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Toilet Bowls

August 12, 2017 18:06

Wall-hung WC : size, with bidet , especially the installation and installation

Hanging toilet
  • Pros Cons
  • Features
  • Dimensions
  • What weight can withstand?
  • Water saving
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation

Sanitaryware each house and apartment necessarily equipped with a toilet.But how exactly?Today, their diversity is so great that the right choice is not so simple.We talk about the false models, which have recently enjoyed the greatest demand.


Suspended toilet - this is the result of the development of modern technologies in the field of plumbing.These products allow to solve a lot of problems, as well as to implement a number of new design ideas.Because they are found mostly in apartments and houses for young couples, who keeps up with the times and is willing to combine new trends with practicality.

The main advantages include:

  • Lite cleaning process because after the installation of plumbing does not have to work to get a rag to the corners, hard to reach places, there to wash the floor;
  • floor can be heated, if appropriate;
  • not have to break the integrity of the floor tile;
  • Communication and even a tank hidden behind the wall, because the room gets more aesthetic and pleasing appearance;
  • can withstand a lot of weight, despite the apparent lightness of plumbing.
Advantages of suspended toilets
Advantages of suspended toilets


But there is such toilets and some disadvantages:

  1. Installation built toilet requires a major overhaul.Because it is mounted mainly when organized a full-scale change in the apartment.
  2. mounting price slightly above normal installation of the toilet, but there are lots of additional costs will have to be given more time to question.
  3. Contribute need for plumbing, installation, as well as for the work itself on their installation.
  4. Such a system is installed is not recommended with the old houses, the old communications, since access to them will have to dismantle the wall, to troubleshoot.
Disadvantages Suspended toilets


In this type of toilet has its own peculiarities and nuances of operation, repair and installation of:

  1. Upper plumbing faucet should be positioned approximately 40-45 cm from the floor.
  2. Distance between Hole Wizard is of two types - 230 and 180 centimeters.
  3. button on the drain system is mounted on the front or side panel of the tank.If you remove this key, you will be able to reach the inside of the valve.
  4. Failure of the float, suspended toilet design provides for drainage.Through it out excess water in a bowl.
  5. Almost every modern model of the toilet is equipped with a system of economical flow rate.It is of two types - double button, or one level press which regulates the amount of fluid drained.
Features suspended toilet


There are three kinds of toilets, the main difference between them lies in their size:

  • most compact in length models have a size of 52 cm They are relevant in small bathrooms..But the most successful in terms of space savings are the angular model;
  • Middle articles have a length 54-60 centimeters.Today they are the most popular, because the match the average person needs;
  • The range of many manufacturers are present elongated model.Their size is approximately 72 cm. They are designed for people with disabilities, the elderly.But if you have in the house at the same time children and the elderly, this toilet is not suitable for toddlers.Always contemplate the toilet seat for a child, so that it does not sink into the cup.
Types of suspended toilets
Large hanging toilets

Further, such bowls are distinguished by the type of installation for which they are mounted:

  • Floor. This type of installation can be fixed only on the floor;
  • Corner.Submitted a prism that allows to perform fixation in the corner;
  • Pristennye.They frame fixed to wall and floor simultaneously.
Floor installation toilet
Corner installation of toilet
Near-wall installation toilet

What weight can withstand?

Many people are afraid to choose the pendant model, as worry about their unreliability and failure to withstand the heavy weight of a large man.

In fact, these experiences are in vain, because the apparent lightness is not real.

If set correctly, as well as select the product tested products, then design easily withstand a load of 400 kilograms.

Saving water

Given the current cost of utilities, the question of economy in the plumbing went to a whole new level.Not surprisingly, a hanging toilet treated so seriously trying achieve high efficiency flushing while minimizing water loss.

As we have noted, almost all modern models are equipped with suspension systems, saving the liquid.In normally outputs a toilet bowl 9 liters, and with savings - in half. With water meter in the house, you will quickly feel the difference in water consumption.

saving systems are slightly different from those that are installed in conventional open-type toilet.Is this difference in reliability.Manufacturers understand that access to the valve is very limited, because the system should be as reliable and durable.

Water saving toilets suspended

Tips for Choosing

To make the right choice, you should pay attention to some basic nuances of buying built toilet:

  1. material. Today, manufacturers are willing to offer you products made of glass, stainless steel, plastic, iron and so on.Despite such exquisite materials, each has significant disadvantages.Because the best option - it is ceramic.
  2. form. The taste and color, as they say ... you need only choose the shape you yourselves, give advice in this respect does not make sense.Just be sure that the product does not have any sharp edges, and complex shapes, as will be more difficult to care for them.
  3. flushing system. most often water moves forward from the tank, washing everything in its path.But there is better to prefer the circular run off.He creates spray effectively washes the cup.
  4. fittings. only high-quality and reliable.And today it is possible to choose between manual and pneumatic system.The first is better because it is more reliable and durable.
  5. Manufacturers. We will not do advertising a particular brand, but simply orient you a bit on the cost.Products up to $ 300 are Chinese companies and some domestic production.Nothing unusual, just functional toilets without any design refinements.Optimally choose as low as 300 to 500 dollars.Reliable, durable and efficient.But the product as low as $ 500 are often designer toilets.They are not always comfortable, but the most beautiful and unusual.
Tips for choosing a wall-hung WC
Recommendations for choosing a wall-hung WC


Installation similar sanitary articles are best left to professionals.They can be mounted on the load-bearing walls or partitions made specifically for the bathroom.

There are three types of installation:

  • Standard.From is made of frames and supports on the basis of solid metal;
  • Special, designed for corner toilets. mount them a bit more complicated, but they have their own indisputable advantages and benefits.First of all, the issue of saving space inside the sanitary unit;
  • Rail. Made in the form of rails, which establish not only the toilet, but it and other plumbing.In conventional apartments are fairly rare, because we have the same bidet or urinal until you came into use, used only a small percentage of people in their own homes.Rather, it is the prerogative of the public institutions.
Standard installation for suspended toilet
Installation of bend suspended toilet

tank system is made of durable plastic, which represents the type of a simple canister.But she has termoobolochku, which prevents the formation of condensation.

Install the product is not as difficult as some people think:

  • first assemble the frame and fix it firmly on the floor and the wall, depending on the installation;
  • screwed studs for plumbing;
  • Rama cover sheet moisture-resistant drywall or other facing materials;
  • Mount then the toilet, insulated studs;
  • Perform finishing.
Installation installations for suspended toilet
Installation of suspended toilet

But it is better to entrust the work to professionals to help you choose wisely installation, give some advice regarding the purchase of sanitary ware, as well as prompt the nuances of its installation on one or the otherthe wall of your plumbing site.

Suspended toilets are in demand, and there are a number of logical explanation.But if he is right for you, or should confine more standard solutions?Think, choose and buy.

Hanging toilet