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August 12, 2017 18:07

Living in the English style - noble and discreet luxury in the interior

English living - general information about the style of interior

Every detail of the interior, seasoned in the English style, emphasizes solidity, wealth and good taste of the owner at home.That is why it is so widely used in the design of the living room, where they meet friends and going to the whole family.However, most designers agree that the English style is not suitable for too big and spacious rooms.In this case it is quite difficult to make the interior comfortable and cozy. an integral part of English living room is a fireplace with a portal that can be faced with stone or wood. center of the room is often a gorgeous table made of solid wood.It should be noted that the timber - this is one of the basic materials specific to the style.

is impossible to imagine without the English interior luxury textiles.Different fabrics are widely used for upholstery of furniture, manufacture of decorative pillows, blankets and capes, textile lampshades, lighting, window decorations.

Particular attention should be paid to the color gamut of style, which is quite wide.Modern English interior room allows you to choose between white, cream, gold, bronze, ivory or dark red, deep green, ocher, brown and various shades etc.Often, the choice of color depends not only on their own preferences, but also the degree of brightness of the room.The majority of surfaces in the interior are monophonic, but allowed medium-sized flower ornament, small cell or strip.The latter is widely used in the decoration of the walls and upholstered furniture.

main "color" rule at the English-style living room: the lighter walls, the more saturated the color may be different furniture.Conversely, the more dark and deep colors used in the design of the walls, the more restrained should be shades of the furniture.

Even modern English lounge - is the abundance of furniture.Subject to the strict rules of placement and symmetry, they all look appropriate and in any case do not interfere with the free movement around the room.The British have long been famous for their boundless love for books, bookshelves so must be present in the interior of the living room.However, if you have a good collection of folios, and you do not deny yourself the pleasure to read, the ideal solution would be for the living room shelves for books.

Interior living room English style - choose the finishing materials

huge role in the design of living plays a literate wall decoration that will not only serve as a backdrop for a luxurious furniture and many accessories, but they themselves are the subject of the English interior.The most common finishing materials are wallpaper, wooden wall panels, the usual paint or decorative plaster.If you stop your choice on the wallpaper, they must be either monophonic (wine, dark red, brick, terracotta or white, beige) or a broad dark stripe (rich green or red).Valid wallpaper heraldic or small floral motifs.Such a wealth of choice is caused by a combination of English-style spirit of Gregorian and Victorian.

characteristic feature of English interior room is the predominance of wood, both in furniture and in decoration.That is why the design of the walls can be safely used oak panels.They will make the room cozy and warm, give it a certain charm.Widespread solution involves a combination of wood paneling with wallpaper or decorative plaster.In this case, a wall finished with a tree to waist level, as wallpaper or plaster - above.Directly under the ceiling walls are decorated with massive cornice or moldings.Another interesting solution is paperhanging in the vertical strip of the lower part of the wall and a single color staining the top.Separates finishes horizontal ornamental frieze.

for floors designers recommend the use of natural oak parquet with pronounced wood fibers or solid wood.It will be the perfect complement luxurious fluffy carpet made of natural wool.It is necessary to choose a product or a neutral color scheme with calm understated pattern.The ceiling can be trimmed by the same oak paneling and decorated with stucco.It allowed its design with carved wooden beams and ceiling painting.

Living in the English style - what should be in it furniture?

When choosing furniture should remember the most important thing: all materials should be natural!It is necessary to immediately eliminate a variety of plastic and synthetics.Natural fabrics, solid dark wood - this should be the English furniture.The most commonly used walnut stained oak and mahogany.Of particular value are carved pieces of furniture that look reserved, but extremely elegant.These products are of high value, but the English style does not allow saving.Moreover, the availability of financial opportunities is to look at the antique models.

room furniture, made in the English style, different sculptural.Its true ornament serve as curved legs, beautiful furniture, gilding, pilasters, cornices, furniture, inlaid.

Speaking of upholstered furniture, it is used as upholstery leather, velvet, chenille, damask.Place it is usually in front of the fireplace and on both sides of it, around the coffee table. traditional subject for the living room in this style is the sofa.One of the most popular models is the so-called "chesterfield". Its appearance has not changed for centuries: massive quilted product with almost the entire surface of the upholstery, trim rounded armrests.As for the secretary, drawers and cabinets, they all have the correct rectangular shape, characterized by self-restraint and the presence of blind facades.

living design in the English style - select and arrange the lighting decor

considerable role in the design of living spaces in the spirit of old England plays decor.Perhaps overdo it with accessories is quite difficult.These are numerous porcelain figurines, antique or made old portraits of numerous relatives, paintings, vases, napkins, etc.Appropriate English interior even small sculptures, which will be nice to blend in with the existing decoration in stucco.If you select a picture, give preference to still lifes, pictures of animals or landscapes.They can be made watercolor or oil.In addition, in the English interior necessarily present a large mirror in the luxurious gilt frame.

decorative and functional are the numerous lamps, table lamps and floor lamps are the main source of light in the room.Most often they are purchased in pairs and are arranged as pairs.Of course, the central ceiling chandelier with numerous crystal pendants, has not been canceled, but the English style of interior design does not tolerate too bright light.Lighting should be soft and diffused.

Thus, to design the interior of the living room in a traditional English style, will have to work hard, but the result is certainly worth it.This design will always relevant, because it is out of time.