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August 12, 2017 18:07

Ideas for a child's room - turn imagination and create

General requirements

children's room design ideas should be implemented so that it reflected the passions and interests of the child.This will make the room not only a place to sleep, but his world, where he will be happy to play for him.When you register you must find a good combination of finishing materials, decorative elements and furniture.The key to success can be considered the following items:

  • use only modern building materials;
  • application of decorative additions that reflect the interests of the child;
  • quality and functional furniture, preferably made to order.

Design a child's room should be created without using a template of ideas, because the child just feels false.This does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money, because you can do a lot of decorative elements of the available tools.

Tip!Use functional furniture that will maximize save useful space in the room.

Ideas for baby girl room

If your family is growing up a girl under the age of twelve years, the design must comply with certain requirements.Firstly, it should be a cozy room with lots of light and spacious enough.Secondly, the room should be warm but not stuffy.In no event should not be a draft.Thirdly, it is necessary to pay attention to environmental cleanliness of finishing materials and furniture.

Tip!With twelve years of age in children begins transition age, so it is recommended to furnish the room, taking into account their wishes and interests.

If a child is very small, the design should be in a minimalist style.This is due to the fact that children's imagination is very violent, so complex and decor elements, he can find a lot of frightening images.For girls, preschool and primary school classes are always topical themes princess castle.Ideas for children's rooms for girls can draw from favorite fairy tales and cartoons.For this purpose we arrange the room in the same style, but so that it differed from the rest of the apartment.Thus, for the child the impression that it is a separate lock, and not part of the apartment.Furniture can make your own or order in the shop, as long as it was original.If this is not possible, you should choose an available furniture bright, unusual colors.

Making rooms for boys

Ideas for the children's room the boy must be concise and restrained, without bows, frills and colorful cushions.It is necessary to educate the boy child in a strong and courageous man.Therefore, a great option would be to install in his room, a sports complex, because it might instill in him a love for the sport since childhood.At a minimum, it will be fun to play on the bar and design is best done in the style of man-caused, for example, in the form of a spaceship or a car.Thus it is necessary to think over all, even small items so that they fit into the general idea.

Color solution do best in cool colors - green, blue, cream, beige.For variety, you can add curtains or ottoman other, more vivid colors.Psychologists do not recommend for the boys to do the room bright as this coloring adversely affects their psyche.Furniture should be selected with a lot of boxes for storing toys.But do not forget that there should be enough space for active play and sports.

Tip!No need to furnish a room boy breakable objects, it is best to supplement her soft toys.