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Стройматериалы для дома

August 12, 2017 18:05

The size and types of bricks , characteristics and features

finishing the facade of a private house is rarely complete without the use of bricks.This material is intended not only to create an individual exterior of the building, but also improves its energy saving properties.However, to calculate the amount necessary to know the species and size of bricks.

Types of bricks

There is a misconception that the brick veneer home is only necessary to improve the aesthetics.But even with a shallow analysis of the structure it is clear that it does not differ from building models.


Facing Bricks must possess the following qualities:

  1. durability.It should not change its technical and operational properties under the influence of weather factors.
  2. Easy installation.
  3. Affordable.
  4. Different surface texture from smooth to simulate the natural irregularities.

Currently, there are several types of finishing material.


The basis of the manufacture of the material were taken dry and semi-dry concrete mixes.To improve the energy-saving properties of the added lime and clay.After sorting on special forms of blanks fed to the pressing line.Due to the high pressure exposure Brick acquires the required properties.


manufacturing technology and structure are very similar to standard building models.But the requirements for a perfectly flat surface and mandatory internal voids can be obtained only on the high-tech equipment.

Experts advise to choose products with small openings, as they affect the characteristics of the material.Price ceramic brick is more expensive than hyperpressed.But the first and product quality is much higher.


old technology, which has not lost relevance so far.For making use special formulations of clay which give a certain shape after heat treatment pass.The result is a product with a homogeneous structure and an extremely good performance.

only drawback clinker bricks - the high cost of the product.

For ease of calculation of the required number of bricks you can use the data on the size of the drawing.

the size

But in addition to the standard form of many manufacturers produce lining material with rounded edges.Their dimensions are not regulated and are completely dependent on the internal requirements of the manufacturer.