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August 12, 2017 18:06

Italian washing machines : the brand with the Italian assembly

Italian flag
  • Top Italian brands
    • Indesit
    • Hotpoint-Ariston
    • Ardo
    • Sandy
    • Zanussi
  • How to make sure that the machine assembly is Italian?

Appliances from Italian manufacturers long established itself with a good hand, so our compatriots when choosing a washing machine often looked after the model of one of the brands come from Italy.These durable and functional products are of high quality if they do Italian assembly.

Italian washing machines

Top Italian brands


Cars of this brand are very popular in our market, as they have the reasonable price and excellent performance.The latest models of this brand attract function Eco Time, the use of which helps to reduce the wash water consumption of electricity and 20%.However, we have provided equipment can be there only Italian, but also Slovak or assembled in Russia.

washing machine Indesit
Preparation for washing


Under this brand are selling washing machines of the same manufacturer that offers our compatriots Indesit brand products.Therefore, disadvantages and advantages in this technique is almost the same.Machines Ariston cope well with washing and highly reliable.Their disadvantages referred to strong vibration during washing and molded tank.

Machine Hotpoint Ariston


products of this famous European brand attracts high quality.Such washing machines are produced not only in Italy but also in some other countries, but in our stores, they are mainly represented by the Italian assembly.Ardo models definite plus - a good wash quality and long service.

quality laundry
Washer Ardo


Machines of this brand in our market appeared relatively recently, but managed to please the users low cost and wide range of models.However, to purchase a model Sandy, collected in Italy, it is very difficult.The brand manufactures its products in various countries, including Russia and China.The result, unfortunately, is not very high quality and the fragility of life.

Washing machine Candy


This Italian manufacturer has established itself for a long time, offering to Russian customers not only washing machines, but also other equipment.The quality and reliability of the machines Zanussi always on top, and among the shortcomings can be called only the complexity of the repair of vehicles of the brand and are quite expensive items.

drying underwear
Zanussi washing machine

How to make sure that the machine assembly is Italian?

Learn where the washing machine has been made it is that you are planning to buy, you can from the documentation that came with your equipment.Also, the country of origin is usually indicated on the "label", glued to the rear of the machine.But to assess the assembly on the barcode is not quite correct, since it will only indicate the brand home.

washing machines Italian production