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August 12, 2017 18:06

The most expensive and exclusive baths : gold , crystal , with Swarovski

  • only one of its kind
    • Great Queen Lee
    • Malachite - Baldi
    • Violet - Baldi
    • Red Diamond
  • Gold
  • From rock crystal - Baldi
  • Serenity
  • Copper - Kallista Archeo
  • Diamond
  • Glass - Le Cob

for exclusive interiors of bathrooms used the unique design model plumbing from leading fashion houses.Exclusive models determined by their shape, construction material, and by the trend.If the golden bowls - it is kitsch, and is no longer relevant, the bath or toilet bowls, studded with Swarovski stones, onyx sinks or rock crystal with original lighting - this is what can be considered as the latest fashion trends.

Bath slipper
Bath in the form of shells
Bath unusual shape

only one of its kind

bathtubs, which are created in the single copy.They are incredibly beautiful and amazing.

Great Queen Lee

Price this masterpiece is $ 1 700 000, because this pool is the only one of its kind.

design team headed by Simon Krapf worked on its creation more than 6 months.Bath is in the form of ten-Indonesian canoe very rare piece of petrified wood Caijou, who spent more than a million years in the frozen magma Indonesian volcano and has healing properties.

To produce therapeutic baths used crystals, precious stones and metals, which significantly affect the cost of the product.Bath has poor thermal conductivity due to the rocks of volcanic origin, so the hot water for a long time does not cool down.

Plumbing equipment is only equipped with modern electronics: remote control, speakers, lighting and temperature control, and a built-in computer.

Bath Queen Lee

Malachite - Baldi

Price Baldi malachite bath is 222 thousand US dollars.It was created in Italy by the famous designer Luca Bojola.He did it in the form of boats, which gives it originality.Bath made of rare stones - turquoise malachite, as well as its grandeur emphasize the luxurious legs that are covered with 24-carat gold.This bath looks majestic and rich, as well as a colorful reminder of the luxury of the Renaissance.Specially created for her a mirror of marble stone.

Malachite Baldi bath

Violet - Baldi

cost amethyst bath by Paolo Baldi is $ 121 200. This masterpiece created from a single amethyst, his legs covered with decorative twenty-four carat gold.Natural stone picture simply mesmerizing.To complete the composition, master developed a special built-in dispenser for liquid soap, bar of soap and glass, which are made of the same material.

Violet bath Paolo Baldi

Red Diamond

Cost bright red bath is $ 47 200. Its creator is Puglielli Aldo, who made it to the company Watergames Technologies.Bath Red Diamond is a true work of art, because at first glance did not immediately say that we face a bathtub.

Bath Red Diamond

It has two 42-inch TV screen that are waterproof and are removed via rotary mechanisms.It is also equipped with a multi-colored backlit bath, hydromassage, air massage and other high-end features that sit back and relax.Holder of champagne decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Bath has a 18-karat gold nuggets weighing 42 grams.Its dimensions allow to take water treatments together.

Bath unusual Red Diamond - holder for champagne Swarovski
Bath unusual Red Diamond - hydro
unusual bath Red Diamond - TV

Another 6 baths, hit the top 10 best

Furthermore we have considered four baths, there are six more who rightly carry the title of best.


This unique creation is worth $ 987,000, because to create it using real gold.

Bath used as a fun ride in a Japanese hotel «Kominato».Her installed on the tenth floor, which was constantly reliable protection, and it allowed visitors to just two or three hours a day.But even the high level of protection did not stop in 2007, attackers steal bath and escape.This crime could not be opened.

Gold bath

From rock crystal - Baldi

This Italian work of art is worth $ 790,310, because there are only three such unique baths in the world.These products have been created for the Italian company Baldi, which deals with interiors.Italian designer Luca Bojola for creating each bath used ten tons of rare rock crystal.It looks naturally due unpolished parts.Two baths have already found their buyers happy, and the third a masterpiece today put up for sale in the UK Harrods.In 2008, the first bath of rock crystal has acquired Russian oligarch, and the second product bought British socialite Tamara Ecclestone in 2011.

Bath made ​​of rock crystal


Its cost is $ 76,658, for a total of twelve such products exist in the world.Unique luxury bath Serenity resembles a medieval castle, which is located on a massive pedestal.Its depth is 0.4 meters, and the total height - 0.6 meters.Bronze bath with elements of silver and gold is decorated on the outside of the original drawing with a bird.

Serenity Bath

Copper - Kallista Archeo

The cost is $ 67 557. She produced manually skilled craftsmen, who were engaged in the restoration of the Statue of Liberty in the United States.

