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August 12, 2017 18:08

What better mineral wool - the selection of a suitable type of heater

What better raw material for the manufacture of mineral wool?

«The purer and more noble raw materials, the better, healthy and beneficial mineral wool» - that's how the rule should be guided by the potential buyer of the building material.Not always the manufacturer brings to its customers the whole truth about the nature of the origin of his "child", masking the information under the strange markings.And it works, customers gladly buy cheapest form of mineral wool, is not bothered about his "pedigree".

Note that an insulator is celebrated by the people:

  • stone;
  • slag;
  • glass.

In the first case of its production is used rocks stone dolomite, limestone, diabase, basalt and mineral wool, etc. What is better for the internal and external insulation of the house.?The answer is simple - basalt insulator which differs the most powerful set of useful features.It was he who withstands temperatures up to +1000 ° C, has a long elastic fibers and record low thermal conductivity.Stone "brothers" from other types of raw materials are far behind him all the important characteristics.

Slag types of mineral wool made from the waste products of nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy.From iron ore "sucked" all useful, but nobody wanted precipitate went for recycling.This results in a technical view of mineral wool suitable for the insulation of industrial designs.He did not place in a residential home, because under the influence of high temperature insulation emits harmful gases for the human body.

Glass wool - a material that occupies the average gap between the stone and slag mineral wool.Not as bad as the last one, but not such a useful and "fluffy", as the first.Produce glass wool from molten glass leaves that still "thorn", which should work in protective clothing and a mask.Use it mostly for insulation business non-residential premises and technical equipment.

In what form is used in the construction of mineral wool?

mineral wool - the insulation is not cheap.In order to make rational use of the expensive material, the manufacturers provide customers with a large range of different products under a modified construction needs.

material is compressed into:

  • rolls. It is a soft fluffy "carpet" to isolate vertical and horizontal work surfaces.It can not work under load, they fill the gap engineering building structure, providing overpressure material as a thick sheathing.
  • Soft mats (slabs). is a thick rectangular pieces of material, well retain their original shape.This elastic product, whose main task is to keep strictly "self-control" and not to sag under its own weight in the support cells.Use mats mainly for the insulation of roofs.
  • Hard and semi-mats (slabs). These types of mineral wool are able to retain their shape even under load.Usually after installing the insulator is the next layer of finish, which rests on his "body."Hard mats "tolerated" loading up to 12 kN / m2, and the semi - up to 5 kN / m2.Use them often plaster facade.

seen from the classification, mineral wool which should be selected for different decorating.But that is not all.There are hybrid forms of this material are designed for specific purposes.

What is mineral wool selected in particularly difficult cases?When

of insulation require additional useful features, developers are more complicate its structure, achieving an ideal performance at work.

This class of products includes:

  • foil mineral wool;
  • with windproof membrane;
  • with isolating diaphragm;
  • different-density in its structure.

Foil type of material used for insulation of steam in the sauna and hot pipes, the second and third views of the insulator working at the fast finish of the roof and walls of the house.But the latest hybrid specifically designed for the protection of ventilated facades.

decide which mineral wool is better, it should be strictly based on their needs.Hybrid types benefit of its ease of installation, which does not need to provide technical slots for normal "breathing" of the insulator.But, remember, for convenience have to pay solid, so an objective approach to the issue of the appropriateness of such costs.