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August 12, 2017 18:06

A cartridge for a shower cabin : the choice of replacement in the mixer and repair

Repair faucet in the shower with a cartridge change
  • device
    • When you need to change the cartridge
    • main reasons for failure
  • How to choose
  • Replacement

Few people want to deal with the problems of functioning plumbing in your own shower.However, sometimes this is unavoidable.Option is only one - to solve the problem immediately, but do not put it off until later.Otherwise, the consequences can be very unpredictable, up to flood the bottom neighbors.

Problems with plumbing shower

in the mixer for the shower one of the most important roles played by the cartridge.It is responsible for parameters such as the mixing of flows of cold and hot water pressure and, of course, temperature. If a cartridge fails, the whole system suffers.

Now most of the residents of apartments and houses prefer modern shower mixer, which differ by the presence of ceramic elements instead of the previous valve systems.Design has become safer, more comfortable and more durable.However, to fully get rid of the possible damage will not allow even the most expensive crane.


As practice shows, in the showers often set faucets brass (body) , within which the two cartridges are arranged holders, flywheel and diverter.Last responsible for changing water flow regimes.

mixer device for brass shower

acquire the necessary cartridge nowadays completely not a problem - there are all sizes, shapes, design features, and so on. Their body is mainly made of a special plastic, and the bottom part of the ceramic do. holes are located on the rubber inserts.These seals ensure safe and sealed cartridge and docking mixer.

Cartridges for shower

As we have noted, the shower cartridge is used to change the water flow regimes. these devices differ from each other in several ways:

  • rod size;
  • diameter;
  • number of modes;
  • landing surface diverter;
  • view of the seat for the stem.
Various cartridges and diverters for shower cabins

When you need to change the cartridge

immediately answer the most important question - whether to repair the cartridge can be.Typically, the cartridge can not be restored, and the only solution - it is a complete replacement.So that the repair is removing the old cartridge and install in its place a new one.

Reasons for replacing a cartridge in the shower

There are several situations that clearly indicate the need to replace:

  • from under the arm flowing water when the soul;
  • served only one water - hot or cold;
  • impossible to independently adjust mode;
  • water temperature spontaneously and rapidly changing;
  • There crunch when switching;
  • distributor jammed;
  • Streams of water are mixed bad, do not conform to the established regime;
  • lever goes too loose or tight.
Situations in which you need to change the cartridge shower

main reasons for failure

let you replace the old cartridge with a new one, but it must find the reason why the item is out of order.Perhaps it will help to save the specified cartridge from the fate of his predecessor.

  • Poor water. no secret that the quality of water in our water systems is poor.Fix it can be except that by installing filters on the input.Although it is unlikely anyone will be installed expensive equipment for the shower.
  • sloppy. Often failure reason is in the users.Sudden twitching, mechanical shock, and so on.Try to take care of the plumbing, and she will thank you for it by many years of faithful service.
  • Defective components. housing may crack, break the integrity of seals, wear rings, etc.

How to choose

Before you go to the plumbing shop for a new cartridge, be sure to answer a few questions:

  • How many modes in your old cartridge?
  • What is the diameter of the drum it?
  • What is the height of the metal rod excluding plastic element?

This can be done only by removing the item from the design of the mixer.This is what we tell you more later.

Rules for the choice of a new cartridge for a shower


So, you have determined that your mixer in the shower urgently need a replacement ink cartridge.Because it should determine which cartridge is used in plumbing to go to the market and buy a replacement.

Try to choose items made by the same manufacturer as your plumbing.Otherwise, carefully examine whether the new component is suitable for the old.

Unfortunately, not always the consultants in the shops can answer your questions, because they do not understand the nuances of the sanitary equipment.Because it is better to find yourself immediately, instead of relying on the qualifications of the seller.

How to replace a broken cartridge in the shower

difficult to nothing change. We just need to follow some simple and consistent action:

  • Remove the handle of your mixer.To do this, unscrew the small screw located underneath.
  • Remove the decorative nut, you easily notice on the edge of the lock.It does not hold the device, therefore, called decorative.
  • already underneath the nut is made of brass, the role of which is to fix the item.Interesting it is quite simple.
  • unscrewing both nuts, you will pull out the cartridge.
  • Do not rush to put in its place a new one.Pre sure to remove all the accumulated garbage, dirt, carefully remove limescale.
  • Now take gained a new element and make a procedure in reverse order.
  • Do not remove the tools until you are sure in the effectiveness of the new cartridge.Turn on the water, check all modes.
  • replacement can be considered successfully completed.
Replacing the cartridge in the shower
The process of replacing the cartridge in the shower
Replacement of the broken cartridge in the shower
The process of replacing the old cartridge with a new shower
Replacement of the broken cartridge in the shower

As you can see, the cartridge, in spite of its small size, play a crucial role in the functioningshower.Calling plumbing makes no sense, since it is possible to perform a replacement on their own, without having special skills and experience in the repair of sanitary equipment.

If you are afraid of on the selection of a new cartridge, then simply pull out the old and bring it with you to the store.You will easily find a counterpart.