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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to get rid of ants in the house - all effective means

Ants "reputation" is undoubtedly better than the cockroaches, flies, bedbugs and other household insects.That is, they are often cited as an example, as an example of hard work, perseverance and coherence.But those who are faced with these representatives of the animal world in my house, you know that getting rid of ants the most difficult.

Chemistry guard

means - raptor - by - ant most effective and easiest way to get rid of ants - the use of special chemicals.Great job with this task Raptor, Regent, Chops and widely known Masha.Due sprays are good because they can be sprayed directly on the ant hill or in hard-to-staining small place (in the cabinets, inside false ceilings).Small, or gel is carried out along the line of ant tracks and draws a continuous loop around the room.By using specialized tools you need to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions and then ventilate the room.

Folk remedies

In the house where there are small children or pets, the use of chemical weapons destruction ants undesirable.Although many manufacturers and talk about their security, the need to use gloves when handling or preparing baits, put these statements into question.Come to the aid "granny" methods.

  • Ants can not tolerate strong odors.Garlic, citrus peel and clove umbrellas, a handful of turmeric and cinnamon, spread out along the tracks in places where insects, deter ants.You can use essential oils, carrying cotton swab border near the places of storage products.The tool is completely safe, but it works for long - as long as not erode the smell.
  • Soap kills ants and washes away traces of chemicals, for which they are oriented.It's enough to sprinkle a solution of 1 teaspoon liquid soap or any detergent in half a liter of water.
  • Earlier in the villages of jars of honey and other containers with attracting ants, smeared on the edge of unrefined vegetable oil.Insects could not overcome this barrier.
  • Boric acid is a poison for ants.With it you can not only scare away the insects, but also get rid of all the animals that live in an anthill.The bag of boric acid (sold in pharmacies and weighs 10 g), a teaspoon of sugar or honey, egg yolk of a hard-boiled egg mixed together.Weight decomposed small heaps in areas where spotted clusters of insects.Ants eat poison themselves and carry it to the nest, and after 10-15 days of your house will be clean.
  • If you are afraid to use boric acid because of children or animals, scatter along the ant trails crude corn flour or semolina.Once in the stomach of the insect, they are very swell and cause his death.


Clean - the guarantee of peace

No chemical or folk remedy does not help you get rid of ants on the floor if the crumbs in the sink - water, and on the table - dishes with food leftovers.If ants absolutely nothing to "profit" in your home, they will leave themselves.Therefore, carefully watch for cleanliness, store cereals and sugar jars or containers and sweets - in sealed containers, repair the mixer and do not allow water to drip into the sink.

61 Important in combat with ants, not to allow that turned out to be an anthill in your home.If you notice that the number of insects has increased dramatically, it may indicate that you have lodged a separate colony.Make sure the path and the main places where ants.To do this, you may need to move the kitchen furniture, disassemble plasterboard boxes.If you find a nest, to get rid of ants is easy.

Anthill, located in a remote place, you can pour gasoline or diesel fuel (just 30-50 ml per anthill).Ants at this point will no longer appear years.

All methods of dealing with the ants will be effective only if your apartment or house - a place where they are looking for food or live.If through your "territory" held their path to another location, then completely withdraw the ants will not work.Even if you completely cover the entire floor chemicals - they will be held for the plinth, inside ventilation or suspended ceiling.We can only be patient, maintain cleanliness and hope that over time, the ants will find a more convenient and shortest route.