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Toilet Bowls

August 12, 2017 18:06

How to install a floor type toilet bowl, the correct installation methods

How to install a toilet
  • Tools
  • Preparations
  • Forms installation
    • On taffeta
    • On screws
    • adhesive
  • Types release
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
    • Diagon
  • Installation stages
    • Dismantling
    • Removing taffeta and work with the floor
    • marking and dowels
    • tank support
    • Installation bowl
    • tank Connection and bowls
    • Verifying
    • last step

Replacing the toilet -important stage of repair of the sanitary unit.In this case it is not necessary to consult specialists.Mounting the squat toilet is quite possible to own.


Assemble the necessary tools and auxiliary materials:

  • Punch or drill with the hammer mode of operation;
  • drill bit with a diameter that matches the size of dowels for mounting the toilet;
  • drill to work with tiles.It is useful in the event that on the floor there are tiles or tiles;
  • wrenches;
  • Hammer;
  • quality sealant (in a tube or gun);
  • Screwdriver Set;
  • set of strong wrenches;
  • adapters for connection to the bell of the iron (if required);
  • Fasteners that toilet manufacturer has not included in the kit;
  • few rags, a basin or bucket of water.


Do not rush immediately to start the installation.To start, decide how it will connect to your toilet with sewage.

now available three options:

  1. Gofra toilet.This cuff is economical, but to connect closely with sewage plumbing will not work.This is an important moment, when a compact space.
  2. Straight cuffs.Ensure sufficient and durable tight connection, practically have drawbacks.
  3. eccentric.Relevant in the event that the input and output toilet sewage offset from each other.

Make available adapters, if required.The thread may be different because the additional elements required.

Preparing to install a new toilet seat - this is, above all, the dismantling of the old.Often under the old toilets still stand from wooden planks.Remove it, and seal the voids using cement.


installation Seemingly, put yourself on the toilet floor, fixing screws and the case is finished.In fact, things are not so simple.

There are three types of installation:

  • On taffeta;
  • on the bolt;
  • glue.

On taffeta

Classic option, which remains relevant even today.For him, you need a strong board, treated with protective compounds.They need to sink into the floor or mounted on the same level with them.Underneath the foundation anchors fixed in wood, and the resulting solution is poured recess sand and cement.Next

already mounted toilet itself on its new location.For fixing to the required taffeta simple screws.Just do not forget to put the rubber under the head of a gang that will protect the ceramic bowl.

Fixing the toilet to taffeta

On screws

Simple enough, but at the same time reliable way to fix the toilet.For him, you need to install the product for the future permanent place through holes for fasteners to make mark marker or pencil on the floor.

then cleaned the toilet, make holes, dowels are inserted.Now sanitary product will be returned to its original position, fixed by screws.It is also important to use rubber washers.For better sealing we recommend apply a little silicone under the toilet seat, and seal the edges of them.

Set the bowl on the screws


used in this case, an epoxy adhesive.The surface under the toilet pre-cleaned, treated with White spirit.A similar procedure is carried out with the bottom of the toilet bowl, which it will be fixed on the floor.

further recommended surfaces roughened, degreased and dry.Connected communication is applied to the surface of the epoxy layer and strongly pressed against the toilet to the floor.You can put weights on it, and within a day the adhesive is fully cured.

Set the bowl on the glue

release Types

issue in squat toilet is of three types:

  • Angled - oblique;
  • perpendicular to the floor - vertical;
  • parallel to the floor - horizontal.

examine in detail each of them separately.


They are often used in Europe.Pipe and siphon are directed downward.Ease of construction is that it can accommodate the plumbing in the walls at any angle you selected.Mount the system quite simple:

  • Running markings on the floor, mounted helical flange, which has a special retainer;
  • In the center of the flange has a hole where the sewer pipe is put;
  • flange placed on the cup, takes place before the turn of fixation;
  • The outlet independently pressed against the tube, since there is provided the presence of the seal-ring.
Installing a toilet bowl with vertical outflow


most popular type of issue we have.This is explained by the nuances of sewerage construction in our multi-storey buildings.Installation is carried out to a particular wall, and the outlet is connected to sewer tap cuff.The legs are special plumbing holes.They serve to secure the article to the floor.

