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August 12, 2017 18:07

Mural in the children's room - how to choose , so as not to harm the baby ?

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Types of children's wall photos on the wall

Today the market offers a lot of various finishing options with a large image of the plot - in a wide range of sizes, designs and textures.

  • most practical are washable wallpapers, paper, especially if the baby is quite small, and the period of drawing on the walls is not over yet.Such a decorative coating is an environmentally friendly product that way, and should be children's Mural on the wall, because they will not cause any harm.
  • There are also washable fabric cover.It is believed that they are the most durable and look better, with a glossy shine.
  • to design large rooms it is recommended to use a seamless fabric wallpapers, the width of which can be up to 5 meters.Such materials are mounted on a baguette, which adds a luxury effect.

also photographic coatings are divided according to the image on the background, specialties and panoramic.Photo Wall Mural 3d - is a different story.

Photo wall in the interior of a child's room - choose the subject of age

Many parents find the best plot for wallpaper in the nursery fairy-tale characters, little animals, heroes of favorite cartoons or comics.According to psychologists - up to three years of the child's addiction is not yet defined, so it is best to use the bedding, neutral colors in the room decoration.At this time, the baby is just beginning to explore the world, he has a lot of toys, and will more than pasting also such subjects.It is best to experiment with the color scheme - one wall to make more vivid, and the rest of calm self-colored.

interesting option for older children is to divide the room into zones - a bedroom and playroom.In the sleeping area quiet background wallpaper paste, and select the game by covering it with a bright childlike picture.You can select a scene from the cartoon ( "Madagascar", "Masha and the Bear"), to create an exciting maritime atmosphere using images with the vehicle or frame from the cartoon "The Little Mermaid."However, for a child of primary school age is not recommended to decorate these scenes the place where he is busy learning - they will distract the children's thoughts.

For seven years the child already can help you with the choice of children's wall photos in the interior of his room.The boys usually love pictures with cars, airplanes, Spider-Man, girl, on the contrary, prefer princesses, Cinderella, Thumbelina.And for those and for others at this stage even suitable finishing with fabulous characters.

Advantages and disadvantages of photo wallpapers in the interior of a child's room

Stick Mural in the nursery, you flick of the wrist are turning the interior of the room into a fairyland, which is like any child.Bright, vibrant colors, colorful drawings come to life under the influence of his imagination - all this will delight any child.In addition, this coating is relatively long-lasting - some species are able to serve up to 15 years.Cleaning wallpapers can be cleaned with a sponge.Also one of the advantages is the convenience and ease of wall stickers.

Using fotoboi design a child's room, remember and their shortcomings.The abundance of rich colors, especially bright red tones, able to excite the child and cause aggression.some types of material, especially paper, is easy enough to be disturbed, and if you have a small child, it may have to be changed frequently such coverage.

well-chosen wallpaper for the bedroom or children's exhibit unusual properties, allowing you to create a lively and emotional atmosphere in which the child will feel easy and comfortable, as well as an adult - with a special thrill to remember those bright moments of his happy childhood.

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