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August 12, 2017 18:07

Design a child's room with his own hands - an outline for caring parents

Design a child's room with his hands - the general principles of design

It is very important for the child, from the outset there is no difficulty performing simple actions: a chair let alone sit on it, toys could be taken, and (just as importantly) clean ona shelf or in a drawer, etc.On the other hand, switches, lamps and other items, skills, use of which has not yet been developed, must be out of reach.

Repair and design a child's room is important to think through and to ensure that everything that surrounds its inhabitants, was a strong, clean, allowing easy restore hygiene.Items should be easy to wash and clean.It is important to use natural materials, not only prone to the accumulation of electrostatic charges.This is true even if mulling curtains design for a child's room.And it's not so much the danger of static discharge, but in the ability to store such items attract dust.

This should be considered when planning to do design a child's room.In addition, the interior should be just beautiful.All children enjoy fun, warm, bright and rich color combinations.They should surround the children in the form of pictures, wallpaper, furniture upholstery, all sorts of small things, do not leave without attention and ceiling design in the children's room.By selecting a combination of composite, it is necessary to monitor the reaction of residents to find out whether they like your decision.

Repair and design a child's room - furniture

question should include furniture, simple in form in design but functional and convenient to use.It primarily relates to a couchette.For areas where there lives a few guys, it turns out the most convenient option for their tiered offering.It allows maximum comfort use of the available area.At the same time the length of the bed depends on the age and, for example, for a three-four-year kid enough about one and a half meters.This length will generally be sufficient before school period.

magnificent option that allows maximum use of virtually the entire usable area is design with transformable furniture.It can be completely folding bed or a combination of the sliding base and fold-up top.The convenience of this decision - to facilitate cleaning of the room in compact arrangement of bedding, simple and functional design reliability.

In addition, in the assembled state are Sleeps transformers can serve as a kind of shelves or places the student elements, such as slate.Similar options may include convertible folding tops for the organization of space for doing homework, activities and hobbies, etc.

convenient option is the placement of the bed area and a work desk schoolboy.In this embodiment, a desk with drawers for school supplies, combined in block design with a large bookcase (to its full length) and a wardrobe.

At the top of the block is a comfortable bed with side rails.Get to bed, you can at the Swedish ladder on the side surface of the block.Tidy up the bed comfortable, standing on a solid tabletop.Swedish ladder can be used for morning exercise and physical training.

How to design a child's room for a girl and a boy?

Of course, the room should take into account age, tastes and peculiarities of its inhabitants.Children's room for a girl should be at, zoned opportunities.We should allocate space games and sports, recreation, solitude and reflection.In the latter case, if space permits, an excellent option could be a game lodge, canopy or curtains near a crib.

Simplicity and comfort must be combined with the comfort of psychological perception.It is necessary to take into account the interests of the age change: pictures of Winnie the Pooh with time will be replaced by portraits of idols vocals, etc.It is preferable to use warm colors, forming a wall design in the children's room, as well as furniture, floor coverings, draperies of windows and doorways.

If a very early age a big difference in rooms for girls and boys might not be the interests of the latter gradually begin to imprint on their place of residence.Children's room for boy also must take into account the changes taking place in the consciousness of itself.The painting surface is better to use neutral colors.

It is necessary to provide for the presence of separation of the sleeping area and a place to play with toys and placing them the possibility of self-cleaning.Well, if you enter into the habit of accuracy, it needs to create the appropriate conditions and encourage the desire for order.Indoor sports elements necessary to have a situation, clothes storage space, comfortable places of employment with proper ergonomics and lighting.