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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose their own iron and profitably


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main task is to choose the iron, choose the desired characteristics, the sole brand and under existing funds.Electroirons overwhelmed with all the electronics stores, so we've provided a list of characteristics for which you should choose iron.

For any household appliances is very important power.Depending on how much power the device, they are better and more efficiently.Modern irons have a power range from 1.2 - 2.4 kW.But it is the most optimal capacity of 1.6 kW, because it allows and perfectly ironed things, but also relatively inexpensive.But if financial problems are not afraid, you can choose a more powerful devices.Iron quickly heated and unprecedented work.

soles Quality

iron surface (sole) - this is something that in the first all pay attention to all buyers irons.It is divided into 3 types: aluminum, steel, ceramic.Other species of modified depending on impurities.

  1. Steel - the best surface for iron, which has both positive and negative sides.Positive - the strength and the impossibility of transformation.Negative - ponderous in comparison with lighter metals, long cold.
  2. aluminum.Positive - Easy and rapid cooling and heating at high power.Negative - scratched and deformed.
  3. Ceramic - a popular type of coverage, as well slides and clean, not scratched.The disadvantage - the high cost.

best glide is provided a ceramic coating and steel and aluminum are somewhat behind in this indicator.Try.


Before you select an iron, remember the need for steam ironing delicate and sensitive tissues.Almost all the irons on the market today have a steam generator.For normal operation, and the formation of vapor poured 250-350 ml of water.For a couple to be more than 100 holes, while the iron is effective and perfectly smoothes even the most finicky fabric.

additional functions can be vertical steam, allowing iron coat hanger.Turbopar strokes dense tissue and thin silk blouses.

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protection from scale

Often steam irons are protected from scale and paroobraschenie as a necessary function, if out of tune, can lead to complete failure of the device.Water should pour distilled or boiled.

an array of amenities in the work with the device can give the little things, such as the ability to iron grooved soles distance between buttons.It is also of sufficient size unit cord can be a nice quality when the outlet is far away from the ironing board.

Auto Power Off, when the temperature drops and overheating - beneficial quality for those who sin forgetfulness.

Cheap and expensive irons are equally warm, depending on the set temperature characteristics.One has only to select the desired mode for the desired tissue.

fragile girl can not work with a heavy iron, without straining.It is necessary to choose the quality, and moving the model for the small weight.

reviews about brands

most common company irons manufacturers: «Tefal», «Rowenta», «Braun», «Philips», «Bosh», «Vitek».Most users will notice reliability and excellent quality of the first 5 companies, but about «Vitek» say, that will fall apart after a month of purchase and operation.

useful advice on how to choose the iron is better to buy an expensive model of the device, and enjoy quality than cheap and in a month to buy a new device.Permanent repair equipment and clothes you also do not need.However, the most vysokostoyaschie device is not always necessary to choose: sometimes for the same function have to pay more because of the well-known manufacturer or a large-scale advertising campaign.

That completes, and you should go to the store and choose their ideal, and so perfectly stroked, and cost as much as you can afford.