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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to wash and clean the toilet at home , the rules of care

Care toilet
  • Features care
  • mounted cleaners
  • Tools and chemicals
  • Folk remedies
  • Removal of stone and lime

Maintaining a toilet room in pure form - the key to your health.Various harmful microscopic organisms can disturb our inner balance and cause various diseases.Now the chemical industry offers a wide range of tools for the care of the toilets.The main thing is to choose the right and follow the instructions for use.

Keeping the toilet clean

Features care

Regardless of the material from which made your toilet, it needs to be cleaned.It should be done at least twice a week, but it is advisable to monitor the cleanliness of the sanitary products every day, especially if you have small children. Consider options for the care of the toilet, according to the manufacturing material:

  • porcelain toilet. alkaline and acid agents are suitable for cleaning.Abrasive powder and there are not suitable, since applied tool requires mechanical action, and it may just scratch your toilet.
  • ceramic and porcelain toilets.
    ideal cleanser is a hydrochloric acid solution.In no case can not rub toilet metal brushes.This causes scratches.Exposure to hot water, too, is unacceptable.The toilet just crack.
  • toilet made of polymer.For its cleaning suitable liquid means, various gels.
  • stainless steel toilet. This product is a strong physical influences, so is suitable for cleaning with a soft bristle brush, and any chemicals: abrasive, powder, alkaline, acidic.You can use hot water.
Caring for the toilet in the apartment with the children

mounted cleaners

Hinged cleaners for toilets are special gels, tablets, which are suspended in a special device to the place of water flow into the drain of the toilet.Curtain cleaners do an excellent job with a touch of lime, disinfect and impart a pleasant fragrance to your toilet.

not forget at least once every two to three months to change the plastic containers for gels.If you do not want them to periodically wash - buy containers which are disposed of after cleaning finishes filler.

Wall cleaners and gels

Tools and chemicals

Any cleaning of the toilet is not possible without their brush, sponges and rags.Pay attention to the fact that their brush should not be too rough bristle.Otherwise, it can cause scratching, which then can not be removed.

To clean your toilet with alkaline agents, the water from the toilet must be emptied, and the means with the help of sponges applied to the inside of the product.After 10-15 minutes rinse with water means.If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Toilet brush
Chemicals for the toilet

When using chemicals, acidic or alkaline cleaning agents made sure in the presence of rubber gloves, and sometimes points.

Cleaning the toilet with gloves

Folk remedies

  • remarkable popular detergent is a common baking soda .It is enough to sprinkle it polluted places and leave for a while.Next, the surface-treated soda is filled with a solution of vinegar and lemon juice.Chemical reaction occurred simultaneously disinfects and cleans the inside of the toilet bowl.From bacteria is not a trace remains.
  • Acetic solution can be left overnight.This will give a freshness and whiteness of the product, remove the rusty patina that comes from the constantly dripping water.Vinegar, citric acid can be replaced.
  • Another interesting discovery in terms of national cleaning toilet is known worldwide drink Coca Cola .He whiten the surface.Just pour a bottle of soda in a bowl and leave for several hours.
Soda for cleaning the toilet bowl
Coca -Cola to clean toilet

Removal of stone and lime

Prevention of decalcification is to treat the surface with soapy water.If limescale has already proved, the use of 96% is slightly warmed acetic essence.It should be applied to plaque accumulation place and leave for a small time period.Then wash with a sponge.

store shelves are filled with a variety of tools that help get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon.They act quickly and effectively, for 10-15 minutes.Get rid of the stone and lime help special tablets that are placed in the cistern.Acid solutions as well clean these unpleasant phenomena.

In any event, a weekly cleaning of the toilet bowl to prevent the formation of plaque and calculus.So do not forget about it!

You will have much less of a problem with leaving behind the toilet, if you install a "smart" toilet to function samootchistki.It's not cheap, but the novelty is worth it!

Removing plaque by means of special funds
Smart toilet