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August 12, 2017 18:07

whether the house has disadvantages with attic ?

house with a loft - design features

If you have not yet laid the foundation, you have already decided that you will have a loft-style home, think right, at what level will be the floors upper floor.The fact that the overlap can be made either by mauerlat or lower.In the second case of the laid floors will need to continue to build a wall to a certain level, for example, on a belt man of medium height, and then later install the truss system.If you have a small wooden house with an attic, the attic room is extremely kind to the stone buildings fit both.

premises location Advantages attic directly under the roof slopes in saving material and time, as there is no need to build on wall.If the overlap is below the eaves and horizontal tightening are located in the middle of the rafters, and serve as the basis for the insulated ceiling space on this floor will be better insulated because pretty little will be in contact with the environment directly through the roof.

The nice single-storey house with an attic

matter how much you may have built a single-storey extensions to the house, the main living quarters are enclosed in the supporting walls, everything else can be assigned the role of part-time or business.However, if seriously extend the useful living space, the loft should be customized to the room.Or, if you are just starting to build, keep in mind that one-story house with a loft to a large extent save money, because you get almost a full second floor, just carefully insulate the roof.

If the attic is scheduled to make the kitchen, provide very good ventilation, because a couple of longer climb to go, it will all settle here in the room.

In addition, if you make the broken gable roof, the house will become more attractive and aesthetic appearance, too, not least the quality of private buildings.Form premises also plays an important role because, without reducing the living space, you can make a lot of built-in cabinets and hinged tables.If the lower floors are heated very well, for heating the attic you can spend less fuel or electricity, because warm air rises.

Dormer House and disadvantages

Despite all the positive aspects of living space under the roof, he has certain disadvantages, which, however, are often dependent on the design of the roof.So, for example, if the rafters are at an angle of 45 degrees, we get a fairly short rafters, but very sloping ceilings.Roof house with sloping roof form have the premises under the roof almost vertical walls, but the cost of this design a little inferior to the full floor.In addition, the increased complexity of the truss chords with bolt.

If installed in a frame structure "birdhouse" type, illumination of the upper rooms of the house with an attic floor is not sufficient, the sloping windows are much more expensive than the usual vertical.However, there is an option to make the window openings in the gables. Compared to a full second floor attic useful area is much smaller, because normally move only on sites where sloping ceiling height of at least 160 centimeters .Another negative factor - the psychological.Experts say that the sloping ceilings cause of human depression, if over it constantly hangs something menacing.