor installation;
  • second - curtain.

toilet with concealed cistern installation the first embodiment can be performed by mounting the toilet bowl on the floor and drain system hidden in the wall construction.What do this work, you must do the following:

  • firmly establish itself on the toilet floor;
  • tank hidden in the wall using special fasteners;
  • key for draining displayed on the outer surface of the wall, is also possible for the remote to perform flushing.

Several ways how to install a toilet with concealed cistern

In order to have access to the services of the system is necessary to provide a special process window, and there is installed and the drain button.When installing the outdoor toilet with concealed cistern, you can ensure a solid installation of seats and in addition improves the overall aesthetic interior of the toilet room.

Mounting on mounting

for mounting the toilet with concealed cistern can be applied and a second option to install - hung toilet on a special frame, and flush the system to hide on users' eyes.For the installation in such a way must be reserved by the following details:

  • mounting structure in the form of the base frame;
  • set of products for fastening structure;
  • cistern;
  • actuator plate or remote system for the organization of the non-contact water drain.

Installation on mounting

In this way, everything bathrooms with suspended sanitary equipment may use a variety of design solutions.Another advantage of such a setup is the lack of toilet feet, thereby providing a sufficiently high level of hygiene, as there is only good to wash the floor.

Modern materials and design to deliver high reliability suspension system, withstanding enormous loads up to 400 kg, inclusive.Before the installation of such equipment need to carefully weigh the pros and cons.The user has set suspension system must take into account the cost of such a structure and to conduct maintenance costs.

Installation on mounting

How to install a toilet with concealed cistern

If the redevelopment premises bathroom equipped with a plasterboard partition, then offer you the instructions for the installation work installation system:

  1. plan profile plasterboard partitions considering the possibility of installingin its design the installation of the system with reliable fasteners;
  2. put mounting frame for early certain height, noting the distance with a tape measure and spirit level;
  3. fixed frame between gypsum profiles;
  4. using screws, connect the profile design;
  5. with a plastic clamp to fix the output sewer pipe;
  6. carry water connection;
  7. mark and make the technical box, which will be key for flushing;
  8. close the front side of the drywall construction;
  9. set addl toilet;
  10. connect the drain button.

How to install a toilet with concealed cistern

Mounting ladders toilet with concealed cistern provides an increase in the distance from the toilet door to the toilet bowl edge by 5 cm. Also, this arrangement allows users to apply any creative solutions, because the drain plumbing elements may be in the most unexpected places and meet as sanitaryand functional needs.