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Стройматериалы для дома

August 12, 2017 18:06

What wallpaper to choose the best for the kitchen - traditional , contemporary and unusual options

wallpaper on the kitchen walls give the room warmth and comfort.An incredible variety of colors, patterns and designs allows to choose the wallpaper for the kitchen of any style - from the usual modern to classic.


As for other rooms with high humidity, for the kitchen is better to stay on the water-resistant wallpaper, for example, vinyl or non-woven, stick them with an appropriate adhesive.An additional advantage of vinyl wallpaper that they can be washed.Little pollution, the inevitable for any kitchen, is easily removed from the surface with a damp microfibre cloth or a soft sponge.In addition, vinyl wallpaper paste is easy, they are not stretched and not torn like paper, and serve - for a long time.

wallpaper - for - kitchen - 3

wallpaper based on a linen cloth, banana leaves, grass and other natural materials with a laminated surface is also easy to clean and do not require perfect alignment of the walls before applying.They are able to bring a bit of nature to any kitchen, but are expensive, and pasting them rather complicated process.

Small dirt conceals the structure of wallpaper, like a cork, the smallest cell or corrugated surface.Also good for this purpose is not too bright wallpaper, multi-colored or with a small figure.

style and color

Set wallpaper, above all, should be based on the general style of cuisine, and, in particular, the kitchen units, as the most expensive and massive parts.Color wallpaper should not argue with the texture of the facades of kitchen furniture.For plain facades or dim tree structure fit almost any wallpaper for facades with expressive drawing, like Zeb, better to stay at a moderate figures wallpaper.Kitchen in classical style suit wallpaper calm tones, with floral patterns and delicate patterns.

The kitchens in a modern style can show imagination and choose wallpaper with an expressive pattern, for example in bright stripes, with large geometric patterns or with an unusual texture that will give it more relevance.

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Another important factor influencing the choice of wallpaper - the location of the kitchen, its area and lighting.Kitchen with windows facing to the west, it is better to choose wallpaper with warm colors: yellow, orange, light green, - to create a sense of fullness in the morning sunlight.The small kitchen is better to paste over bright wallpaper, monochromatic, or with small geometric or floral patterns.

If your kitchen is open plan, and it is part of the hall or corridor, make sure to it that the wallpaper in both rooms combined.This does not mean that they should be the same color or pattern, but the colors should harmonize with each other.If one area of ​​wallpaper large and expressive drawing, the other is better to stay on the plain wallpaper or unobtrusive pattern.

wallpaper - for - food

Unusual solutions

Wallpaper in retro style at the peak of popularity.They are ideally suited for the kitchen.It can and floral patterns, and household items, and scenes from the life, and the pieces of scenery.The interior of the kitchen is better to maintain a pattern of decoration items, such as an interesting lamp, like a kerosene lamp, or old family photos in vintage frame.

interesting solution for the kitchen - the wallpaper in the spirit of the quilt.You can search the store ready-made solutions, but you can show imagination and combine different pieces of the rolls themselves.Wallpaper should be of the same material, similar in texture but with a different pattern.You can combine wallpaper with stripes, flowers, ornamental or narrative patterns, it is best to pieces of wallpaper were kept in the same color palette or color were 1-2 overall.Not necessarily hang wallpaper in the kitchen this technique, just select one wall or part of it, for example at the dinner table, and the other walls are covered with self-colored wallpaper.

allow more daring experiments can paste over a bright color or wallpaper with a large figure only one wall of the kitchen.Support should be a bright color accessories, such as a vase on the dining table or textiles.