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August 12, 2017 18:06

LED fixtures for the bathroom : ceiling , wall , ribbons and lights , lights

LED fixtures for the bathroom
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  • Cons
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  • Types
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Application design
  • Installation
    • Installation diode tape
    • installation of overhead fixtures
    • Mounting recessed lighting

desire for beauty and comfort makes another look at the decoration of the bathroom.Negative feelings can be related to overcrowding of the premises in most projects.Ugly pipe, old-fashioned paint - it's time to get rid of them as well as from the hateful whitewash and plaster on the ceiling.But not only new tiles will make the bath more comfortable and pleasant to the heart of every owner.It is important to approach the issue rationally and thorough coverage.

Competent light will make the room bright and spacious interior make to tune in a new way, give a sense of purity and inspiration.Among the many options for designers offer to stay on point with diode lamps or LED-lamps, which will help solve the most unusual tasks.

LED lighting in the bathroom
Beautiful LED lighting in the bathroom

design of this lamp (in other words the spot) differs from the usual understanding of the lamps.Electrical wires are connected to the semiconducting crystal that converts electricity into light.This radiation is amplified plastic box on top of the structure, it is also a lens that diffuses or directs rays.Between plastic and no crystal vacuum or air in this space is a sealed silicone.Under the crystal and the wires have a special metal base of copper or aluminum to reduce heat dissipation.This design saves from overheating and burning.diode wires hidden in conduits, making them even safer.

The device LED lamp


Select diodes - great fun for geeks, for ordinary people, it can also be an exciting pastime.

In any case, this is a very useful acquisition, that there are many explanations, such as:

  • Economy. Spot consumes ten times less energy than a typical bulb Ilyich, which means you need to pay over the counter will be less.Wherein the illumination brightness much more.
  • Sustainability. LED consists of safe components, shall not be harmful for human and environmental radiation or radiation.
  • versatility. diodes are able to solve a variety of tasks, from lighting and shelf lighting beautiful panels to the main ceiling light.LED can withstand loads of various kinds, and well tolerated by mechanical impact and significant changes in temperature.
  • Security. This is a very important parameter for wet rooms.En insulation tubes, as well as additional security measures depending on the diode type and its use helps class LED without risk.And it's not just about the electrical faults (short-circuiting, fire, electric shocks), but also about the vision of man.These lamps provide lighting suitable for the eye, close to the sun, so the vision is less tense and "picture" takes easily.
  • long service life. This partly relates to the economy.Conventional incandescent able to work 3000 hours, the LED - up to 50 000 hours, theoretically almost 6 years without a break.All this time, you do not need to change it and touch it.
  • design variations. Diodes are used for different purposes, for color decor, including.Most people prefer to have a good basic lighting in the bathroom a warm tone, and there are outstanding personalities who like extravagant things, and they do not choose the tone and color.For example, a variant shower in high-tech style to the water bluish or greenish hue reminiscent of holidays and warm tropical seas.The water in the hose and the faucet is the most common, but the main light and the muted color LED Backlight water in a watering can and a crane will achieve such an effect.You can also change the level of brightness, which is very convenient.
  • product quality.Intensive work LED defines the requirements for the materials used to create lamps.They are distinguished wear resistance, low sensitivity to thermal stresses and inertness to electrical and chemical reactions.Therefore, the equipment will be safe for families with small children and pets.Many designs with point diode lamps have a certain mobility or flexibility, which allows them to change the direction of light.At the same time all parts mechanically strong.Only such thoroughness makes it possible to operate the diode for the duration of the work.Many manufacturers offer a guarantee of 5 years on their lamps.And this is a very powerful argument.
  • Beauty. Most products with diodes at first sight does not cause delight, because basically models differ simplicity, minimalism in favor of functionality.Still, there are models, where designers give vent to imagination and discover the spectacular light nuances.Cost will be more such beauty.Basically the lighting requirements in the bathroom is not the pretentiousness of the lamp, so preference is given to the and universal models that fit perfectly in any style.
LED lighting in the bathroom
LED lighting in the bathroom


course, high technology and security of the diodes - are their strengths, from which derive the main disadvantages:

