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August 12, 2017 18:06

Quaryl Baths : features , advantages and disadvantages , the installation of baths Villeroy & amp; Boch

Quaryl bath
  • What Kwara
  • manufacturing technology Key benefits and features
  • Disadvantages
  • Features
  • installation Prices
  • Care Guidelines

A few years ago, choosing a newbath, we did not have to consider a lot of options.Baths of cast iron, steel, and a little later and acrylic - that's all that we proposed sanitary ware market.Today the situation is completely changed.Modern production technology, coupled with human imagination offer us a host of new solutions.When appropriate financial opportunities we can choose from dozens of options.Prefer plumbing made from all-natural materials?Buy a marble or wooden tub.I like modern artificial materials?With its central location in one of the synthetic compounds - starilane, cast marble or kvarile.On one of these innovative materials - Quaryl bath and will be discussed in our article.

Rectangular bath of Kwara

What Kwara

Kwara - a new material that is used for the production of bathtubs and shower trays. It is a synthetic compound and acrylic quartz.The structure of the compound is as follows: a piece of quartz enclosed in a circular acrylic shell, and the space between filled with acrylic beads and additional impurities.Silica compounds in the composition is needed in order to provide greater rigidity and wear resistance of the final product, acrylic adds elasticity and additional impurities are responsible for the color and texture of the product.

Black Quaryl bath
Freestanding acrylic bathtub

manufacture Technology Technology Kwara production was invented and patented in Europe, the German company Villeroy & amp; Boch, a few years ago.Initially Kwara used for the restoration of old who have lost their form, acrylic bathtubs.Some time later, the producers saw him as a full replacement acrylic and focused on the production of sanitary ware from Kwara.Later it turned out that in many ways it is superior to acrylic.Quaryl bath cast in special molds.The product obtained is so rigid that it does not require additional reinforcement.At the final stage of production the bath surface is covered with a special varnish.

main advantages and features

Quaryl bath not only took over all the advantages of its predecessor - acrylic baths, but also got rid of many of its shortcomings.

Quaryl Hot Tub
Oval bath Quaryl
Rectangular Quaryl Hot Tub


  • Kavarilovye baths, as well as acrylic, primarily attracted by its beautiful appearance. shining white surface such baths is their unquestionable advantage over the cast iron and steel products.
  • they are much lighter than steel, but a little heavier than acrylic. difference in weight between Quaryl and acrylic baths due to the fact that Quaryl bath wall slightly thicker.This implies a further advantage of Kwara.
  • they are thicker, and therefore stronger than acrylic. They do not require further enhancing structural rigidity.
  • Much thickness and strength Quaryl baths affect their durability. service life of such baths, even more than the acrylic.Also, if provide it with at least minimal care, in the course of operation Quaryl bath will lose its original appearance.
  • acrylic Another feature that has kept Quaryl bath - excellent sound insulation. bath surface absorbs the sound of running water.If you have thin walls at home or too sensitive neighbors then you will appreciate this advantage.
  • surface Quaryl baths completely smooth, homogeneous, without any rough edges, but at the same time, it is non-slip.
  • Kwara is characterized by excellent thermal conductivity. water in a bath cools slowly, and bath itself while maintaining a pleasant body temperature.
  • look after them very easy , thanks to the smooth, non-porous surface that does not accumulate dirt.
  • acrylic bathtubs production technology allows to produce only a bath with rounded edges.This disadvantage is completely eliminated in a generation Quaryl baths.They are made, including rectangular shapes.Rectangular bath helps to save a bit of space, just to fit into the allotted space for it.Also, if you decide to sheathe the bath tiles, make it a lot easier if you work with smooth straight lines.
  • Set Quaryl bath can be quickly and easily, without the help of professionals.


course Quaryl bath is not composed entirely of some merit.

There she and disadvantages, which however, is much smaller than the pros:

  • first and most significant drawback of such baths - a high price. Quaryl tub will cost you much cheaper than, for example, bath of natural stone, but it is an average it costs several times more expensive than iron, steel and acrylic baths.
  • Although Quaryl bath that boast a large variety of shapes and sizes than their predecessors, they are also made by by injection in the finished form. Therefore, the choice of forms is still limited.
  • From Kwara today produce only a bath and shower trays, so Quaryl bath is a kind of a unique product. Choose to her ensemble, corresponding to the style and color of the sink and the toilet, sometimes is not easy.
  • Kwara strength greater than that of acrylic, but less high than that of steel and cast iron. Therefore, the probability of scratching the surface of the bath Quaryl still exists.The disadvantage of this is not particularly significant, since the surface of the bath of Kwara can be easily restored in the home using a special paste.
  • Despite the fact that the care Quaryl bath unpretentious, should avoid the use of aggressive cleaning agents, which is composed of abrasives as they can damage the surface.
  • Kwara is afraid of high temperatures, so if often a long time in Quaryl pour very hot water bath, it may be deformed.
Standard bath of Kwara
Quaryl bath in lighting

installation Features

Set bath of Kwara in some moments will be slightly different from the installation of other types of baths.At the beginning of this article we mentioned that Quaryl bath sufficiently rigid and therefore does not require additional support during installation.The frame in this case has only a decorative function.For example, the space under the bath, you can hide a nice sliding screen and store them for different useful things.A frame can be clad with the same tiles as the bathroom wall, thus creating a stylistic unity of color and space.

Usually Quaryl bath mounted on adjustable support legs.They allow you to change the height of the bath, if necessary, and give the bath a strictly horizontal position.

Quaryl bath with a luminous screen

Feature Quaryl baths is that they do not overflow the hole, and in some models, there is no drain.Manufacturers do not make them so that you can choose the most optimal location in the bath room.

In order to drill a drain hole and overflow, you will have to hire the services of professionals.

Bathroom set on a pedestal

Installation Quaryl bath is made in several stages:

  • If provided the framework for a bath, then compile and install it to start, with the expectation that the tub, installed on it, lay preciselyhorizontally.For true measurements use the building level.
  • Then install the bath on the frame or on legs and fasten it to the support.
  • Install tub drain and overflow device and connect it to the sewer.
  • Install faucet and valves.Ease Quaryl bath that is set sanitary equipment can be directly on its rim.
  • Now you need to check the tightness of the resulting structure.Fill the water bath and leave it for several hours.Look, if there were a leak.To eliminate them, you may need gaskets, sealants for plumbing and so on.
Installed Quaryl bath


We have already talked about the fact that the cost is much higher Quaryl baths steel, cast iron or acrylic.This is due to the fact that the production technology is relatively new, few firms have time to learn it, so the competition in the market is low.In addition, the manufacturer Quaryl baths are predominantly German companies which are famous not only excellent quality, but far lower price of their products.

Bath Quaryl from Villeroy & amp; Boch

Prices Quaryl baths range from 50 to 100 thousand rubles.The amount really is not small, but because of its superior performance, gaining Quaryl bath, you are unlikely to regret the money spent.

Recommendations for care

Support Quaryl bath clean is not difficult even for the lazy housewife.Once or twice a week is enough to wash it by any suitable cleaning agent, but never abrasive or just soap and a soft cloth.

surface of a bath is not prone to cracking, so no need to rub it with a stiff brush, to get rid of accumulated dirt there.Of course, as a result of strong physical impact, cracks or chips may still appear, but do not worry.Just buy a special tool for the restoration Quaryl baths and self-treat damaged areas according to the instructions for use.

Quaryl bathtub on legs