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Toilet Bowls

August 12, 2017 18:06

Bowl Genoa : cast iron , ceramic or steel , installation and device

Bowl of Genoa in the interior
  • device
  • manufacturing materials
    • Cast iron
    • Ceramic
    • Steel
  • How to install?

Not many people know that is familiar to all, without exception, kind of toilet, mounted directly on the floor and used in public places is a beautiful name "cup of Genoa."This design is called "Turkish toilet" because it is widespread in the East, and Asia.His popularity among Muslims bowl Genoa owes the requirements of Islamic etiquette forbids men to relieve themselves standing.

addition, squat toilet have a number of indisputable advantages: they are inexpensive, easy to install, hygienic, resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage.That is why this type of toilets installed in places with a large flow of users in hospitals, schools, hostels, trains, etc.For such places bowl Genoa is considered the best option, especially in terms of hygiene, because when using this structure in contact with a toilet only shoe sole.

Bowl genoa with siphon and divider


  • tank to the bowl Genoa is normally mounted on the wall, and sometimes build into the inside wall - to protect it from vandals and more aesthetic designs.The most common are sredneraspolozhennym vysokoraspolozhennye and tanks for this type of toilet - that is attached directly over the cup and connecting it with a long tube.
  • Flush valve - an alternative to the drain bull.It is a long, curved spout with a valve that regulates the flow of water from the tap.Flush valve used for cleanliness Genoa bowls and urinals.This device has the following advantages over the cistern: takes up much less space, it does not form leakage, allows for continuous water supply.The disadvantages include a flush tap tendency to clogging and the need for a constant pressure in the pipes.
  • Siphon - it is a necessary element for any design toilets.It has two main purposes: water drainage and waste products, as well as protection against the penetration of unpleasant odors into the room.The latter is made possible by a special form of a siphon - his body forms a bend, which is always a small amount of water serving as a kind of barrier.Siphon cup Genoa should be chosen depending on the drain bowl: they are horizontal, oblique and vertical.
  • divider - this nozzle on the faucet spout or shower heads, which ensures optimum density and direction of water flow.Often used for toilets with hygienic function shower or bidet.
  • installation system - it's a tough suspension design, which connects all the elements of Genoa bowls.Such systems are manufactured from a durable, corrosion-resistant materials and can withstand the load of a few hundred kilograms.System installation is usually mounted on the main wall and hidden behind a partition.Visible are only flush button.
Drain fitting pedal for genoa bowl
Flush valve for genoa bowl
Divider for cup genoa
Designer cup genoa

materials manufacturing

Cast iron

from this material produced the first ever sanitary equipment, but iron has long been startedtake positions and give way to more modern and lightweight materials.In cast iron floor toilet has one indisputable advantage - their life is incredibly long.They stand for decades in public toilets, and do not fail.Cast iron bowl Genoa most durable, the most inexpensive, but also the heaviest - they weigh about 15 kg, which greatly complicates the transportation and installation.


most popular materials for the production of toilet Genoa - it sanfarfor and sanitary ware.Its characteristics are very similar: they share an aesthetic appearance, light weight, instability to mechanical damage and demands to cleaning agents.However, when choosing between the two materials (by the way, the price is also about the same), in the field of plumbing experts advise to prefer Sanitary porcelain, as it is more resistant to odors and contaminants.


squat toilet made of this material have been produced for a long time.The advantages of steel bowls Genoa include undemanding in maintenance and durability.In addition, the steel absorbs odors.Disadvantages such as toilets are serious enough: they are more expensive than their metal counterparts, and iron and, moreover, did not absorb the noise of running water, so in the process of exploitation there is a rather unpleasant sound.

The cast-iron bowl genoa
Steel cup genoa
Ceramic bowl genoa

How to install?

Set bowl Genoa simple enough - it needs only to stock up on the necessary tools and materials and observe the sequence of steps:

  • First you need to decide on the mounting method.Usually squat toilet is mounted in one of two ways: directly on the tile or taffeta (flooring made of wooden planks, pre-treated composition that protects against rot and mold).
  • If you choose the latter method, you first should prepare a wooden board.Cover it with varnish and let dry.Experts advise to hammer into the back side of the board a few long nails so that they stuck out two centimeters - this will provide more stability.
  • platform on which will be installed toilet Genoa, pour concrete and strengthen it in the board.When the solution has hardened, replace the flooring bowl and secure it into boards, screwing fasteners at the mounting holes.
  • If you decide to install a bowl Genoa directly on the tiled floor, then, first of all, necessary to make the fitting of the new device.Place the bowl in the allotted place for him and make the markings, denoting the place where will be done the mounting holes.At the same time check that the release corresponds to the position of the toilet sewer pipe.
  • Drill holes in the tile.Genoa Set bowl in place and secure it with dowels.Connect the release of the toilet with a bell sewer.Drain the tank is installed and connected according to the instructions.
  • For most simple models Genoa bowls, which are used in public toilets, more suitable method for the next installation.

After mounting the valve and drain the siphon, have built a solid pedestal, which will serve as a support for the bowl edge.Drain hole bowl when it should coincide with the siphon.After installing the toilet fix it on retaining structure with cement mortar.To look more aesthetically pleasing bathroom, after the cement hardens, lined with ceramic tiles bowl Genoa.

Bowl of genoa with the installation
Set bowl genoa