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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design and operation of gas columns : the scheme is arranged and how the elements

Design and operation of gas columns
  • Key elements
  • How does a geyser?
  • Schematic diagram
  • Performance
  • combustor gas used
  • gas consumption
  • required water pressure
  • power modulation
  • Features Operating

addressing the issue with the hot water supply of apartment or house, many stops choice onbuying gas column.Not to be mistaken in choosing this type of suitable equipment, should know how it is arranged and how to operate.

Design and operation of gas columns

Key elements

In water heaters, gas-fired, release such components:

  • main burner.A better option is called burner made of steel.
  • pipe system in which water circulates (heat exchanger).Usually it is made of copper, but may be steel.
  • Housing with regulators power and water consumption.
  • Ignition unit associated with the pilot burner and power supply.
  • control unit.Some models also have a display where you can see the parameters of the device.Nozzles
  • - a water supply for supplying a second gas and the third device to remove hot water.
  • diaphragm gas valve.
  • security system.Includes sensors are triggered in the absence of water, changing its pressure, overheating column, there is no draft and other dangerous situations.
  • block diversion of combustion products (exhaust gas manifold, the connection to the chimney, the thrust sensor).In turbocharged column it includes a fan and a coaxial tube.
Elements of the gas column - the device

How does a geyser?

Geysers referred to as instantaneous water heating devices, that is, the water is heated during the course inside of the device, and does not accumulate in it.Water enters the column at the incoming pipe, then flows through the heat exchanger, which is exposed to heat from a gas burner.As the water moves through the tubes, the temperature rises, causing the output of the pipe to the hot water faucet is fed the desired temperature.Waste gases are removed from the column through the chimney.

Principle of operation of gas columns

Lighting the main burner in different models of modern speakers can occur in different ways:

  1. from the piezoelectric element. user presses a button on the column body, which could result in a spark to ignite the burner.Inside the device is lit pilot light, which consumes a small amount of gas.If the pilot burner to turn off, you must press the button again to act on the piezoelectric element.
  2. from batteries. This electronic method of ignition, at which conventional batteries produce electrical spark to ignite the burner.In the inoperative instrument igniter does not burn the gas is not wasted.Replace the batteries should be every 6-12 months.
  3. from hydraulic turbine. burner Conflagrate caused a spark, the appearance of which plays the role of a miniature turbine begins to work on the water stream when the column is turned on.Such models are very sensitive to small shower.
Water heater powered by a piezoelectric element
Heater runs on batteries
Water heater powered by a hydraulic turbine

Schematic diagram

example of the circuitry of the gas column is presented in the following figure.

Schematic diagram of the gas column


This parameter is often estimated in liters per minute - in this case, it shows how much hot water is able to heat the device for one minute.In addition, the performance of the device is directly connected with the power of the selected column.

Most often the performance is assessed by changes in temperature during the heating of 25 °.For example, if your performance model is 11 l / min, which means that the temperature in one minute of the water entering the column in a volume of 11 liters will increase by 25 ° when leaving the hot-water tap.Generally, when calculating an incoming water temperature selected 10 °, so water should be heated up to 35 °.

To determine the correct housing for your performance, it should be remembered that the approximate water consumption one mixer is from 6 to 7 liters per minute.So, to ensure the hot water at the same time the two points (for example, washbasin in the kitchen and the bathroom shower) columns required performance model at least 13 l / min.

Performance of gas columns

combustion chamber

in different columns, it is:

  • Open. This unit operates on natural draft, taking the air out of the room in which it is installed.The output of the combustion products in chimney also occurs by natural ventilation.
  • closed. It is present in turbocharged columns.In such devices with a fan to force the creation of thrust.The output exhaust gas produced through the coaxial chimney, which also provides air flow into the column from the outside.
Gas water heaters open chamber and sealed chamber

gas used

technology Heating water column is most often used for natural gas, but many of the models can be migrated to the consumption of gas in cylinders (LPG).This is particularly relevant and in demand for hot water of a country or a holiday home, which is not brought gas pipeline.

Gas boiler on natural gas
Gas boiler with LPG

gas consumption

On this parameter directly affects the power unit as well as the possibility of its regulation.Check the gas flow rate for the selected model can be a passport to a column.It is specified in cubic meters of gas per hour.If you want to calculate how much gas consumed pezorozzhigom column, add about 25%.

required water pressure

minimum pressure required to activate the selected column to indicate the hardware documentation.Pay attention to this parameter is particularly important when installing speakers in older homes, built in the 60-70s, as the pressure in their pipes is often insufficient for the heater.If the manufacturer states the minimum required pressure of more than 0.15 bar, the old building with the functioning of this column may be a problem.

Pressure Standards for gas columns

Another point - the ability to withstand water hammer column, periodically appearing at the water supply.So called non-durable increase in pressure in the pipes can cause leakage and damage to the joints.If the value is in the range of 11-12 bar heater is able to withstand such changes.

power modulation

Column Selection modulation option increases the comfort of use of such equipment.If there is no modulation, when the second tap is opened the pressure and temperature of the water will decrease, which will affect the operation of the column.If the machine is provided modulation, water pressure drops will cause the automatic regulation of the power of the burner, and at the outlet of the column temperature of the water will not change.

note that such modulation has its limits.Its maximum value is limited by the maximum allowable power of the column, and the minimum characteristics affect the water valve in the device (sensitivity and elasticity).The most optimal range for modulation referred to 40-100% of the power.

Gas water heaters with flame modulation

Features Operating

For long-term and efficient operation of the gas column is important to follow these rules:

  • Consider the hardness of the water that enters the machine.If you want, you should take care of its mitigation and clean.
  • Set a comfortable hot water temperature.Do not heat the water too much as it is an incentive excessive scaling.
  • Perform work on a column once a year maintenance.
Features of operation of gas columns

In the following video on the example of Neva Lux 5611 geyser model describes the device and the principle of operation of most automatic gas column.