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August 12, 2017 18:06

Acrylic bath : the pros and cons , sizes , manufacturers

Acrylic bath in the interior
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  • How to choose acrylic bathtub?
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  • How to clean the acrylic bathtub
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Acrylic bath tubs are increasingly replacing steel and cast iron plumbing market.

They are lightweight, retain heat well, are easy to maintain.In short, acrylic bathtubs many advantages that make this material more and more popular in the manufacture of a wide variety of fonts of shapes and sizes.However, not everything in modern polymer soul.Therefore, in matters of the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic baths is necessary to understand in more detail.


traditional material for the manufacture of baths is considered to steel and cast iron.They have a huge margin and, for example, cast iron tub will be literally for centuries.But today more and more space in stores plumbing take a bath of acrylic - the material of modern, popular and, according to vendors, not at all inferior in quality bathrooms made of cast iron.But is it really?

As a method for producing acrylic bathtubs are divided into 2 types: cast and extruded.

often tubs made from acrylic sheet, which is heated and give it the desired shape by pressing a pattern.Then, the bath wall is reinforced by means of glass fibers and epoxy resin and polished.

acrylic bathtubs


So, consider the advantages of acrylic bathtubs:

  1. variety of shapes and sizes.For those who want to realize the unusual design of the bathroom in the first place to get away from standard sizes and shapes, but can not afford to order exclusive bath of cast iron, buy acrylic asymmetric baths, perhaps the only solution.Another plus for the designer - a variety of colors.
  2. Lightweight.Perhaps this is the main advantage of acrylic bathtubs.If the standard bath of cast iron weighs in the region of 120 kg, the weight of the acrylic is within 25 (!) Kg .
  3. Low thermal conductivity and low noise.Bath Acrylic holds heat better than cast-iron fonts and does not ring at a set of water.
acrylic bath complex shape

But you must know that the acrylic - it is plastic.It would not have touted sellers bath from this material, they have a number of disadvantages to be aware of.

According lifetime acrylic bathtubs are significantly inferior to his fellow cast iron, but the repair of acrylic baths is quite affordable at home.


The disadvantage is:

  • Fragility and flexibility.Let's start with the fact that the budgetary acrylic bath is not suitable for heavyweights.Bath out of cheap acrylic and if not installed can bend under the heavy weight that will lead not only to the deformation of the product, but also to the appearance of cracks.Also, the bath may occur crack or hole by dropping a heavy object.Of course, have reinforced kinds of acrylics - Kuar and methacryl that can compete in strength with cast iron , but in any case should not rush into buying.
  • Acrylic is not resistant to high temperatures.The melting point of acrylic is within 150 degrees.Of course, no one will pour this water into the bath, whether it is at least acrylic, even iron.But there are precedents, when the acrylic bathtub deformed at a set hot water.Particularly relevant this problem can be for budgetary fonts from low-grade acrylic with thin walls.
  • Difficulties in retirement.The main difficulty lies in the fact that the acrylic is quite sensitive to the effects of household chemicals and abrasives.Incorrect care on the surface gets scratched and dark spots. pure acrylic bath is only possible with the help of special non-aggressive means.
  • Difficulties in installing.Installation of acrylic bathtubs require a special frame that will not allow the product to "play" and sag during water treatment.About the installation of acrylic bathtubs we described in another article.
acrylic bathtub
Bath Acrylic
acrylic bathtub

How to choose acrylic bathtub?

After studying the positive and negative properties of the baths of acrylic, it is also worth to know some nuances of the correct selection of acrylic baths:

  • not buy acrylic bath in a small shop.If possible, be sure to visit the large building market or the market.There will be lower prices, and much greater selection of baths than small seller.
  • If you want to buy an asymmetric bath complex shape, do not admire the abundance of small elements in the casting bath - in most cases it is a sign of low quality material.Acrylic although plastic, but the production of bathtubs with complex relief from high quality acrylic - a complex process.
  • Inspect the inside surface of the bath - should not be ragged, the mounds. Any such defect does not speak in favor of quality products.Another point - the color, high-quality acrylic is uniform in color, without stains or streaks.
  • When choosing an acrylic bath, read the 2 parameters thickness.The first - the thickness of the acrylic (acrylic is, not all baths).The best are the bath made from acrylic sheet of not less than 6.5 mm thick.The second option - the thickness of the reinforcing layer.It can be seen, peered into a side end.The reinforcing layer is thicker, the better. To assess the reliability of the walls on the bathroom can be knocked, the sound should be dull, without vibrations.
  • Smell bath. Low grade acrylic or imitation of it may give an unpleasant chemical smell. use of such baths are not only unpleasant, but also dangerous for your health.Besides odor may be enhanced during operation under the influence of the bath temperature.
  • In matters of bath dimensions is guided only by their own preferences.
acrylic bathtub
Acrylic bath in the interior

Acrylic bath can "enlighten" by a conventional flashlight.Just bring your flashlight included to the inside wall and see if it is visible from the outside.A good bath the correct thickness of such a test stand.

acrylic hot tub
acrylic bathtub

Before buying ask the seller is in a complete bath.Preferably extended set, which includes a drain and overflow system, a decorative screen and frame for installation.


