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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rimless toilet : hanging and floor , with microlift , reviews , Vitra, Toto, Roca

rimless toilet
  • little history
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Principle
  • Types
    • Pendant (with installation)
    • Floor
  • Brands and models
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation
  • Reviews

plumbing manufacturers are constantly improving their products and create new products, different hygienic, economical and attractive views.One of them may be called toilet rimless, i.e. without the product of the rim.Externally similar to the toilet is similar to any standard, but on closer inspection it becomes clear design that rimless bowl-a very different device that causes its advantage over models with the rim.

toilet rimless
rimless toilet

little history

Rimless-toilets have become available to buyers recently.The first models of toilets without rim were created by the Japanese in 2002.They were developed by Toto.One of the first European manufacturers rimless models is a British brand Twyford Bathrooms.In 2007 the company started producing toilet seats without rim for medical use, and in 2012 she created and patented Rimfree technology used nowadays brand Keramag.

Since 2014 rimless model toilets came in wide sale and presented today a variety of brands, among which are called RAK Ceramics, Duravit, VitrA, Roca, Sersanit, Laufen, Gustavsberg.

modern rimless toilet


  • without toilet rim is considered highly hygienic device, because there are no hidden areas and hard to clean up the place, so on the surface of the dirt is not delayed and not breed bacteria.
  • have rimless toilet neat and aesthetic appearance.
  • for such toilet is very easy to care for, even without common handling chemicals.To maintain the purity of the rimless bowl, just enough to wipe his bowl with wet towels or a soft cloth.
rimless divider
care rimless toilet
  • rarer processing household chemistry helps save on cleaning products and reduce the pollution of nature but also prolongs the toilet service.
  • toilet lacking the rim, can be called economical model, since water is consumed in smaller amounts.Drain in a rimless-models has a volume of just 2.4 liters, while consumption in the standard toilet is 4-6 liters per flush.
  • cost of this toilet is not very different from the prices of the standard model.
  • Suspended models with built-in wall cistern differ by less noisy work.
benefits rimless toilet
rimless toilet with lifter
the discharge of water in the toilet rimless

This video presents all the advantages of rimless toilet on the example of Gustavsberg device:


As such, significantdeficiencies in rimless models do not, so consider minuses of such toilets are just some flaws in certain brands.For example, some models can be presented with too much or have unsuitable size cup depth, while others may act disadvantage of inadequate staffing.

rimless bowl large
rimless toilet in the interior of a bathroom
rimless bowl with vertical drain


Models without rim differ primarily in the structure of most of the bowl.If you cut the standard toilet bowl, you will see a U-like cross section, and under which gather dirt.In rimless models no such problem, because he is no bezel.Thus, some manufacturers on the surface has a small recess, whereas the other wall is completely smooth.

device without toilet rim
drain device - rimless toilet

Because the bowl rimless bowl is no ceramic peripheral part, preventing leakage of water at the sink, the main task of the developers of this sanitary unit was to provide high-quality washing without water outlet outsidebowl.For this purpose, various technologies have been developed.One of them is Rimfree technology provides for a special patented devices that share the water.Another Tornado Flush technology used brand Toto, is leaking water from the 3 holes with the creation of a vortex.

comparison of normal toilets with rimless device
benefits - rimless toilet

More details about Rimfree technology and other advantages of rimless uniitaza you learn by watching this video:

Rimfree technology.


Pendant (with installation)

Installation of such models without toilet rim is performed using the installation.Experiences of the users of the unreliability of such options toilet groundless, since the mounting element in a suspended rimless toilet can withstand up to 500 kg.

tank in such toilets built into the wall, but the risk of leakage is minimal due to the absence of seams and the availability of the emergency overflow system.On the mechanism of the tank manufacturer gives 10-year warranty, and replace it easily through the flush button.

Hanging rimless bowl with lid
Hanging rimless toilet


This model rimless bowl is mounted with a support on the floor.Floor-rimless bowl is a faience and porcelain.His frequent additions are the cover-or bidet seat-lifter.

Installation rimless toilet on the floor
Outdoor rimless toilet
squat toilet in orange

Brands and models

most well-known manufacturers without toilet rim are such companies:

  • VitrA.The company offers products for bath and sanitary devices for decades.It has developed Rim-Ex flushing system, which is used in medical institutions, and other public places.Toilets of this manufacturer are distinguished by an additional compartment, to which is added a cleaning agent (when it is drained out with the bath water).
  • TOTO.Rimless bowls of this manufacturer have a system of draining Tornado Flash 2-3 with streams of water.Also products of this brand has a program for the destruction of bacteria and a motion sensor.
  • Roca.This company operates in the field of sanitary ware production in 1929.Toilets of the brand is often installed in the well-known hotels.Popular model GAP A346477000 this producer is suspended multifunction toilet with dimensions 30h34h54 see.
rimless toilet VitrA
TOTO toilet - rimless

Tips for Choosing

first determine the placement of the toilet, by selecting either flooror wall-mounted.Consider the features of the water supply to the tank of the device, as well as the size of your bathroom.

considered the products of different manufacturers and reviews of people who have already installed the toilet bowl without rim at home, decide the model of sanitary ware.At the same time, consider finishing his bath and color other plumbing fixtures.

Finally, find out about the presence of additional functions in the selected toilet.If desired, you can choose the product with the lifter (the seat of the toilet will sink slowly) or bidet lid (this model will provide additional hygiene after using).

tips for choosing the rimless bowl
choice of rimless toilet models
rimless toilet complete with bidet


Features installation of a particular type of rimless bowl will be determined by the parameters of the model.Communication to this toilet can be supplied or to be hidden in plain sight.It is important to verify the tightness of connections and hoses to prevent possible water leakage.

installation hinged - rimless toilet
rimless mounting suspended toilet scheme


Buyers rimless-toilets usually are satisfied with such equipment.They confirm that the rimless models in addition to an attractive appearance has such important benefits as ease of care and long-term maintenance of cleanliness.Almost all say that behind the toilet rim without care easier, and costs of water and chemicals for cleaning the toilet bowl are significantly reduced.

ease of maintenance and operation of the rimless - toilets