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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower in a small bathroom : design and installation ( 55 photos )

Shower in a small bathroom
  • Pros and cons of installing showers
  • Where should I install?
  • Installation Options shower
  • Selecting the optimal size
  • decoration ideas and designs

Bathroom is a very important functional part in each apartment.If the bathroom is small, then it is very difficult to place it in the toilet, bathtub, sink and furniture for storage of detergents and cosmetics. Shower - a perfect solution for saving space in a small bathroom, and the selection of materials for decoration and accessories will help to expand the space visually.

Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower small bathroom
Shower small bath
Shower small bathroom

Pros and cons of installing showers

Advantages of showers:

  • Shower cabin helps save space in a small bathroom to install a bidet or a washing machine.
  • products doors are sealed, so no water is sprayed all over the bathroom, and the cool air does not get into the booth.
  • dushkabinok Modern models offer many new opportunities for relaxation: aromatherapy, hydro massage or douches.
  • for bathing small children can use a model with a deep tray.
  • product helps save water, its flow is considerably smaller compared to filling the tub.
  • Showers are characterized by minimal risk of injury due to modern non-slip materials.
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a bathroom the size of a small room
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom
The benefits of installing showers

Shower can be a real art object in a small bathroomroom and give raisin room.

Shower with Jacuzzi and sauna

Disadvantages of installing a shower enclosure in the bathroom:

  • Shower cabin does not give the opportunity to immerse themselves in warm water for an adult, and about lying in the foam bath should forget.
  • If running water pressure will be low, it is only a simple shower can be used, and all additional features will not function.
  • shower cabin model, which is equipped with additional features, will take as much space as and corner bath.
  • for the elderly is very inconvenient to use a high tray shower
  • Shower cabin requires daily care, special attention should be paid to its purification from lime deposits.
Shower small bath
Shower small bath
Installing showers

Where should I install?

First you need to choose a suitable place to install the shower enclosure, do it in a small bathroom.It is necessary to make the cabin installation of about communications (water supply, ventilation, sewerage).It is also necessary to take care of access to power supply.

For small bathrooms are not recommended to install a huge dushkabinku.It should take only one corner in the room.Care must be taken in order to access to the cabin was always free, as well as its dimensions do not interfere with other devices to use in the bathroom.

Shower small bathroom

On placing the shower has an impact form of bathroom:

  • To square a small bathroom the perfect solution would be installing booths in the corner, which should be opposite the front door.If the doorway is located in the center of the wall, then a shower must be placed in one of the farthest corners.If the doors are located laterally or in the corner, the better the cab mounted to the same wall.
  • For miniature rectangular bathroom necessary to adhere to other rules.The semicircular booth located in the corner of the wall, on which there are doors if the aperture is located in the middle of the wall.To narrow bathrooms can use a rectangular or square model, which should be set for the door swings open.
Square bathroom with shower
Shower small bathroom - view from above
Shower in a small bathroom - view from above
Rectangular bathroom with shower - view from above
Shower small bathroom - view from above
Shower small bathroom - view from above

Installation Options shower

main options dushkabinki accommodationin a small bathroom:

  • angular;
  • parietal;
  • freestanding.

For miniature bathrooms suitable for only the first two options.Near-wall accommodation is the location along the wall of shower cabin.Corner mount option implies the shower in the corner of the bathroom.

Placement of the shower in the corner
Plan a small bathroom with shower
Shower small bathroom

Even a small bathroom can set creative home detached unusual shower.

Little creative freestanding shower
Unusual shower

If the bathroom has a niche, it can be installed in the shower.

Pristennyh location shower

best option install the shower room is small in angular placement that helps to use the space efficiently.

Selecting optimal size

To determine the size of shower cubicle just for your bathroom, you need to consider a few rules:

  • distance between the sanitary equipment (toilet, wash basin) and shower should be at least 30 centimeters;
  • front of the cab must have 80 cm of free space to comfortably enter into it;
  • when installing shower cabin on the same wall with the bathroom doors have to maintain a distance of 15 cm.
Shower small bathroom
Shower small bathroom - view from above

Corner shower can have different sizes, but the optimal for smallbathrooms are models with dimensions of 80x80 cm and 90x90 cm. Sales have cabins with dimensions 70x70 cm, but it is first "try" before buying, raschertiv on the floor of this size.

for comfortable use a shower in a small bathroom, leave space of at least 80x60 cm

Shower small bathroom
Tiny shower

At its testing should pay attention to some nuances:.

  • enter the booth and close the door;
  • inside to raise their hands to ensure freedom of movement;
  • bend over to pick up a fallen object.

If all the movement is for the buyer comfortable and not cause embarrassment, then you can safely make purchases.

Angular shower cubicle can be of different shapes: square, triangular or semicircular.Each customer will exercise the choice of form.It should start from the selected styles.For example, for a romantic style fits a semicircular shower, in strict classical selection is better to stop on the square shape of the sanitary products.

Triangular without pallet
Oval shower
Rectangular shower

Shower without shower tray is the perfect choice for a bathroom the size of a small room.

Shower without a tray in a small bathroom

decoration and design ideas

Shower cabin in a small bathroom takes up almost all the space, so first you need to consider materials for finishing the interior.

main task is to visually expand a bathroom:

  • necessary to use only light colors, while not necessarily use the traditional white color.Stylish combination of colors is olive with pink, green or purple with white and pink.Do not recommend to use more than three colors for interior decoration.Bathroom wall can be done in a dark tone, and for the design of the ceiling and the floor to pick up a lighter shade.
  • shower tray need to lay ceramic tiles, which are used for decorating floor.
  • not necessary to separate the shower area, but rather to use a geometric pattern in the design of cladding material.
Bathroom in bright colors
Square shower
Bright design a small bath

For zoning premises is better to use a combination of color strips.They will help to expand the room, bring the atmosphere of joy and fun.To emphasize the selected colors, you must purchase appropriate plumbing fixtures.The modern market offers a variety of sinks, toilets, shower cabin doors.It is better to buy the plumbing in the same color palette.

Tile in the bathroom laid strips

When choosing shower should pay special attention to some nuances:

  • Doors - choosing them better pay attention to the sliding roller fence or door-accordion.Doors that open inward, help save space, but they are suitable mostly thin people.
  • material products - plastic is one of the most common, as easy to use and easy to clean.The only disadvantage of this material is that it begins to turn yellow with time.Glass shower cabin are very popular, they decorate the interior, making the bathroom brighter and more spacious.Matt, colored or mirror glass will help to create the conditions of privacy.The disadvantage of these cabins is the everyday work in cleaning products, but to save time in the care of the cabin, you can purchase a frosted glass.
Shower in the bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom

tray - model with a deep tray are an excellent optionfor families with young children, and can also be used for the washing of articles large volumes.The pallets can be made of different materials, steel, acrylic or marble.The best option is acrylic due to the long term operation.The absence of pan will help save more space, but then you should immediately create a drain on the floor.

Drain in the floor in the shower in a small bathroom

Low tray will be very useful for the elderly, because to go to a walk-in shower will not be difficult.

Placement shower in a small bathroom - the task is rather simple.Decide on the necessary functions and sizes - and proceed to the choice of the shower!

Shower cabin with low tray
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower in a small bathroom