As for manufacturers of acrylic baths, the Russian market proven following companies :

  • IDO (Finland)
  • Hoesch (Germany)
  • Aquatech (Russia)
  • Arrollo (China)
  • Akrllan (Russia)
  • Senoplast (Austria)
acrylic bathtub

One of the ways of the old baths resuscitation of iron or steel is the installation of acrylic liner, when right in the old bath tub just put a thin acrylic.Thus bathtub coating defects gets a second life.

Installation of acrylic bathtubs

Say at once that the installation of acrylic baths only seems easy. And if there is the slightest doubt in their abilities, it is wise to entrust the installation of acrylic font professionals.

Installation of acrylic bathtubs is made or a metal support frame, or on a pedestal of bricks.It is also possible to combine the frame and the brickwork under the center of the bath to enhance the design.

frame for bath

To work required:

  • set of wrenches
  • drill (manual or mechanical), always with a drill depth
  • Building level and generally
  • line about 50 cm long andsimple pencil
  • sealant for places fit to the wall.This can be a liquid silicone or a silicone tape.

If you are installing the bath used mountings, it is necessary to observe the distance from the bottom edge of the fixing bath and drain - not less than 170 mm.

If the installation of acrylic baths will be used a base of bricks, it will also need:

  • bricks and sand-cement mix
  • Trowel and capacity for a solution
  • Foam, mounting (it may be necessary to eliminate gaps and strengthen "landing "on the brick base of the bath)

The simplest way to mount - with feet suitable for small fonts that are installed in the wall.Installation of the frame, the frame is somewhat more complicated, but a little different from the installation on the legs, so a closer look at the installation of the bath frame.

support frame collected by the manufacturer's instructions, applied to the bottom of the inverted tub and mark the fixing points (there are drilled holes for screws). to accidentally damage the coating, a bath should enclose cardboard, cellophane or linoleum.

acrylic bath installation
Installation on the bricks
frame acrylic bathtub

By marking drilled holes with a diameter of 3 mm and 6-10 mm deep.Required distance must be given in the vehicle inspection certificate products (!).Also, to just do not drill through the bath, sure to use the depth gauge drilling.For this purpose, the drill can simply wrap the tape at a desired distance.According to the instructions, the frame is attached to the bottom of the font.

The next phase - installation of the leveling feet on the frame.Assemble the legs as follows: on the support stud wind the fixing nut and then the adjusting nut and the plastic protection.Assembled legs fixed in the frame by means of lock nuts at the same height.

Rama secured either through a special hole in the frame elements, or by means of special brackets.

We offer watch the video on the frame mounting on acrylic bathtub.

bath, mounted in a frame, pushes close to the wall, and with the help of feet and spirit level put horizontally.On the wall make a mark lower edge of the flanges and push the bath.

the mark on the wall with the necessary fixed indented fastening straps to help prevent tipping font.Thereafter Hot finally put in place.

Lashing straps fastened 2-5 mm below the marked level.Otherwise, it may simply break on the bar when subsidence bath rim under heavy load.

fastening strap

If acrylic bathtub set on legs made of brick or combine stationary mounting feet and the brick base, you need to stick to the main rules: between the bathroom and the brick is left gap of 1 cm, which is filled with foam.To bath is not "led" from the expansion of the foam, it put a bucket of water (if the drain and set the water systems are already connected, you can pour water directly into the bath).

easiest and most reliable way to install acrylic bathtubs - a combination of legs and a brick.With bath legs easily adjust the level of, and brick base will make the design robust.

After installing the bath it is connected to the sewerage and water supply, check the connections for leaks, eliminate leakage.

final stage of work - sealing seats fit the font to the wall and installing a decorative screen.

alignment and asymmetric acrylic bathtubs produced only with the support frame.

How to clean the acrylic bathtub

Keeping in perfect condition acrylic surface of the bath requires a knowledge of and compliance with a set of simple rules.

vacation in an acrylic bath

first .Forget the traditional means to care for the bathroom.Only special tools for cleaning acrylic baths.No potent aggressive household chemicals and abrasives!Otherwise from such "care" and darken the surface quickly covered with small scratches.

second .Preferably after each bath rinse Hot hot water.And plastic does not lose its luster, and the bath is not in need of major "cleaning up" of the accumulated dirt.Suffice it to periodic care with a soft sponge and ordinary soap.

caring for acrylic bath

third .To combat the microbes should immediately renounce the use of chlorine grandmother.Only special funds for sanitary acrylic.For example, the company Ravak home page offers a comprehensive range of funds to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of acrylic fonts, including to combat pollution complex.

care agent acrylic bathtub

versatility of acrylic baths is that their surface can be restored at home without the help of professionals .such as small scratches perfectly polished ordinary felt without adding any spets.sredstv.To combat the deeper scratches and even cracks rem.komplekty use liquid acrylic that can be found in DIY stores.

repair kits for acrylic baths

Read more in the article about how to wash and the acrylic bathtub.


course, acrylic bathtub for durability and strength inferior to products made of cast iron.However, observing the simple rules for choosing the font from acrylic and care for her, you can get a reliable sanitary ware for many years.In addition, with the help of acrylic baths you can get a hot tub in his apartment.