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August 12, 2017 18:08

Expanding cement for difficult situations

mechanism of action of the expanding cement

This kind of foam, but some other purpose.The industry is called self-expanding cement binder.Moreover, it is noted that the expansion takes place within a moderate and has a very positive impact on the structure that uses this type of construction material.

Expanding cement mixture can occur under the influence of internal processes following plan:

    1. by education in the process of clearing a plurality of bubbles within the mixture, subsequently affecting its volume;
    2. by forming within the crystal lattice of chemical substances ettringite.

These are two most frequently used techniques in the manufacture of the binder.

In some cases, using such cement and why?

Cement gipsoglinozemisty expanding widely used in the construction.It is made by mixing two components.The basis for this material is the calcium aluminate cement, which is added in the production of the required amount of gypsum.

by mixing the above two components, a mixture that could be expanded upon solidification, and successfully used it in the construction needs.

distinctive feature of this type of cement is considered to be the ability to maintain the volume, as well as not to give a certain percentage of shrinkage after the final drying used mixture.

expanding cement is very successfully used in the construction of buildings in need extremely humid places.This mixture works are performed to equalize erected brick or concrete boxes, with her expressions are waterproof and energy-saving properties, as a result of the capital elimination of cracks and cavities due to the expansion of the drying mass, used in the work.

Whereas GOST, cement gipsoglinozemisty widening can be used in low temperature conditions.Due to what can be fully sure of unsurpassed stated qualities that have this material.

Features of behavior gypsum-alumina cement

Among the indisputable advantages that lead to stop the choice on this form of cement, its ability to rank as not to lose their properties during frequent and abrupt change in ambient temperature.Because of this it is widely used in the construction of winter period both residential and industrial buildings.

fabric structure not lose elastic properties, can not stop the work in the cold below 25 degrees Celsius.But do not forget about small disadvantages.To the negative, if I may say so, the loss of quality applies properties at high humidity in the compartment air temperature exceeding the mark of 35 degrees Celsius.

This should be considered if you want to finish knowingly damp premises in the summer.It is best to transfer the work in this area to a cooler time of the year, and then nothing will prevent the machined surface of the mixture.

gipsoglinozemisty Cement expanding, technical characteristics shown above, is a popular building material concrete industry.And is used as an industrial scale, and for private construction and decoration, in need of consolidation and acquisition of water-repellent properties.