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August 12, 2017 18:08

Non-woven wallpaper harmful or not - how to know when buying ?

Non-woven wallpaper and harm

First of all, you need to understand - what is the interlining.As is evident from the literature, the basis of this material is paper or cellulose.Passing a specific process, the natural foundation acquires new properties.The most important of them - the strength and inability to deform (shrink or expand).

thus obtained base has been widely used in many areas of our lives.Nonwoven surrounds us on all sides:

  • it is used in clothing manufacture, not only as a backing material, such as for embroidery but also as a major, especially where the need to ensure impermeability surface;
  • it is widely used in the printing and promotional products - both binding material and the basis for the banners;
  • there was a place for him in the trade - this is an excellent packaging and engineering - all kinds of gaskets, linings;
  • and, of course, it is popular among the finishing materials.

far, relying solely on these facts, we can say that the non-woven wallpaper and harmful - not close concepts.

harm non-woven wallpaper - a myth or truth?

Whence came the view of the harm non-woven wallpaper?There is a way that the non-woven wallpaper are very different.It may be single-layer and multi-layer velvet coat, including various fillers, such as sawdust or spraying - paintable wallpaper.A variety of these materials is so great that even the transfer of all types will take a long time.It is understood that they differ not only the composition but also cost.

So, manufacturers of high-quality, high value coatings confirmed argue that these non-woven wallpaper on the basis of harm are not.A dangerous a cheap knockoff in which the upper layer is replaced with a vinyl coating.It is this layer and can be dangerous to human health.

In addition, many people are very sensitive to the adhesive, unknowingly referring to the action of his allergy wallpaper or fumes.Therefore, we must reverently refers not only to the purchase of wallpaper, and adhesive.Recommended for the selected type of adhesive stamps cover is usually specified in the instructions for use, there is written and minimum drying time non-woven wallpaper that is needed for the evaporation of hazardous substances.Giving preference to high-quality materials, it is advisable to buy the glue that recommended by the manufacturer and follow different rules, and not skimp on the details.

So, how do you know - if non-woven wallpaper harmful?

As you can see, give a definite answer - whether harmful non-woven wallpaper - is not easy.High-quality and expensive - not a cheap and suspicious - may be hazardous to your health.However, there is a simple and proven way to ensure safety materials.If you do not know the manufacturer and you can not fully trust him - ask the seller the hygienic conclusions and certificates of conformity to the selected view pokrtytiya.But first, learn to distinguish the real from the fake certificate.

The document, which defines hazardous material shipment always indicate his name, this data must be fully consistent with the information on the label.In addition, the legitimacy of certifying a document confirming only wet print - photocopies are not document!

Let's learn to relate more closely to the process of selection and purchase of goods, and then about its harm questions will disappear by themselves!