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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a gas column : what to choose for apartments, kinds and types , ratings and review

  • Types
    • Classification by type of ignition
    • Types of columns depending on the power
  • ignition types
  • exchanger types
  • Performance
  • water pressure
  • power modulation
  • Presence Sensorsecurity
  • What options are ideal for apartments?
  • Overview of the most popular models
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Reviews

have heaters that use natural gas for work, a lot of advantages.This small size, and speed of the water heating and durability, and economic benefits. Modern speakers offer high performance and safe operation, but they have a number of technical characteristics, so choose the appropriate option is sometimes difficult.



All heaters are cumulative or wetted.The first option is less common, is more expensive and is used only in case of severe water shortages.

Accumulative gas water heater Accumulative gas water heater
Running geyser Flow geyser

Most heaters, gas-fired, currently represent just flow model.

Classification by type of ignition

  • automatically.She lights up when the water is turned on.
  • Semiautomatic.It is lit pilot light.
Automatic ignition of the gas column Automatic ignition of the gas column

Types of columns depending on the power

  • High power.In these models, the power will be greater than 25 kW.
  • moderately.Their power range is represented by figures 20-24 kW.
  • Low power.power parameters in such devices does not exceed 19-20 kW.
High Power geyser High Power geyser

speakers also classified by the method of combustion.They are divided into units with open and closed chamber.In the first case, the air for supporting combustion device takes the room.The second embodiment presented turbo heaters, which has a blower and a combustion chamber are closed.

ignition types

main burner in modern speakers can burn from:

  • electrical impulses that create a piezoelectric element after pressing.Such an ignition is quite expensive, because inside the heater is lit the wick.The gas flow in such a device is increased by 25%.
  • under the impulse of the batteries.A spark in this column is produced during switching devices, and as soon as the device is switched off, the burner goes out, too.
  • Because of momentum caused by the work of the hydro generator.This method of ignition occurs in models from Bosch.For it is necessary to switch the electric generator, the operation of which is activated by the flow of water.
  • mains.This method of ignition used very rarely and depending on the availability of electrical sockets close to the column.
Electric ignition of the gas column electric ignition of the gas column

Also, there is a manual type ignition with a match or lighter, but in most models of heaters sold now it is not used because it is considered obsolete.

exchanger types

Most speakers that are presented now on sale, the heat exchanger is made of copper. The quality of such a heat exchanger affects the percentage of impurities in the copper (low-quality metal gray color will be different) and features spikes (dark spots indicate the manual soldering, is less quality).It is best to choose a model with an ultrasonic soldering copper heat exchanger.

Copper heat exchanger water heater Copper heat exchanger water heater


this option for most manufacturers is measured in liters per minute, and is directly connected to the power unit. He indicated either on the back of the column or in the documentation on it.According to this indicator, you can determine how much water can be heated chosen model within one minute.

Schedule performance geyser

to correlate this data to your needs, keep in mind that an average of one faucet runs for 1 minute is about 7 liters of water.So if you need the same time to get hot water from two taps, pick equipment with a capacity of 13 l / min and higher.

water pressure

The technical characteristics of the column indicates the minimum water pressure at which the unit will operate. This option is especially important for residents of old buildings, where water pressure is low.

problem of water supply in Russian homes also advocates periodic occurrence of water hammer.Devices that can withstand 12 bar, is well tolerated, such short-term increase in pressure.

power modulation

Due to the water pressure drops Work column may be broken, but no differences will not prevent the operation of a model in which there is a modulation option. In this column at a water pressure drop equipment will continue to operate, maintaining a stable temperature of water coming from the tap.

This modulation is possible only in a certain range - it does not exceed the upper limit of the maximum capacity of the column, and the lower impact sensitivity of the internal elements of the device.If such a range would be 40-100% of the capacity of the column, this modulation will be comfortable.

modulation valve in the gas column modulation valve in the gas column

presence of security sensors

safety of using the column depends on such sensors:

  • Burning. It will shut off the flow of gas if the flame attenuation.
  • ionization. This sensor will also block the flow of gas in a situation where the fire was extinguished.
  • Stream. Provides switch column after opening the tap on and off when the tap is closed.
  • overheating. With this sensor the water can not scald, but in the heat exchanger will not be collected scum.
  • water temperatures. This sensor detects, cold or hot water, resulting in a regulated flame power.
  • Traction .The column will stop working when there is no draft.
  • Protective reset .Fires at excessively high pressure water.
  • reduced pressure.Do not give include column when there is insufficient water pressure.

Read more about this in the article about the sensors in the gas column.

Rod sensor for gas column rod sensor for water heater

What options are ideal for apartments?

