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August 12, 2017 18:06

Grounding bath .Laying of cables and installation of their own hands

grounded bath
  • Necessity bath ground
    • cast iron
    • Acrylic
    • Hot
  • Laying cable and a separate installation

conduct in the house grounding in general did not have in the old days, but notnow.For the bathroom, this question is more relevant, as the water - it is a good conductor of electricity.Sometimes there is that touching the electrical items: washing machine, dryer and other, you feel tingling in the fingertips?Here is another proof of how necessary grounding.Organize bath ground can be yourself.

Wires bath ground

necessity of grounding bath

Let's start with the basics.What is called the ground?This protection, which takes current from the electrical device body and takes him to the ground.Quite a number of devices equipped with metal grooves, designed specifically for grounding.

Why is it necessary to ground the bath?'s simple.The water is perfectly conducting, and therefore, in the bathroom is always a potential risk interfere with the action of electricity.And given that many metallic pipes and various products in combination with increased humidity in the bathroom, is required to ensure proper grounding in order to prevent accidents.

Petal bath ground

All that is made of metal, but does not apply to electricity: battery, pipes, bath and others can play a cruel joke with the fuse.Once the bath ground was carried out by connecting it with the riser: sewer or water.But now, this method can not be used!If suddenly your neighbors downstairs will want to replace the metal standpipe on the plastic, the ground effect is lost.Plus, the capacitor area at times will increase, which leads to even more serious consequences.

Grounding and pipes

cast iron

Ground bath of cast iron is quite simple.Connect to its earthing can be due to eye with a hole, which the manufacturer has already pre-set in the bath.In this ear - the so-called lobe - installed bolt, washers and nuts.And it is already possible to connect the ground wire.With Soviet-style cast-iron baths everything is more complicated.There's no petals, and it will have to establish their own. Asked whether it is possible to connect the ground wire in this case, to the legs, is a categorical answer - "no." between itself and the bathroom of her legs no corresponding contact.

Ground cast-iron baths

But to solve the problem with the ground can be the other way:

  • where attached to the tub legs, there is a small shoots coming from the bath bowl.They are intended for wedging legs.Their surface is free lets you do them in a drill hole of up to 1 cm in depth;
  • in this hole is tapping into which can be screwed bolts with nuts and washers.In this case, you will provide a good ground contact of the bath bowl;
  • nothing prevents the use of baths and wings, in which you can safely drill the hole to a depth of 0.5 cm. However, the length of the screw here already have to think about.
Option cast iron bath ground
Grounding bath of cast iron


it necessary to ground the acrylic bathtub?

Acrylic bathtubs gain more popularity as the price are quite reasonable, but they are light in weight and are set quite prosto.V basis of such baths is, as has been clear acrylic.It is a polymer, and all polymers are a class of dielectric.In other words, acrylic alone can not conduct an electric current.

But ground acrylic bathtub you still need at least for these reasons:

  • Baths of acrylic can be made by two methods: injection and extrusion.Bathtubs manufactured by the second method, keep bad shape.For this reason, the manufacturer shall establish such a bath on steel frames.A steel - it is a metal that conducts current.So, have a bath ground.
  • If the bath has a bowl with a large area, then over time it will accumulate a decent electric charge.To this phenomenon has not occurred, it is easier to ground the bath.
Grounding acrylic baths


Whirlpool function from the electrical outlet.Their operating voltage is generally 220 V, and the frequency - 50 Hz. To use hot tubs without grounding can not be at all, since there is a very high risk of being subjected to an electric current.

Ground hot tub

When grounding jacuzzi to consider a number of important points:

  • Just like ground hot tub is impossible.First the special socket with earthing.For it used a single connector and cable with double insulation.Plug, in fact, it acts as a grounding device.Because of him, the water will not appear on the surface of the socket.This avoids the situation of a short circuit, and the socket is also called waterproof.
  • The PE socket should be installed on the wall, and not less than 30 cm in height from the floor and at least two feet from the boards jacuzzi.If you follow these guidelines, the water will not be able to basically get into a power outlet.To sum it must be a double insulated wire.
  • If you are installing not just a jacuzzi, and other electrical equipment (boiler, washing machine and so on. D.), In order to avoid power surges put the machine with a load of up to 16 A, and the residual current device.Installing them should be outside the bathroom - in the hallway or another room.
  • In no case do not use the Jacuzzi, if you are not equipped with moisture proof socket.Ground hot tub through the water pipes, sewerage or heating is also strictly prohibited.We can not allow the maintenance working jacuzzi, and even more so to use it with faults in the ground.

cable laying and installation of independent

order to perform the ground, you need to select the appropriate cable. He should be selected in accordance with the following characteristics:

  • cable must have the necessary rigidity and have a cross section area of ​​6 square;
  • in wire should be yellow-green insulation, made of PVC material;
  • cable length must be selected individually.It is preferable to choose a wire 2 m, but bear in mind that excessively long cable will cause a breakthrough;
  • is also important aesthetic moment.It is unlikely that you will like it, if the wires are in plain sight.Hide them behind panels or screen or swipe on the side of the bath, which is virtually invisible;
  • to save, usually as a grounding electrode take steel, but steel, encased in a copper shell, or simply copper have higher performance indicators.
Set ground

bath Grounding can be carried out according to some general rules:

  • manufacturers do not forget to supply all the modern bath separate grounding petal.It looks like the eye of a hole.Such lobe connected ground wire;
  • his bare fragment is clamped between the washer to help secure the bolt and nut;
  • if the bath is done during the Soviet era, it is necessary to drill a hole in the leg or wing and bath in exactly the same way, using the washers, bolts and nuts, attach jumper earthing.

Do not forget that for their own safety ground should be not only a bath, but all electrical appliances that are used in the bathroom.Dryer must be connected through a moisture proof socket.

If you have enough experience in the electrical and installation work, it is best to consult a professional electrician, who himself will make your ground.But even if you deal with it by yourself, test the functionality of the grounding jumper must specialist.Otherwise, you run the risk of undesirable consequences.

for electricians

There is another important point: many confused vanishing grounding. It's a bit different, as the vanishing only used in industry, but not for domestic purposes.A confusion has gone with the fact that the apartments lately vanishing do very often.This also applies to water heaters, and washing machines.But spending vanishing is not recommended in homes, though at the same time and is not prohibited.Just imagine that the neutral wire inexplicably burns or electrical accident instead of zero will connect phase.As a result, all of your devices simply will burn from too high voltage. Yes, and purpose of zeroing, and the ground a few different .The vanishing calculated solely on a short circuit.