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August 12, 2017 18:07

As okontsevat wire tip ?

lived for terminating wires and cables using a special tool in the form of press pliers.Independently okontsevat conductor is not difficult, it is more important to choose the correct cable lug.Next we technique which will easily cope with a crimping stranded and solid wire, with both aluminum and copper, and at the same time small and large cross-section.

  • important to know
  • Technology terminating
  • in brief tips

important to know

The first thing I would like to tell you - what is the importance of terminating veins of wires and cablesspecial tools and what do you need to crimp the conductor ferrules.For sure you pay attention to how connected to the chassis ground bus distribution panel.The yellow-green wire is attached to both sides of the screw connection through a special tip, as shown in the photo below.Earth bar

Not so long ago, instead of the tip was bent lived just ring with pliers and tighten the screws.Some would-be electricians simply inserted into a vein between the screw and the plate and carefully knotted screwdriver.To do so is strictly prohibited, aswith this method of terminating living increases contact resistance, thereby making it possible to see melt the insulation of the cable, which could result in a short circuit in the wiring or a more severe consequences - the emergence of a fire in the house.

Another very negative consequence when unfavorable mounting lived - burning-off the ground at high current loads.The consequences otogoraniya neutral wire can be found in the corresponding article!

Technology terminating

Independently okontsevat wire or cable special instrument does not present difficulties.You just have to take the appropriate tip, put on all the way to the wire and crimp press.According to the rules of GOST terminations must be done no less than two places that had good contact and minimal contact resistance.In addition, it should be noted an important requirement - crimping aluminum conductors need to additionally use quartz-vaseline grease, which prevents the formation of oxide film, impairing contact.Photo special press

at home is not always wise to buy an expensive tool for pressing, so there are alternatives.For example, there is a special tool for removing insulation from wires and cables - the stripper, whose design can include press, as shown in the photo.Picture stripper crimping dies

starting materials compressed conductor

can also do without the so-called forceps - manually flatten the bushing hammer or pliers, but in this case there is no guarantee of good contact, so it is still embezzlement of at least a stripper for reliable terminations lived.Crimping pliers photo

Please note that if you decide to okontsevat solid wire with pliers, you must choose the correct crimping dies.When the wrong selection is more likely to bite mine!

In addition, there are special tips for soldering.In this case, terminating live wires or power cable in two stages:

  1. lived, brushed metal finish to neutral and treated with solder, all the way is inserted into the tip.
  2. through the holes filled with solder.
Video instruction on the use of the press
YouTube Preview

in brief tips

Well, the last thing I would like to speak - with the help of some tips you can okontsevat wire and cablehome.To date, industry and everyday life are popular these products for terminating:

  • TM - copper, uncoated;TM
  • TML - copper, electrolytic tinning;TML
  • TML (a) - in addition there is a control window allows you to visually determine if lived fully entered the tip;TML ( a )
  • TAM - alyumomedny allow securely attach the aluminum conductor to a copper bus;THERE
  • TA - Aluminum;TA
  • PM - copper, solder;PM
  • NSHP - pin, used to connect the circuit breakers and other protective automation of the latest models with the help of compressed pin;NSHP
  • NB - bolt allow perform live terminating wires and cables mechanically (tightening the screws).NB

Here we have listed the most popular types of terminals that allow okontsevat conductor to securely connect to the tires and electrical appliances.It should be noted that the conductor terminating section according to the SAE can be from 0.75 mm2 to 240 mm2 integers.When choosing tips, pay attention to their labeling, which is as follows:

TM (for example) -XX-YY, where:

  • XX - section of the conductor crimp;
  • YY - the diameter of the holes for the clamping bolt.

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