Choosing a column for a city apartment, the main thing is not to hurry, but to consider all important to choose the right nuances:

  • Decide on the power of the heater.Conventionally column with a capacity of less than 20 kW is suitable only for a water intake point.It is suitable if you only look for a model for the kitchen or bathroom only.If you need a device to supply water to two points, keep an eye model with a capacity of not less than 20-24 kW.
  • Choose ignition device type and version of removal of products of combustion.It should be considered whether there is a chimney in your home, as many output devices combustion products through it.However, there are also models, ejection of combustion products in which there is a right on the street.
  • Ensure the safe use of the column.
Water heater in the apartment

Overview of the most popular models

most demanded models such geysers:


Features and the average price

NEVA Lux 5514

device power is 28 kW, and productivity - 13 l / min.

Included with an electronic ignition.

column dimensions - 650h390h260.

average price - 12,000 rubles

Bosch WR 10-2P

column capacity is 17.4 kW.

equipment works with pezorozzhigom.

product is intended for one point of water pumping (the performance of 10 l / min).

for power regulation in the column there is a special pen.

machine can be used for liquid gas.

column dimensions - 580h300h220.

average price - 9000 rubles

Ariston Fast Evo 11B

device heats in 1 minute 11 liters of water, and its capacity is 19 kW.

ignition in this model is made from a battery.

column dimensions - 580h310h210.

average price - 12,000 rubles

Electrolux GWH 265 ERN Nano Plus

Column ignited by batteries.

Power models is 20 kW.

inside the machine installed copper heat exchanger that is resistant to oxidation.

product differs successful design and the presence of the display on the front side.

column dimensions - 550h328h180.

average price - 8000 rubles

Electrolux GWH 285 ERN NanoPro

Model heat 11 liters of water per minute, and its capacity is 19.2 kW.

burner in this apparatus is made of stainless steel, and the heat exchanger - of copper.

device works WITH ELECTRONIC.

for control of the column there is provided a system Intelligent Control.

equipment different silent operation.

column dimensions - 578h310h220.

average price - 13,000 rubles

Beretta Idrabagno Aqua 11

This unit open combustion chamber.

power of the model is 21.8 kW.

Activated button (pezorozzhigom).

One minute this column will heat 10.8 liters of water.

The device is the stabilizer of gas pressure and the ability to adjust the power.

column dimensions - 617h314h245.

average price - 14,000 rubles

Mora VEGA 10

power of this model is 17.3 kW.

In the apparatus has pezopodzhigom and the possibility of power regulation.

efficiency of the products - 92%.

column dimensions - 592h320h245.

average price - 20,000 rubles

Vaillant MAG OE 11-0 / 0 XZ C +

pezopodzhigom device with power and 19 kW.

speaker cabinet is made of steel and covered with a special white enamel.

The heat exchanger is made of copper, and chrome-nickel steel is used for the manufacture of the burner.

This product provides gas pressure regulation.

column dimensions - 634h310h230.

average price - 13,000 rubles

Gorenje GWN 10NNBW

column Power - 20 kW.

ignition in this model comes from the battery.

device is designed to tap 1 and heats per minute 10 liters of water.

The device has a 3-stage protection.

column dimensions - 590h327h180.

average price - 9000 rubles

Oasis 20 ZG

The device operates with a power of 20 kW and heat for 1 minute, 10 liters of water.Ignition

this column comes from batteries.

The front side is decorated with a design pattern equipment.

The model contains all of the security level.

Operation is pretty quiet.

column dimensions - 590h340h140.

average price - 7000 rubles

Ladogaz HSV 14F

Thanks to the power of 24 kW this column heats in 1 minute 14 liters of water.

for ignition in this model uses a battery, so the device is automatically activated simultaneously with the opening of the tap.

The heater provides 8 levels of protection.

Burner in a column of steel and is characterized by a reflector arrays.

column dimensions - 720h320h210.

average price - 13,000 rubles

Heater Gorenje GWH 10 NNBW heater Gorenje GWN 10NNBW
Heater Electrolux GWH 285 ERN NanoPro heater Electrolux GWH 285 ERN NanoPro
Oasis water heater 20 heater Oasis 20
Heater Bosch WR 10-2P heaterBosch WR 10-2P

Rating gas columns in terms of reliability and quality, see in another article.

Tips for Choosing

Choosing column, in turn, answer the following questions:

  1. device from any manufacturer you are interested in?
  2. What power do you need speakers?
  3. What type of ignition must be in the machine?
  4. How are evacuating combustion gases?
  5. What additional features and security settings are important to you?
  6. whether the device will approach design to the interior of the room?
Gas heater for the home


users are very satisfied with speakers from Bosch and Vaillant, but note that the repair of such devices is very costly.The highest reliability, but at the same time and the highest price seen in speakers Mora.Among domestic manufacturers positive about Neva columns.Negative reviews you can often hear about the work of Chinese speakers.However, many devices are dissatisfied with the steel heat exchanger.

Gas heater for the home

next video channel on Youtube "Heat SPB" tells more about some of the important characteristics that are worth paying attention to when choosing a water heater.