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August 12, 2017 18:06

Drain mechanism for the toilet : adjustment, selection, installation and replacement

Drain mechanism for toilet
  • Types
  • Key elements
  • Principle
    • Set of water
    • Drain
  • Installation Methods
  • Parts
  • Features selection
  • Possible problems

faulty drainmechanism does not allow for drainage procedure.For his work meets the special mechanism.To understand the nuances of his work, the repair must be thoroughly acquainted with the device itself, its species and other parameters.This is what we are with you today and talk to our material.


Today, there are two types of flush valves:

  • Single-Mode;
  • dual mode.

In the first case, the drain is done using only the liquid volume that is available within the tank.

In the second there are two buttons for draining a certain amount of water - larger and smaller.Application of such systems is justified, since they save water, without using the entire volume, when there is no demand.

Despite the differences in the type of discharge mechanism, how it works is the same.Different just passed the motion valve, which closes the drain hole.

design of this valve determines the principle of its operation.In some cases, this valve is mounted on the end of the tubular rods, which act as overflow.In other models, the valve opens and closes by the use of chains made of plastic or metal.This principle can not be called successful, because the system often breaks down.

The dual-mode mechanism of the toilet drain
The dual-mode mechanism of the toilet drain

buttons are divided into two types.Some are mounted independently of each other, while others provide a valve opening by plastic levers.

Nuances trigger to drain capacitance devices allow them to be distinguished from each other.As a result, there are now two types:

  1. Side.Such actual mechanism for water containers (tanks) that are located high above the cup.To start, require special rope.If the tank is low, then the side of the button is provided.
  2. top. relevant for tanks installed below or mounted on the wall.The system works by buttons or head.They, in turn, activated by a manual or automatic manner.
Triggers toilet

Key elements

Before you start doing any repair or maintenance work, will investigate the device drain.

Each model is equipped with a toilet two main elements - the cup and container, that is draining the tank.

Taking off the tank cover, under it you'll see the drain system.It includes float levers and seals.Conventionally, the entire system is divided into two sub - set and plums.

release the button, the drain hole is blocked, begins entry into the fluid reservoir.With the float regulated the water level of the fence, and when necessary - the crane is blocked.

Different manufacturers make different designs, but this sense of work drain will not change.

The main elements of the toilet drain mechanism

The principle of

As we have noted, the work of the drainage system depends on functionality two subsystems - typesetting and drain.

understand the intricacies of the entire site is possible only by means of a separate analysis of each unit.

Set of water

valves to adjust the water supply can be of different types:

  1. side feed.In such cases armature mounted above.Typically, such systems are common among domestic manufacturers of toilets.This is due to the cheapness of the mechanism.But in this case it is characterized by increased noise during operation.On models average and expensive price category provides installation tube.Water is fed through it to the bottom, thereby reducing noise.
  2. With lower supply. occurs, the system in the toilets and our foreign production.Noise is minimal, which explains the popularity and demand of the system.
Side water supply to the toilet tank
Lower supply of water in the toilet tank


To activate the drain, it is necessary to pull the rod or push a button.The most popular modern variant is equipped with a button and a lever.If the reservoir is hidden, that is mounted in a wall, a button arranged on the wall.Because of this, suspended toilets have both advantages and disadvantages.The characteristic negative feature - this is the complexity of the repair as to reinforcement can only be reached through a small hole.

Keypad system has 1 or 2 mode, as we have noted.For large families it is advisable to buy an option with two modes, allowing smaller and wash large quantities of liquid, depending on the button you clicked.

Some models with two modes of operation performed with one-click.Here drain volume smaller or larger depending on how much has been pressed.

The button on the toilet discharge system
water drainage system in the modern toilet
water drain button on the toilet

Installation Methods

today use several ways to drain the tank installation.Each of them has its own peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages.

