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August 12, 2017 18:05

Create a unique interior of your living room in a modern style - the ideas and rules

Speaking of the interior of any premises (not just the living room) in a modern style, it should be understood that this definition did not accurately reflect the essence of the "process", since it is only a generalized name.The fact that many directions are considered in the design of new, modern.For example, the "modern", "loft", "art deco" and some others.They all have specific differences and attractive in its own way.

In "pure" form, each of the designated style suited only to a narrow group of people, as they are focused primarily on the specifics of residence, type of activity of the host, and the like.That is, each different from the other strong personality.Naturally, for the bulk of "square meters" the owners of the realization of all their features in full, to put it mildly, does not quite fit.

interior style, which is called "modern", is a kind of mixture of the most successful parts of receptions, the designers borrowed from all the others.What to use in their home, and from what is to refuse - it all depends on family composition, lifestyle and personal preferences of its owners.

So it makes sense to stay only on the basic principles of design in a modern living room, as any "tips" may be only advisory in nature.

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idea of ​​"minimalism»

This approach should dominate in all things, no matter what it came to - furniture, appliances, accessories and surface finishing.In short, a reasonable combination of elegance and modesty.

Therefore, all that is necessary in everyday life, but in terms of design seems odd, "hiding" from the visual review.

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Modern materials

This primarily refers to the piece of furniture and wall products.Preference is given to plastic, metal (preferably with chromed) glass.Wallpaper - not the traditional paper and photography, raised, "liquid", that is, those kinds of articles that have appeared on the market relatively recently.

As for wood - only valuable species or its successful imitation (panels, boards).

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If you follow the modern style, it is better to abandon bulky cabinets, large-sized walls.For the living room rather small roller coaster, a modest coffee table, sofa-bed, a glass (or plastic) cabinets for the equipment (video, audio, TV).

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Floors Carpets and rugs in a modern style are not used.The main options - parquet or laminate (light colors).

Windows Old wooden frame should be replaced with panes of plastic blocks.If possible, you should extend a few openings, thereby increasing the lighting of the room.

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several variants - glossy stretch, multi-level, false.Good will look carefully matched moldings (you can try to do it yourself).

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It should be viewed in all - in a combination of forms interior, colors and shades.For example, the interior of the sofa should not be too bright.The same applies to wallpaper (wall panels).

modern style is the correct geometry.Any of broken lines, and the like.The basis of design - rectangles, squares and circles.Various "whorl" excess elements ornament will make a dissonance in the perception of the interior.Even different images, pictures, figurines - only the minimum.


to the living room, preferably the predominance of gray and white with a bit of black and even brown.Their bad "dilute" the silver metallic, gray shade.However, it is necessary to adhere to a reasonable level (know when to stop).

design in general should act reassuringly human, should be avoided explicit "skew" in the direction of only one color.Otherwise, such a living will seem more than sad.But in order to set off, to allocate a certain area or object (light, stone worktops, panels, blinds, etc.), make good use of blue, yellow, red and shades.

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Naturally, the lighting should also be modern.To illuminate the individual living areas are ideal LED strip.

If the room ceilings, it is advisable to consider the question of the installation of lamps "point" type.

So, to sum up the results ...

What characterizes the modern style?

  • versatility of all subjects.
  • small-sized elements of the interior.
  • Tone on tone finishes.
  • predominance of new materials (glass, chromed, plastic).
  • glossy shades, proper selection of colors.
  • Smooth surface, no breaks (sharp bends).
  • Simplicity combined with elegance.

for small apartments as an add-on (due to constraint of space) make good use of techniques used for decoration of rooms, studios.About all the nuances of the design solution written in detail here.

reader already realized that a lot depends on your own imagination and material opportunities.But the main "schools of thought" are already given.It remains only to implement all the ideas into practice.