  • price. lamps are very economical and durable, but their initial purchase and installation of lighting options more expensive than others.Although over the past 5 years diodes still become more accessible and cheaper, and they can pay for themselves in just a few years completely, many people confuse the price you want to spend on lighting at a time.
  • nuances of installation and replacement. LED-lamps are different from their counterparts in design, so you need to take into account their interaction with the network.If the package does not include a filter, or you are going to "feed" their own, it will have to buy.On the one hand, it protects the expensive light surge, and on the other - a significant impact on safety.
  • «Fatigue". C can drop their shine fade over time the effectiveness of the diodes.It should be noted that in practice this does not happen often.Quality manufacturers are serious about this, so better to buy a lamp just at them.Especially because in the event of a breakdown you will be given the necessary parts or make a replacement under warranty.

brand, reputation becomes more expensive, thoroughly suited to the production of their products, especially if the price is higher than that of counterparts.Buy cost for firms with a long history, specializing in lamps and diodes in particular.The only way to be sure of the quality of fixtures.

LED lighting in the bathroom in a modern style


virtually constant humidity in a small pomeschenii- main difficulty most bathrooms.Since moisture and electricity - a dangerous combination, by electrical appliances and lamps in particular put forward their demands, which make their use as safe as possible.Spots in the design due to its fit perfectly.But the light in the bathroom for them - a serious problem.

When choosing lamps and fixtures in bathrooms need to pay attention to:

  • design. body of the lamp, lens cap, the more wires must be well hidden, they should not be in contact with water and steam.Even if you plan on ceiling light, remember that water spray can reach the outskirts so high.Consider the critical scenario, because it is no one plans (forgot to switch on the water from the shower faucet, the water slopping over, flooded neighbors, etc.).Well, if the lamp is sealed or has a rubber adhesive tape on the joints parts.
  • voltage. Within the bathroom, running on low voltage room is better to use the lamp (up to 24V).To compensate and adapt to the voltage needed special transformers or filters.
  • own electricity.Placing outlet transformers and the like should be as far away from the water, in some cases - even outside the bathroom.
LED fixtures for the bathroom

To be able to easily understand the peculiarities of the appointment of diode lamps have developed a special marking system.The letters IP (International Protection) mark diodes designed for wet areas, in general, the designation is of the form IP XY.X - resistant to dust, Y - protection against water.The higher the number, the stronger may be the impact of a hazard, zero means complete helplessness.X ranges from 0 to 6, Y ranges from 0 to 8.

LED lamp - levels of protection

example, LED-lamp marked IP21 can be used in a damp environment, can withstand vertical drops of water getting rare.The farther away from the shower stall or sink is such a device, the better.such labeling is often used: IP23 (good resistance to humidity and occasional splashing), IP44 stands for resistance to frequent splashing, IP45 allocates lamp that can withstand jets of water in any direction, diodes IP67 are used to illuminate the water and can be installed in the most humid places (she Tub, sink, shower head).Badge IPx8 marked LED demand for lighting deep industrial or man-made objects (below 1m), so look for them there is no sense for home use.

Marking LED lamp


Strictly by appointment, type of lighting and location on the surface of the LED-lamps are divided into several groups.Sellers sometimes sin that offer more expensive models simple man in the street, using his incomplete awareness.However, for use in an apartment or a private house requirements of instruments tend to be lower and lower the price.

By appointment found:

  • street,
  • industrial;
  • household diode lamps.

Street lighting imply illumination of buildings, sidewalk and road at night.They have average power, high-quality parts and high resistance to thermal and mechanical stress, to the water, as well.Industrial lamps have high levels of work intensity.They are installed in large warehouses, offices that require good lighting throughout.They withstand physical impact, dust, but little protected against water.Household diodes offer ordinary consumers for a variety of needs in the design of the house.They can highlight and decorate every corner, but less powerful, sometimes even benign, compared with the industry.