Copper bath strikes graceful form, original style.

Its dimensions are 1.5 by 0.75 meters, so will be able to take a bath in it any person.Of particular interest with handheld showerheads, as it is placed on the engraving of the starfish.

Bath Callista


necessary to pay 39,000 US dollars, to become the happy owner of the diamond bath.Designer Loti Garner worked on the creation of this product for more than three years, as for the decorations used about 45 thousand crystals Swarovski.Cast iron legs perfectly complement the stunning image of the bath, and also serve as a reliable fastening.

Diamond unusual bath
Diamond bath
unusual diamond bath

Glass - Le Cob

Weightlessness, style and originality make the interior glass bath.Read about them in this article.

To purchase the bath of glass, you need to pay $ 34,000, but it is worth the money.Bath has the effect of filling the infinite.

Bath Le Cob

Water from the overflowing bath pours a waterfall on a layer of pebbles, making this noise of the mountain river.This design allows you to relax and mentally travel back to the noisy waterfall.Glass bath is not intended for hygienic procedures, but rather for relaxation and recreation.Due to its small size it can be installed in the bathrooms of medium size.

stylish accents

To create a cozy and original interior in the bathroom, many have focused on the bath.That she can become the center of the room, and all other design details will emphasize her style.In recent years, greatly expanded the list of manufacturers of sanitary ware, as well as range of products.

Designer bath original form
Bath with backlight

Master plumbing works wonders, while using conventional cast iron or acrylic.

great variety of forms simply fascinating: rectangular, asymmetrical, round, oval, square, and even those that can not be called a geometric description.For example, the bath in the form of elegant shoes or stingray, which spread its wings.

Fantasy Italian designers simply do not have borders.Each year there are new design catalogs original form of luxury baths, which are fascinating for its unusual shape, color and decorative solutions and technical equipment.

Black bath

occupy a special place cast iron bath, which, in spite of massive appearance, looks very gracefully. Just imagine luxury bath clawfoot.Any bathroom will gain an incredible flavor.Of course, it is necessary to take into account the size of the bath room.But even for small bathrooms provide intriguing options angular or rectangular baths.

Today bath is not only a place for water treatments, is used for recreation and relaxation.There is a huge variety of colors for the bath to create a certain mood while taking a bath.Black, red, terracotta, blue, brown and many other colors are used in the creation of baths, because there are no restrictions.

Colored bath used to create emphasis.So, it is very bright and stylish looks red bath.

Bath is neotemny any decor in the bathroom.For example, the glass bath overcame a very extravagant and original, because the common man is not used to this gimmick.

Glass Hot Tub

latest innovation was the wooden bath, which submits the luxury.What to speak of the bath made of rock crystal.About this work of art can only dream of.

Bath made ​​of wood
Exclusive bath
Bath with natural stone

Each bathroom can be elegant and luxurious, if you use an expensive plumbing.The only rule is that there is no need to focus on several things, better to highlight one item and under him to make registration of all other elements and parts of the interior bathroom.Centre premises can make the bath and on the basis of her style, decorate the rest of the interior.

Bath in the form of a flower

can set gorgeous renovated bath of cast iron in the center of the bathroom, or use a special podium.It looks very elegant bath of glass or onyx, which can be supplemented with backlit waterfall faucets, which will emphasize the beauty of the material.

restored tub

To produce elite plumbers use only high quality materials and costly manual work.Wizards use ceramic, natural stone, glass, metal and other materials to create luxury baths.

One of the world leaders in creating luxury bath is Italy. designers embody original ideas, using new technology for the production of sanitary ware.Italian bath differ special elegance and charm.Highly skilled craftsmen make all plumbing fixtures only expensive high-quality materials.

Bath with natural stone
Glass bath
Bath yin yang

For decoration often use leaf gold and silver, rare wood, natural leather and hand-painted to create these masterpieces, which are worthkings.Under certain style plumbing necessary to issue the entire bathroom, including shelves, cabinets, lamps, decoration materials of walls, ceiling and floor - all should emphasize the selected style and harmony with each other.

expensive plumbing installation can be trusted only to professionals with great experience. Elite fixtures can be called expensive designer models bathtubs, gold-plated faucets or sinks made of onyx.

luxuries can only include the sanitary equipment, which is unique and is produced very limited quantities or in a single version.

Gold-plated mixer
Bath boat
Bath with Swarovski crystals

We advise you to read our article about the unusual bath.Human imagination is boundless, and it is confirmed in this article.