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August 12, 2017 18:05

What material is better - chipboard or MDF ?Consider the pros and cons

furniture items are designed for many years of use, so the type of material from which they are made - one of the main criteria in assessing the appropriateness of their purchase.It is clear that there are many nuances that affect the service life of products - accuracy owners, environmental conditions (temperature, humidity in the room), and a number of other factors.To understand what kind of furniture will turn out better, you need to understand what the chipboard and MDF, and what properties they are characterized.Then each of us can make the best choice, in accordance with the circumstances.

Features chipboard

This abbreviation stands for "plate chipboard» laminated.At its core - the compressed sawdust and shavings, which are held together by means of formaldehyde resins.On sale there are products from different manufacturers, but certainly three-layer quality products.In the center - the raw material with larger fractions, and for the outer layers used ones.

particleboard used for furniture, subject to surface finish.For the chipboard is made by a film (paper + melamine resin).This coating is pressed into the base, so the samples differ from conventional chipboard high strength and moisture resistance.


What to consider

  • All DSP are divided into classes.« E1 » different minimum content of formaldehyde.Therefore, when choosing furniture for residential premises (especially for children's rooms, bedrooms) must always specify this option on the accompanying documentation (the certificate).Class « E2 » if the purchase and then only for barns, since such products are more "harmful".Samples « E3 » it is forbidden to use inside buildings, as part of their share of malicious resin reaches 30%.
  • Given the structure of particle board, it is clear that the high strength, especially on the break, they do not differ.Permanent disassembly / assembly or drag furniture from one place leads to a rapid deterioration of the material in the nest locations for the fasteners.
  • At high temperatures (such as in the area of ​​the oven location) finish may peel and warp.Bring it in original form will not succeed.It is worth to pay attention to the manufacture of kitchen units.


Features MDF

This fibreboard.Characterized in that in its manufacture use the fines, which are subjected to special treatment.These products are not only higher density and weight.Compared to the emission of harmful chipboard fumes practically absent.In fact, this is an intermediate option between solid wood and particle board.What


Choice MDF colors substantially restricted.


unequivocal answer to the question "What is better, chipboard or MDF" will not give any one person.It should be guided by the following factors.

  • dsp81 Operating conditions - the expected load, humidity, possible thermal effect, the appearance of furniture. But if there is a choice, then the use of chipboard in living areas should be abandoned .
  • cost - everyone chooses, in accordance with financial possibilities.Approximate price chipboard (depending on thickness) from 120 to 340 rubles / m²;MDF more expensive - from 155 to 415 rubles / sqm.This is the best budget options specimens, because the cost depends on the surface finish, color schemes and a number of factors.But the general idea of ​​the price range of these numbers are given.

The thinking reader will have realized that it is necessary, as elsewhere, to seek for themselves "middle ground".What to take into account is set forth quite clearly.