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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tanker bath with his hands : the restoration and recovery of the bath liquid acrylic , acrylic liners

Coating acrylic bathtub
  • liquid acrylic
    • Benefits
    • technology
  • How to make a bulk bath with his hands
  • consumption of time and materials
  • Tips
  • Giving color liquid acryl
  • Operation
  • Pros &cons of application of acrylic liner

If the bath due to the long use has lost its original luster and got cracked and scratched, it's time to decide on its restoration.The problem is that over time the enamel coating bath is erased, and the restoration of enamel - it is not so simple.

Restoring appearance of the old baths, thanks to modern techniques of applying liquid acrylic, can be carried out independently and without the involvement of specialists: special enamel painting purchased at any hardware store, will extend bath life.

liquid acrylic

Recently, in the field of sanitary ware is often referred to that name as a liquid acrylic.It is used in the restoration of older, scratched or broken baths and masks quickly all visible to the eye defects.Just a few hours of simple work with this material old bath becomes a magnificent appearance, is not unlike the new sanitary devices.

This method is also called bath filler. job processing bath coating can be carried out independently.The name implies that in the process of repair a new bathtub is filled with the old.

acrylic restoration


This kind of bathroom renovation is very popular now, because acrylic has lots of advantages :

  • conducted with the use of acrylic enamelling makes appearance scratched old bathscompletely new shiny surface, which is not afraid of contact with chemicals, is smooth and shiny.
  • Bath quickly updated with liquid acrylic. Its surface acquires its original color and shine through the use of modern sponges and detergent composition.Constant surface glow will give the use of soap or soda solution.
  • restoration surface with liquid acrylic bathtub will significantly save money, as the acquisition of a new bath is not required.
  • With the use of this material to repair much time is saved, after removing tiles or dismantling any part of finishing the interior is not required.
acrylic bathtub after restoration


Before any work on the restoration of the bath with liquid acrylic its surface must be flat and washed with detergent.She then cleaned with waterproof sandpaper or an abrasive stone without washing powder. It improves the quality of conducted paint, giving the bath smoothness.

in damaged areas until the surface is trimmed gloss, and after the treatment with various elements of the grit is washed with boiling water bath for getting rid of contaminants.

entire surface dried before processing acrylic. During dry all the places where there is water, isolated by means of cellophane. debris and the settled dust from the surface is removed with a vacuum cleaner.Plums can be turned out, and substituted for them any capacity to drain excess paint.

How to make a bath filler with their hands

for independent creation of this type of bath required:

  • composition of two components, intended for the treatment bath;
  • any corrosion inhibitor;
  • modern powder;
  • sandpaper and a soft brush.

in acrylic container with added hardener.The resulting mass is mixed for ten minutes.Then the material to stand for the same time and mixed again.The prepared composition is applied thoroughly to the entire surface of the treated bath.

procedure for applying the filler layer acrylic begin with ledges and on down like a spiral.

bath filler

If the accumulated experience in the creation of such a bath there is little, the number of purchased acrylic should increase.

resulting composition thickens within an hour, so it must be applied quickly enough.

method has various advantages:

  • such baths are a long time compared to the enamel;
  • composition can be printed on a bath, having a non-standard form;
  • processing method does not require the dismantling of decoration in the room;
  • composition can be caused without replacement of the element as a siphon;
  • technology saves money;
  • work is carried out in a very short time;
  • material for the creation of such a bath is publicly available.
bath restoration
the restoration of the bath liquid acrylic

Preparation of acrylic blend

bathroom painting using acrylic liquid is performed after careful preparation and degreasing the surface.Boca bathroom floor and a nearby closed cellophane oilcloth.The mixture is carefully prepared for machining.

preparing a mixture of acrylic

Acrylic consists of a thick resin base and a liquid hardener.Weight should be thoroughly mixed and separated from the container walls.

consumption of time and materials

Due to physical laws printed on the surface of the liquid nitrogen rushes downwards, carefully enveloping the entire surface to be treated.The resulting new layer perfectly conceals the defects of the old coating bath surface.

For the restoration to be used only the highest quality materials with the normal application period. Average fuel consumption in the standard-size acrylic bath is 3.5 kilograms .Drying time is about four hours.


security measures during the repair bathroom surfaces with liquid acrylic requires only the use of rubber gloves.In the production of acrylic liquid it passes all the tests and is safe at work, as evidenced by the quality certificates.

Moreover, when applying such a material emits little odor as compared with the conventional various kinds of paint.

applying liquid acrylic


care bath filler should be carried out from the first days of its operation.In this case, it will last a long time.

Bath powder should be washed with a soft brush and after each swim.Stubborn stains appear modern detergents, which are intended specifically for working with the acrylic surface of the bath. not allowed to water accumulation, has a negative impact on the coating. surface bathtub after bathing wiped dry.Faucet and shower should not occur, as the flow contributes to the appearance of rust.The bathroom is not recommended to soak or stain underwear with stains.

Following these simple tips will help keep the beautiful look of the bathroom for a long time.

Care recovered acrylic bathtub

Giving color liquid acryl

To change the color of the boring bathroom during its surface treatment with acrylic liquid into it can be added to color like the color.It will give the surface of the bath the desired shade.But saturated color to achieve, it is not likely to succeed, since the liquid acrylic has certain technological features.

To change the color of the boring bathroom during its surface treatment with acrylic liquid into it can be added to color like the color.It will give the surface of the bath the desired shade.But saturated color to achieve, it is not likely to succeed, since the liquid acrylic has certain technological features.

color liquid acrylic


Operation bathroom with acrylic coating must be carried out in compliance with certain rules.

  • This suite does not tolerate the use of abrasive powders, as well as hard brushes, as they leave scratches on its surface.It also does not tolerate the use of acids and bases for the different treatment. better care for the bathroom is washing it after bathing, then wiping dry.
  • Particular problems are due to yellow spots, which are often formed in the acrylic tub of the large amount of rust in water.Prevents rust modern water filter.Appeared stains are easily cleaned with water diluted with lemon juice.
care for the bathroom

Pros and cons of the use of acrylic liner

acrylic liner returns the original surface of the bath smoothness and whiteness, if the enamel is worn and istёrlas.

There are several advantages of acrylic liner:

  • This insert has a smooth hard surface that is resistant to abrasion and various chemical solvents.
  • second layer of the acrylic liner of thermoplastic resin provides impact resistance of the coating.
  • surface acrylic inserts are not afraid of the impact of chemicals compared to the enamel surface of the metal bath.

But in addition to the advantages of the liner, there are disadvantages:

  • Its disadvantage compared to acrylic baths is a smaller thickness, which when insufficient care can quickly flat out.However, the abrasion does not open rusty metal and plastic surface is not very white.
  • Because of plasticity Hot liner requires the use of a solid foundation.It should be installed in a thorough and sufficiently strong cast-iron bath.