LED fixtures for the bathroom
LED lighting for bathrooms

type of lighting varies according to Kelvin, is an aesthetic pleasure to the eye. most convenient and useful is considered a warm light (2-3.5 CC), sometimes used neutral coverage (3.5-5 QC), is often used in hospitals and laboratories.Cold tones (5-7 QC) illuminate the streets and industrial sites.For the perception they are not too good, cause rapid fatigue of vision.

diodes may be located outside of the luminaire or hide under the canopy. It depends on the purpose of use, the lamp power availability.Also diode lighting is found in the form of embedded (mortise) structures or overhead.The first option involves the preparation of the surface and the use of a screen, behind which will hide the electrical wires (ceiling light, multilevel ceilings).The second option is found in the idea of ​​compact lighting systems, where the wires are hidden in the trim body (chandeliers, sconces).In this case, no additional surface preparation, the lamp can be mounted directly into the lamp, and it is attached to any necessary (including concrete surface).

LED lighting in the bathroom

for household needs shops offer options for the use of diodes in the form of LED-lamps, which are similar in appearance to incandescent lamps. This allows their use in existing conditions, adapts to any design space.There are also LED strip, they are used for the decoration of the individual zones, objects of art, distinctive highlights at home.For example, the tape can be distinguished flower garden or aquarium, niche or shelf with utensils.They do not provide full coverage, but quite claim to be intimate or romantic lighting scenario.Still, manufacturers offer very powerful LED-tape, wisely using that, you can create high-quality general lighting.

LED lighting in the bathroom
LED lamps in the bathroom
LED dot in the bathroom

Designers lighting Conventional Premises sometimes resorted to the diode array.This is a very effective option for large rooms, decorated in a modern high-tech style go.However, for a compact bathroom the kind of diode lighting is hardly suitable due to lack of space.

Tips for Choosing

Understanding the purpose of the room and lighting it will greatly assist in the selection of lamps.Decide for yourself such moments:

  • How much do you plan to change your bath?How much you are willing to allocate for this purpose?
  • What role do you see the light in the bathroom?Do you need to further isolate or highlight any area (mirror, shelf)?
  • Are selected fixtures overall style bathroom?

comfort Sense creates lamps with warm light.For this reason it is best to choose fixtures with shades of clear or milky white.Bright colors can give a tone, which then will seem out of place and even unpleasant as the main lighting.But decorative diode lamps and tape can be any color that you like.

LED lamp in the bathroom

Due to the small size rooms large ceiling chandelier in the bathroom look ridiculous, but the small lamps, with neat shades, on the other hand, is easy to fit into any design. There is another danger of large diode fixtures: quality often leaves much to be desired, because they are made in China, little-known firms.For bathroom such a purchase can be not only questionable, but also dangerous, because the tightness of such products does not always correspond to the norms.But unpretentious lights-sockets from leading manufacturers not only successfully entered into any interior, but also prove to be very practical and reliable.

They differ by the color of the metal used in the body.Pay attention to the color of the metal combined with the overall style and approach tsvetotipu (warm / cold).Normally, the body and the metal rims of these lamps make neutral colors: glossy or matte, copper and gold, more chrome color.And it is very practical, because they go well with any interior.

If you decide to change the lighting, but are not ready to seriously engage the ceiling and spend a large sum, you should consider the option of buying a simple Surface luminaire with diode lamps.You want to dramatically change a room and are willing to invest?Think about lighting design in the form of 2-3 light scenarios.

LED lamp for bathroom
LED lamp for bathroom

Many designers recommend to make a false ceiling with built-in diode lamps.This is a very good move: equip a room safe and a beautiful ceiling, which will last a long time and carefully hide diode lighting system.Mounting mortise lamps best carried out simultaneously with the installation of the ceiling.

Overhead lighting installed more easily.They can be mounted on any surfaces, including concrete and a major surface preparation they are not required.For a small number of lamps (3), this solution may be more advantageous.

When the type and purpose of the light in the bathroom all clear, calculate the right amount of light. useful tips there on the packaging of diode lamps.