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August 12, 2017 18:05

Instructions for filling self-leveling floor with their hands

should explain first what is meant by "self-leveling" self-leveling floor for what it is.Such floors are made with special construction mixtures, which have the property to easily flow along the surface on which they are applied.The result is a smooth surface, which coincides perfectly with the horizon.

For what it is necessary, it is clear to everyone who is involved in the construction or renovation, especially floors.If the floor is uneven, then laid tile becomes a problem.It is necessary to ensure the evenness of additional portions of the adhesive mixture.And how long will last a linoleum, carpet, etc., if the floors are not pre-align?Not to mention the general form of the room.It will take a long time to using the adjustable feet to level all the furniture.In addition, self-leveling flooring, which is quite possible to make your own hands, and have a number of other advantages.

Advantages of self-leveling floors

  • simplicity works;
  • frost;
  • increase concrete screed life;
  • plasticity;
  • environmental "security".

All mixes for such floors have either cement or gypsum-based, although the first is used more often.Besides them, it is composed of fillers and special additives (lime, silica sand).Their number and ratio affect certain quality ready mix: impermeability, adhesion, flow, etc.

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Any construction or repair work begins with training.In this case - the preparation of the floor surface.Therefore, we must:

  1. Thoroughly clean the entire floor surface.If it has been some coverage, it is completely removed.There must be only concrete screed;
  2. need to sweep the floor, and then wash.It is necessary to see not only available in the screed potholes and chipped, but the cracks.All defective locations must be carefully repaired.Use of any building material: concrete mortar, cement, mastic and grout different.It should be visually and using a spirit level to check the evenness of the surface, the presence of "differences" heights in some places, its "horizontal".If necessary, the floor should be as much as possible to align.It is understood that the flat, horizontal concrete screed, the smaller the volume of the mixture is needed for the final floor finish.Mixtures self-leveling floors are more expensive than the same cement.Therefore, you must first make a "rough" alignment;
  3. After cleaning and complete drying of the surface of the floor is primed.This improves the reliability of coupling mixture with the floor surface.

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Application of self-leveling mixture

  • As already mentioned, the mixture may vary as a foundation, as well as additives and excipients.Therefore, the preparation of the composition for use should be carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.However, there are common points that you need to know:
  • usually the mixture begins to dry out after half an hour after dilution with water the composition.Therefore, the preparation of the mixture should be done immediately before the start of work on its installation.It is understood that the floor surface is completely prepared.
  • for normal curing composition requires a certain temperature.Work with the mixture can be carried out only if the room temperature is above 10 degrees.It should not fall below during drying self-leveling floor.If necessary, it is necessary to provide for additional space heating.
  • mixture is applied to the surface with a spatula.If it is not supplied together with the dry mix, then you need to buy it.At the same time large areas of the coating composition in part, for easy leveling of the surface.You also need to take into account the "setting" time.Therefore, the mixture of plant parts better too, is based on a section of the floor.
  • producers inform that on the finished surface can already walk a few hours.However, practice shows that the reliability of the floor should be kept for two - three days.

should be borne in mind that the self-leveling compounds are of two main types: coarse alignment and "finish."The first type should be used if the top will overlap other kind of coating: tiles, parquet, laminates, etc.Including the "finish" layer.This second type of mixture is applied to the top surface and is fully finished floor.Finishing coat can be coated with paint, varnish, etc.

Council.Depending on the specific conditions in the room needs to be selected, and the most suitable composition of the mixture.It is better to get the necessary consultation from the seller than "assume" most.Still, it should be remembered that a mixture based on cement can be used in any room, while the mixture on the basis of plaster are only suitable for dry areas where there is high humidity.Therefore, in the bathroom, shower, kitchen, they should not be used.