Toilet with horizontal outlet


Set bowl in such a way can the following steps:

  • Coat issue with grooves, using a mixture of linseed oil and red lead;
  • Wind the top strand of the resin before reaching the end of the tube is about 5 mm.So wound will not get into the sewage system, thus you can avoid blockages;
  • strand liberally smeared with red lead;
  • then mounted plumbing and secured the release pipe in a sewage pipe socket.
WC with an oblique release

Installation stages

to best deal with the proper installation of the floor of the toilet, every step should be considered separately.


  • shuts off the water, disconnect the flexible hoses down the remaining water in the tank;
  • Detached drain tank.Proceed on the basis of whether or not you need the toilet.You can do everything carefully, and you can simply break it into pieces;
  • accelerate the dismantling process will punch and a hammer;
  • Make sure that the pieces do not fall into the sewer and not hurt you;
  • Remove the bowl, bring everything to the dump, clean room.

Removing taffeta and work with the floor

  • dismantle the old plumbing, tidy bell.It may form rust accumulate dirt, patina;
  • placed on the funnel transition collar made of high-quality rubber.It necessarily lubricate before this sealing of sanitary type;
  • sewage Plug the hole using a cloth to keep out odors;
  • Remove taffeta made of wooden planks, if any;
  • In the void do fill, using quick-drying cement solution;Make
  • floor level flat, using a spatula;
  • Wait until the mixture hardens.

marking and dowels

  • Bowl is placed on the location of your choice;
  • through the holes in the legs is the markup for future drillings;
  • completing the layout, remove the bowl, take a punch, make holes and insert the dowels into them.
Installation of the tank on the toilet

tank support

  • Follow the instructions strictly to the plumbing to perform installation fittings toilet tank;
  • Tighten the nuts by hand valves exclusively, without the aid of tools.At the same time hold the valve with the other hand.This will prevent twisting and to avoid damage to the gasket;
  • When installing valves avoid their contact with the walls of the container, as well as with each other.

Installation bowl

  • The connecting sleeve is connected to a sanitary transition, and certainly a part of the tab;
  • Exit bowl plumbing fixed in the transition sleeve, trying to push to the maximum all the way;
  • Turn the cuff as long as the toilet does not take the required position and its holes are aligned with the holes made in the floor;
  • bowl to the floor is fixed with screws.Do not forget to throw a protective washer made of plastic to prevent damage to the product;
  • Make sure that the floor is flat.If not, use a plastic or rubber gasket, and then tighten the bolts.

Connection tank and bowl

  • Before installing the tank on the bowl between them necessarily put pad, treated with sealant.This will prevent leakage in the future;
  • fixing member uniformly tightening the fasteners;
  • Mount the cover and the push button;
  • Connect the flexible liner.
Connecting the tank and the bowl when the toilet installation


To ensure proper connection, perform these steps:

  • Type in a water tank and drain;
  • amount of water in the sink is adjusted as indicated in the instructions to the product;
  • Examine each element is connected, make sure there are no leaks.If necessary, treat poorly tightened component sealant and tighten connections;
  • If the problem lies in the failure of a leak component of the toilet, then buy a new one and install it.

last step

  • Install reaching complete seat;
  • formed between the legs and the floor cracks sealed with sealants;
  • Running a full water supply connection is carried out several trial discharges.
Fixed a squat toilet

As you can see, put a bowl on the floor with his hands - the problem is not particularly complicated.It does not require professional skills or helping artists.

Of course, if you do not believe in your own abilities, you do not have the time or desire to engage in this sort of thing yourself, contact a specialist.Many shops selling sanitary equipment, simultaneously provide service delivery, installation and subsequent maintenance.Often, it is beneficial, especially when it comes to the company store plumbing.High quality products accompanied by the excellent quality of performance, installation and repair work.