  1. fixation above the bowl. In terms of aesthetics is not the best option.It recalls the decision of the Soviet era.But repair lends itself to easy, it does not require special skills.The advantage is the fact that water moves down under the force of gravity, from this bowl is washed efficiently.
  2. Installation on the toilet or on a footrest. such a scenario occurs more frequently than others.For the reliability of fastening and avoiding leaks between the bowl and tank set of rubber pads - cuff.Aesthetically, compact, rational.
  3. installation into the wall. method is relevant only if you plan to major repairs to its sanitary unit.For this method, you must install the wall tank and drain button output.It is interesting that the only visible bowl.This saves space and provides a more attractive appearance of the room.But the repair complex, because access to the valve you can just click through the hole under the sink to the wall.
The tank is located above the toilet bowl
Toilet tank located on the toilet
Toilet tank mounted on the wall


parts acquisition to repair the toilet - this is quite a natural thing.Many problems are solved by replacing components, valve components or entire units.

To drain the system spare parts include valves, overflow system, bulb, buttons, all kinds of valves, hoses, feed and even a full tank.After all, this piece of pottery, and thus damage it by mechanical effects is easy.

course, some components amenable to repair by using epoxy glue, sealant, and so forth.But experts do not recommend doing this because the majority of such mini repair give only a temporary effect.All the item will have to change anyway.So why not just buy a new part?It will save you time, effort, and ensures the possibility of more easily operate the toilet, do not fear that at the worst possible time the provisional measures will turn into the whole problem.

Parts flush toilet system

Features selection

Buying parts - is not such a simple process as it may seem.Our tips will help to simplify the solution of the problem.

  1. If you overflow, then the components can be made of different materials.It is best to take the bronze or brass.It is reliable, durable metals that are not afraid of corrosion and exposure to chemicals.
  2. Standard tanks mechanisms largely separate.That is separately performed drain valves and the Gulf.This greatly facilitates the repair, does not require additional costs for site purchase, which remained intact.
  3. sure to check the quality of products.Particular attention to the valves.Under its own weight of their operation should be clear, units should move smoothly without any obstacles.If you notice that there is jam, then this element is not worth buying.
  4. buying new pads, note the production of silicone.They are durable, reliable, this rubber component significantly superior analogs.Bend them, straighten, squeeze.Good items are starting to crack, they are not signs of strain are formed.
  5. Stick to the rules "more expensive means better."The good parts are not cheap cost, despite the high competition among manufacturers, forcing them to cut prices.
  6. If the element is reinforced by rubber, it is excellent.This suggests a high degree of manufacturer liability for the goods.
  7. If you choose the bad parts for drainage, the consequences will be not the most pleasant.They usually appear as leaking.
  8. Study quality metal products.They may be chips, cracks, scratches, broken geometry, revealing traces of welding.All these are signs of bad parts.If
  9. independently determine the choice is difficult, act as simply and competently.Remove the damaged item from your toilet bowl and bring it to the store.The specialist will find a worthy analogue of high quality.But in that case you need to be sure that the store where you are going.
Spare parts for drainage systems on the toilet

Possible problems

Even the most high-quality and reliable drainage system can provide fail over time.As practice shows, the most popular problem - is a constant flow of liquid inside the tank, or drain it from the tank.

reasons for this may be several:

  • warps float. This problem is most easy to the decision, as the repair in this case E is required.Open the cover, pomanipuliruyte float until it snaps into its rightful place.Although he sometimes shut-off valve can not sit on your saddle.You can fix this by hand, the head of the valve into the hole.
  • float mechanism does not work properly.Filling water to the required limit in theory, after which, however, replenishment stops.Check serviceability of the system, raising the maximum float upwards.If the water flow is not stopped, the news is not very good - it is necessary to change the float.
  • shutoff valve action gets loose in the saddle, or the seal was old. problem is a deterioration of the seal over time.He was old, and do with him nothing is impossible.If you will press the valve arm, and at the same time the water stopped, then the culprit precisely the seal.Replace it is not difficult.But there are also other reasons related to the low weight of the locking mechanism.You do not have to change.Just add some weights inside, allowing heavier element.
Problems toilet flush mechanism
Problems with the toilet drain mechanism

As you can see, the drain system works differently due to design features, but the essence of the principle of its operation is not changed.

The best solution to avoid breakages and leaks unpleasant - is to buy high-quality sanitary ware, as well as periodically carry out preventive measures.But most importantly - learn how to carefully handle the plumbing.No sudden twitching with excessive force to the ropes, no strong pressure on the button, avoid strikes on a tank.Recommended supply nozzle filter through which the water flows from the water in the tank.It will delay the coarse particles, thereby avoiding blockages, excessive wear elements.