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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make the floor in the bath with his hands - step by step instructions

floor Construction of wood in the sauna should begin with mounting sexual lags that should be made of pine or larch.These logs are fastened boards of the same type of wood.When placing the floor to do it with a certain bias, for easy draining of fluid.However, if you arrange a flowing floor, this condition is not necessary.Laying the lag must be performed on the minimum distance from the wall to the other selected, but if the walls in the bath equilateral, this condition also can not take into account.

How to make the floor in the bath

How to make the floor in the bath

Identifying with a stack of water

determined with a stack of water

determine the path flowing fluid mount lags in diameter with respect to the vector.To achieve the desired stiffness in the central region of each bearing mounted chairs that can easily be made of brick or pliable material such as wood.Under these made-reinforced mesh netting support area of ​​durable concrete mixture, of a width not less than a quarter of a meter.

Driving under the joists supporting pillars

scheme supporting pillars under logs

digs forty centimeter hole under the site, followed by a base compacted edges and the bottom portion.At the bottom of these pits is filled ten centimeter layer of sand and compacted with pouring some water.Above this layer is placed fifteen centimeter schebenchaty layer and also compacted.Instead of the usual rubble can take a broken brick.

The principle of construction of the supporting pillars under logs

principle of building supporting pillars under logs

Decking, looking out over the soil surface more than 5 cm., Realized from the boards edged type.The edges should be isolated from the water roofing paper or roofing material use.After completion of formwork installation to fit debut concrete layer having an thickness of about 15 cm. Its ram and cover with mesh-netting, and then put on top of the exact same second layer.Before installation, wooden or brick support being built on the site of the waterproofing layer is brought to the melting temperature of asphalt, covered with roofing material.The degree of elevation of the supports should be chosen according to the degree of support for the elevation of all sexual lag.

The circuit construction of the supporting pillars under logs

scheme structures supporting pillars under logs

Base belt type requires the support of the same height and the top of the foundation being built.

The construction of the supporting pillars under logs

construction of supporting pillars under logs

But now consider a columnar type being built base requires the same height and the top of the support beam of the rising type of laying, as the final part of the lag we will rely on the bars laying wreath.After using supports proceed to the preparation of the soil, is in hiding.

underground device in the bath

device underground in the bath

Leaking floors in the sauna room with a sandy soil need to be backfilling schebenchatoy, the thickness of which may be a quarter of a meter.The material here will play the role of a filter, providing the optimum level of moisture in the present underground.Not too well the soil absorbs water needs in the arrangement of the tray where the water will be accumulated, extends beyond the bath.

Construction of the floor in the bath with his hands

floor building in the bath with his hands

To implement this technology, it is desirable to arrange under the floor relating to the flowing type of clay castle, which has a bias to vodosborochnomu tray.The lock can be made from concrete, but it will more.To make such a lock, you need to tamp strewn on the surface of the ground ten centimeter layer of gravel on top of it and pour fifteen inch layer of pliable material such as clay.It should be smooth and have a two-sided bias towards pit equipped with the horizon line.

Driving filling of expanded clay on the floor in the bath

scheme of filling of expanded clay on the floor in the bath

If you equip the floor, not related to the type of flowing, should produce warming of the surface of the bath so the underground multifunctional and inexpensive material, such as expanded clay.Thus it interm lags and should be about 15 cm. For optimal air circulation.Flushing branch near the wall here will serve as a place for Pit equipment from, the outside will lead pipe leading out water.Its diameter should be greater than 150 mm, so as not to slow down the process of emptying the drainage tray.

Mounting lags

Installation diagram lags for floor

scheme lags mounting floor

laying lags for floor, related to not flowing type, should be carried out from the walls to the catchment tray, while the front lugs must be mounted higher level than the rest,and do not make them notching.The following notching joists doing inclined at an angle of about 10 degrees, with the depth of their use depends on the number of lags - the fewer, the more cuttings.

Napilka boards are made taking into account the size of the space bath room, so that both sides Intermedia lag and wall surfaces remained about 4 cm. For a successful air circulation.

Driving subfloors

scheme subfloor

Mounting lags produced in the beams and pillars of the mortgage related to the reference type.While certainly use waterproofing material such as roofing material and asphalt.All mounted logs are processed antiseptic.

Laying lag

Laying lag

Check for proper placement can be a building level.To bring the logs in a horizontal position, it is necessary to implement undercut them places, based on mortgage or used timber support.

Alignment lag between a

Alignment lag between a

level is also possible to check the uniformity of packing.This can be done by placing the level on which lies on the joists lined with chalkboard surface.Align joists can be either by means of shims or podrubok.

Distance from the lag to the furnace foundation

Distance lag before the foundation of the stove

Near Being equipped base lags must necessarily lie on the perimeter at a distance, which is about 15 cm. From the edges.The furnace is brought to the foundation level outdoor deck only after completion of the installation.

Photos - furnace foundation

Photo - furnace foundation

This will require to put a base under the stove to advance the equipped playground.There can be used a refractory brick or concrete.

Installation flowing floor

used here untrimmed boards, planed and pre-aligned with the ends.

The principle of laying planks flowing floor

principle of stacking boards flowing floor

boards are cut in size of the bath room with the light of that between the wall surface and the floor remained a two inch gap.Flooring flooring can start from any wall surface, as long as it is parallel to the course of the boards.

Driving the floor laying

scheme laying floor

Clipped stacked planks indented 2 cm. From the wall surface and nailed.Thus, if the value represented by the board thickness of 40 mm., The length of the fastening element used should exceed 80 mm.

Use fasteners should be on the edges of the boards, a distance of about 1.5 cm. By their edges.It is best to drive the nails into an angle of 40 degrees from the central portion of the board.You should use at least a couple of nails for fastening a board.

Spacing between boards is usually about 3 mm

indentation between the boards are usually of about 3 mm

gap Intermedia nailed boards must exceed the value of 3 mm .. Adherence to this condition will scrap conventional fiberboard sheet inserted Intermedia them.

Installation not flowing floor

you optimally fit tongue and groove boards, which tend to lay a groove inside the bath room.

Installation of the subfloor

Installation subfloor

Before starting work, mounted a so-called black floor.To implement this to the front of the lag fasten special bars having cross-section representation of the values ​​in the 50x50 mm.They are located Intermedia lags board pertaining to the second or third grade.

Fall asleep to the rough floor concrete block

Fall asleep on the rough floor concrete block

finished top of the "black" is filled with the coating material is lined with a layer providing protection against humidity, such as asphalt or common and inexpensive roofing material.

The principle of placing the heat-insulating material for the floor in the bath

principle laying thermal insulation materials for the floor in the bath

of heaters of this is concrete block, poured into the space Intermedia lags.After the filling and waterproofing layer is laid.

finished with a device, "black" floor, we start work on the finished floor flooring.There are taken such as decking planks.That they can be removed from their seats for the subsequent drying, used in the work of the board, you can not even fasten fasteners such as nails, using instead the bars with a section of 20x30 mm., Mounted to the joists special shurupami- "grouse".Thus, one can easily make the floor with his hands in the bath.